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November 2018 Build Progress Update #.0033
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The drill-down continues.
Rod measured, sheared and bent the brushed stainless outer rear door skins. The sheets fit over the steel door frame, like a glove. Next, he marked the rivet hole locations for Jill. She center punched the hole locations, and then began drilling the rivet holes. The next step will be to install the rivets, rubber coin non-slip floor covering and aluminum trim.
Teammates Kenny, Ella and Parker spent a day at the shop, helping Rod & Jill put a dent in the to-do list. Kenny rewired the rear trailer lights, and worked with Rod on planning other electrical system upgrades at the front of the trailer. Parker removed the original air lines, brake lines and master cylinder.
"‪For the first time in our lives, we'll be working out of an air conditioned trailer. We've paid our 'sweaty' dues and really look forward to cranking it up! Big Thanks to ODYSSEY Battery for their continued support. Our funny car starter packs, Freightliner and tow vehicles will be powered by ODYSSEY." ~Jill
"‪Our progress was significantly slowed in October and November, due to my out-of-state full time job obligations. Thanks to Jill, for keeping things rolling at home and in the shop during my extended absence." ~Rod
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Rod Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova
Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1971 Mustang
Denny Lautenbacher
Machinist/Car Chief
Kenny Mohler  
Crew Chief
Jessica Mohler
Merchandise Manager & Crew
Ella Mohler  
Jr. Crew
Parker Banninger
Jr. Crew / Apprentice
Dually & Jet Fazekas
Hard-ly Working Mascots
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