November 4 , 2016

What's Happening Now...
Road, Sidewalk and Pathway Construction  
The City of Novi prides itself on maintaining open lines of communication and keeping community members apprised of the latest in road and  non-motorized construction projects. 

The following information is intended to provide an overview of current projects, including those led by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Road Commission for Oakland County.
Michigan Department of Transportation  Updates

Besides minor lane and shoulder closures for clean-up, restoration, and landscaping work, all freeways, roadways, and ramps are now completely open to normal traffic.

Project overview:
I-275, between 5 Mile Road and the I-96/I-696/M-5 Interchange in Wayne and Oakland Counties within Novi, Farmington Hills and Livonia, will be rehabilitated by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). The road surface in this stretch of I-275 is in very poor shape and needs to be fixed immediately. This $70-$80 million project will involve the removal and replacement of the concrete roadway including all interchange ramps, along with the rehabilitation or reconstruction of 16 bridges. It is anticipated northbound and southbound I-275 will be reopened to traffic by mid-September of 2016. In order to achieve this goal of opening in September, this project has been approved for periods of nighttime work.
For more detailed information regarding the schedule, detours, progress and map, please visit
For additional questions or feedback, you can contact MDOT at  or the hotline number at (248) 275-9248.
City of Novi Projects

The City cold milled and resurfaced 1.22 miles of Novi Road (between 12 and 13 Mile Roads), as well as shaped and re-compacted the aggregate base, spot-replaced concrete curb and gutter, and added depressed median islands for added storm water control and quality. The final lift of asphalt has been placed and the permanent lane striping and symbols are now complete. The contractor has opened the road from Old Novi Road to 13 Mile Road. Motorists should expect additional daily lane closures, required to complete the median island plantings, restoration behind the curb and placement/replacement of guardrail throughout the entire work area.

This project involves the complete removal and replacement of the existing concrete roadway. The new roadway will be reconfigured with safer turn-a-rounds and the inclusion of a roundabout at the intersection of Crescent Boulevard and Town Center Drive. The contractor reopened Crescent Boulevard on Nov. 2 to two-way traffic on the first lift of asphalt. From now until the final lift of asphalt is placed, which is expected to take place on Nov. 9-10, the contractor will continue to pour concrete sidewalks and curb, complete driveways on the north side of Crescent and prepare for restoration. In order to pave the final lift of asphalt around the new roundabout, the paving contractor will need to close Crescent Boulevard east of the Hobby Lobby/TGI Friday's entrances. That work should take approximately 8 hours to accomplish. All other paving work will be completed under flag control.

The City has three programs this year: two concrete road programs and one asphalt road program. Some street segments require full reconstruction of the existing pavement, while others may require patching or a rehabilitation type of replacement effort. Visit to view the street segments and a projected status of each.

This project involves the removal and replacement of the road's concrete curb and gutter and asphalt pavement. The project also incorporates new 5-foot wide concrete sidewalks on both sides of Karim Boulevard. The final lift of asphalt was placed on October 15. The roadway has now been fully reopened to normal traffic. Motorists should expect a few lane closures for the next couple of weeks to complete restoration behind the back of curb.

The City is constructing a ten (10) foot asphalt pathway from Beck Road, just south of the Providence Hospital property, west to the ITC easement at 11 Mile Road. The final lift of asphalt was placed on the pathway this week. All that remains is restoration, which will be completed over the next couple of weeks.


In August 2012, Novi citizens overwhelmingly passed a road millage allowing for more than $5 million to be used in annual road and pathway investments. Funds will be used to maintain and improve neighborhood (subdivision/side streets) and major municipal roadways (mile roads, Beck Road, etc.), and to make sidewalk and pathway connections. To learn more about upcoming projects, CLICK HERE.