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April Showers
Limb Spreading
Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Despite the current cold weather, the Spring months ahead promise lots of wonderful things to experience from our orchards....
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                                                                                March 2013

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philly farm food fest  

Our new "vintage" of sumptuous Asian Pear Spread will make its debut at the upcoming Philly Farm & Food Fest in Philadelphia. Stop by Subarashii's table for a sample and the opportunity to purchase a jar. Our Asian Pear spread, made from our fresh fruit, is lovely atop local cheeses,  devilishly sweet with a salty pretzel, and a healthy substitute in baked goods.


This event brings together regional farmers, unique food producers, sustainable food businesses and organizations under one roof for a day of sampling and hands-on learning about our region's diverse and abundant food system. This annual event is a collaborative project of Fair Food Philadelphia and PASA.


Subarashii will also be featured in this event's new "Libations Lounge." Lounge ticket holders will enjoy samples of Asian Pear Wine as well as samples of the Pennsylvania Martini. Subarashii Kudamono teams up with Philadelphia Distilling Company to serve up this cocktail that would make Billy Penn blush.


For more info & tickets: Philly Farm & Food FestWhere to buy: Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Wines and Asian Pear Spread.  

April Showers.

good taste pittsburgh
Let's get ready for Spring (and hopefully not too much wet weather) by enjoying our first outdoor tasting event for the year. On April 6th, in Washington, DC, join us for the Drink the District international wine festival.


We'll later duck indoors for annual foodie event, Good Taste Pittsburgh in Cranberry, PA on April 20th to enjoy samples of great cuisine from regional restaurants and growers. In addition to sampling our Asian Pear Wine, Dessert Wine and a rare opportunity to sample our Eau de Vie, attendees will be able to sample and purchase our dried Asian Pears and Asian Pear Spread during this very popular foodie event.


For more info & tickets: Good Taste Pittsburgh or Drink the District


Limb Spreading.

limb spreaders

As we finish winter pruning, members of our orchard teams work to set and affix 'limb spreaders' in many of our young trees.

Spreaders (lengths of wood) position the younger, greener branches to grow in a proper direction away from the center of the tree.


A limb is selected, gently pulled into the desired position and held in place with the spreader.  This new position, during the spring and summer months, will help the tree and its fruit capture maximum sunlight via all of its branches.
holiday baked ham     

Holiday Baked Ham with Dried Asian Pears.

Leading up to the Easter holiday we enjoyed hosting many wine tasting gatherings. We featured samples of various baked Ham dishes - some made with our Asian Pear Wine, others with dried Asian Pears, or with homemade Asian Pear sauce.


If you are looking for an easy, impromptu and absolutely delicious dish to serve at your Easter Holiday gathering, enjoy our Baked Ham with dried Asian Pears.  This very popular dish was created for us by Chef Laurie. Click here to download this recipe.

Looking for a nice bottle of wine to "pear" with any holiday ham? Our Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Wine is the perfect "pearing."


To order dried Asian Pears for this recipe, visit our website; or contact us for a fine retailer near you.




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