Thursday, March 3rd, 2022
Things are lookin' up; we're finally starting to see some bearable weather and each others' smiling faces!

This week: We celebrate Women's History Month, gush over all the new, fun stuff in the shop, and take a closer look at the world of cider.
Special Event : Robert Sinskey
April 4th, 6-8pm

North Loop Wine & Spirits is proud to host winemaker Robert Sinskey for an evening of stories from the vineyard and great wines. This event was too big for our cellar, so we partnered with Twin Cities Wine Education to hold this event at the Campus Club, at the University of Minnesota. Sign up soon to reserve your seat for an evening featuring Mr. Sinskey's wines and to learn all about his approach to farming, winemaking, food pairings, the future of Napa Valley, and so much more! All of Robert Sinskey's wines are available at the shop, stop in and enjoy!

Happy Women's History Month
from our woman-owned small business! So many exceptional wines, spirits, ciders, and even new beers are crafted by sensational females.

Here at the shop, look for our featured displays of woman-owned/woman-made favorites. Or better yet, ask one of our brilliant gals to help you find something new, fun, and delicious!
Fun New Items This Week!
New Beers/Seltzers!

Indeed: Giant for a Day Double IPA ($11.49/6pk)
Fair State: Heated Agreement IPA ($21.99/4pk)
Drekker: Lizard People Double IPA ($20.99/4pk)
Headflyer: Double Dry-Hopped Wicked Jumpshot IPA ($12.99/4pk)
Radiant Baby Raspberry Sour ($13.99/4pk)
Two Roads (Female Owned Brewery):
Lil' Juicy ($10.99/4pk) & Two Juicy ($12.99/4pk)

New Spirits!
Kiyomi Japanese Rum ($36.99)
Cache Vodka *made in MN* ($19.99)
Gran Dovejo Tequila's: Blanco ($42.99), Reposado ($54.99), Anejo ($62.99)
Ida Graves Celebration Cocktail *made in MN* ($28.99)
Davies County Sour Mash Bourbon, aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Casks ($49.99)
Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon *made in MN* ($41.99)
New Wines!

2020 Burlotto's: Langhe Freisa ($29.99), Verduno Pelaverga ($26.99), Barbera D'Alba ($27.99), Langhe Nebbiolo ($32.99)
2019 Conterno Barbera D'Alba ($79.99)
2017 Conterno Barolo ($329.99)
2019 Domaine Cheveau 'Or Rouge' Beaujolais-Villages ($21.99)
2020 The Fableist 'The Fox & The Stork' Albarino ($17.99)
2021 Teutonic's: Pear Blossom Riesling ($22.99), Cut Throat Trout Blanc ($29.99), Jazz Odyssey ($19.99)
2020 Cieck Erbaluce Di Caluso ($21.99)

New 2021 Rosé!
Teutonic Rosé ($25.99)
Ryme Rosé of Aglianico ($21.99)
Wildmakers Brisas Rosé of Cinsault($19.99)
Stolpman 'So Fresh' Rosé ($21.99)

It's a beer, it's a wine— nope, it's CIDER! Cider, or hard-cider, is the perfect drink anytime of year, pairs well with foods from around the globe, and comes in a range of styles to suit everyone's tastes. Native to Kazakhstan, apples have been around for millenia, and with more than 7,500 different varieties of apples around the world there are plenty of styles for both eating and cider. Cider apples are, for the most part, not meant to be eaten and the large variety of apples mean flavor profiles are endless. Cider apples fall into four main categories: Sharp, Bitter-Sharp, Bitter-Sweet and Sweet, each creating dynamic, flavorful ciders that have the potential to age like any fine wine. Cider, and perry, are processed and fermented much like wine, and even though most ciders are kept near the beer at your local liquor store they are not brewed, a common misconception. Explore our range of local, national, and international ciders from sweet to dry, we will find something to help suit your tastes.
Local Cider

Number 12 Cidery is just a stones throw from the front step of North Loop Wine and Spirits. They produce ciders from bone dry to sweet, and a work with an heirloom apple farm in Iowa for some specialty ciders! Try Black Market!


From Vermont, Eden Cider is a woman-owned cidery producing sustainable, hand-harvested ciders, ice ciders, cider-based aperitifs using traditional methods. Try Eden Brut Rose!
International Spotlights

France produces more cider than anywhere else in the world. They are lower alcohol, light-bodied and have a kiss of sweetness. Try Bordelet's Sydre and Poire.
Spanish Cidre or Sidre is unique as they are usually still and have a tart, rich, savory flavor profile — Try Isastegi!
The English drink more cider than anywhere else in the world and they have both dry and sweet styles. Try Aspall Blush Cider!
Great Food Pairings for Cider

Your next family get together with creamy greenbean casseroles, risotto, alfredo pastas, and rich, creamy soups!
Any kind of pork will do as well; try roasted pork, pork chops, pulled pork sliders, or crispy pork belly.
Look out weekend brunch, cider pairs with pancakes and doughnuts! Try a dry cider for your next batch of Mimosas.
For a spicy kick, try Thai food, jambalaya, or Mexican with a side of elote!
Hunting enthusiasts should try cider with their next pheasant, turkey, or other game bird feast.
Cider Cocktail to Try
Stone Fence
One of the oldest cocktails in America, for a true experience mix with rum but if you want to follow the later version with rye or bourbon — they are all delicious.

2oz. rum or your choice of whiskey
6oz. cider

Serve on the rocks.
Staff Picks: What to Drink This Week
Things our staff thinks you should consider trying!

Azienda Vitivinicola Enotria '106' Calabria Rosso IGT - $20.99
This customer-favorite is back in the store and, as always, this rowdy, effusively fruity red charms even the most jaded wine drinkers. Gaglioppo, the primary grape in this blend and the primary red grape of Calabria, seems to have a little something for everyone. It manages to be round and plumy while also expressing ripe cherry and raspberry notes. It takes some extra maceration to extract the tannins to a sufficient level but the tannin that does show up is dusty and pleasantly rustic. Enotrias offering is effortlessly accessible but far from dull on its own and has the body and sufficient cut to match with a wide variety of foods.
Pull the cork on fun. 

2019 Domaine Cheveau Beaujolais-Villages 'Or Rouge' - $21.99
This exciting new addition to our Beaujolais section is organically farmed from the Saint-Amour Cru from vines that are an average age of 50 years old! The Gamay grapes are whole-bunch fermented, lending to the wine being more fragrant. The wine shows aromas of plum, kirsch, and iris. The palate is light- to medium-bodied with elegant notes of black cherry and mineral. Try this flexible food red with grilled sausages or a wild mushroom pasta dish.

2019 Jeanne Gaillard Terres de Mandrin Syrah, Collines Rhodaniennes, France - $17.99
Jeanne Gaillard, daughter of winemaker Pierre Gaillard, was forcibly introduced to the world of wine when she was a child. Jeanne had gotten caught for some mischievous act, and as punishment, was made to go work in the family vineyard. Her experience that day triggered a lifelong passion for wine! Years later, she would end up studying sales and viticulture in Beaune, and would have internships at wineries in France and abroad. She was first employed by an estate in Burgundy followed by a winery in California. In 2008, when she was 24 years old, she acquired five hectares in IGP Crozes-Hermitage and eight hectares in IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, and has been managing them ever since. This is fresh, vibrant Syrah from the area surrounding Crozes-Hermitage and St. Joseph. All of the beautiful fruit qualities of Syrah (raspberry, dark cherry) shine through, highlighted by pepper and spice. This is a lean, nimble red that will pair just as easily with a juicy burger or braised meats.

2019 Martha Stoumen Carignan, Ricetti Vineyard, Mendocino - $44.99
In honor of Women's History Month, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite woman winemakers, Martha Stoumen. Martha spent eight years learning about winemaking through international apprenticeships and has brought that wealth of knowledge back to California. She seeks to answer the question, "what does California taste like?" When I first tried her Carignan, it was so wonderful that I immediately proposed marriage via Instagram — to which she actually started a warm and sincere conversation! Her whole-cluster juicy Carignan is subdued while also being a bottomless pit of complexity. Hand-harvested from 74-year-old organic vines, this wine is very delicately extracted before spending 24 months in neutral French oak; it dances lightly across your palate. You'll find layers of juicy berry, tart currant, gravelly minerality, rose petals, and a soft cinnamon spice. In a word, this wine is 'sensual.' Enjoy with all the rad women in your life!

2020 Cieck, Erbaluce di Caluso, DOCG - $21.99
The ancient Italian Erbaluce grape makes one of the most stunning white wines you've never heard of. It is so popular in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy and so limited in production that it is extremely hard to find over here, stateside. Erbaluce means "dawn light." It describes the bright, copper color the grapes assume as the sun hits them on traditional pergola-trained vines. Cieck was founded in 1985 by Remo Falconieri, who is a recognized master of this very old grape variety. Now in his 80s, his daughter Lia runs the small family vineyard under her father's watchful eye. These 40- to 50-year-old vines grow in the mineral-rich glacial soils of the cool Alto Piemonte region of Canvese.The harvest is pressed whole-cluster in order to preserve ripe fruit notes. Stems, skins, and seeds are removed immediately after pressing. Cold fermentation is employed to capture the unique aromatics of this grape. Finally, the wine is aged a couple of months on the lees in stainless steel vats without going through malo-lactic fermentation.The result is an aromatic wine of nectarine, green apple, beeswax, white flowers, and lemon zest. The palate is beautifully balanced between stone fruit, citrus, honey, and vibrant acidity. The finish is crisp and delicious. You will simply sigh with each and every sip. When finished, you will definitely want another bottle for another occasion! And at this price, buy as much as possible!
Cin Cin!

2021 Pax Trousseau Gris, Fanucchi-Wood Road Vineyard, Russian River Valley - $34.99
Founded in 1997 by Pax and Pam Mahle, Pax wine brand made their initial impression on the California wine community by focusing their energy on the "untapped potential" of the Syrah grape. Today, however, Pax is focusing on producing lighter-bodied wines made from unique grapes such as Mission, Chenin Blanc, and Trousseau Gris. As we enter March I find myself putting my winter coat into storage only to unpack it. A stunning light ramato-style wine from a rare planting of Trousseau Gris in the Russian River Valley. Foot stomped grapes, wild-fermented and aged in concrete, bottled young towards the end of 2019. Bottled with only 8ppm free sulfites (that is even lower than many no-sulfites added wines). Watermelon rind, pink lady apples, mildly grippy tannins, a touch of green. A real poolside sipper. Trousseau Gris is a naturally occurring color mutation of the red-berried Trousseau grape used in the very trendy wines of Jura. Being a pink-berried variety the Gris version cannot produce a red wine and nor does its skin maceration version exactly line up with many rosés. The Italians use the lovely term ramato for pink grapes made with skin contact, it literally means 'copper' and it is one of our favorite types of wines when we can get our hands on them.

Vikre Distillery Voyager Aquavit - $44.99
I want to spotlight one of my favorite local distilleries with a woman owner and one of my favorite spirits they make. Emily Vikre, a native of Duluth, and her husband Joel founded Vikre Distillery after leaving the East Coast grind and moving back to the Northwoods. The spirits they make use locally-sourced botanicals and grains. They are also organic and zero waste! The Aquavit is a great representation of the classic Scandinavian spirit that is infused with caraway and cardamom. The Voyager Aquavit is an aged Aquavit. It is aged over a year in used Cognac barrels that give the aquavit a light oaky floral quality. Like all good Aquavit, Voyager can be described as a "delicious rye bread, that you want to drink". Voyager Aquavit is great on the rocks or in a cocktail. I like to use it in any traditional gin cocktails. 
Here is one to try:
Voyager Martini
2 oz Voyager Aquavit
1 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
1 dash of orange bitters
Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice, stir to dilute (and open up flavor) then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.
I love aquavit and this is a great local one.
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