August 23,  2019

What's Happening Now...
Road, Sidewalk and Pathway Construction  
The City of Novi prides itself on maintaining open lines of communication and keeping community members apprised of the latest in road and  non-motorized construction projects. 

The following information is intended to provide an overview of current projects.

Please note: All completion dates are merely estimates. Projects could extend beyond those dates due to unforeseen issues with the project and inclement weather.
Oakland County Transportation  Updates

Concrete is being poured this week in the Stage 2 area and if all goes according to plan could be complete Labor Day weekend.  During Stage 2, Novi Road will be completely closed to through north and southbound traffic at 12 Mile Road. Twelve Mile Road, east and westbound traffic will be maintained, but limited to one lane. Businesses in the area, including the gas station on the northwest corner, remain open. The detour route is Meadowbrook Road.
Estimated completion date: September 3, 2019
RCOC is having a contractor finish the balance of concrete panel work remaining from the 2018 project which concentrated on the intersection of 12 Mile and Meadowbrook Road. The work is expected to begin after the completion of the 12 Mile and Novi Road intersection.
Estimated completion date: September 14, 2019

RCOC will be closing Haggerty Road on Sept. 3. Advanced warning signs and detour signs will be placed a week prior to closing, announcing the closure. The project calls for  replacing the existing culverts at two Seeley Drain crossings of Haggerty Road, north of 13 Mile Road and MacKenzie Drive. While under construction, Haggerty Road will be closed at the culvert locations.
Estimated completion date: September 27, 2019
City of Novi Projects

The contractor has completed pouring new concrete on the first half of Guilford and will be starting removals on the second side. Once paving is complete, a drain line will be installed along the back of the curb on both sides of the road for sump pump lines to be connected to the storm sewer. Crews are heading back to Wintergreen Circle to start pouring back the second side this week. The final street in the program, Bennington Drive, will begin in September.
Estimated completion date: November 1, 2019

The contractor has started on Lynwood Drive, Warrington Drive and Warrington Court in Greenwood Oaks and will move to the Edinborough subdivision streets in mid-September.
Estimated completion date: November 1, 2019 

The work in Whispering Meadows on Amy Drive, Katie Drive, Greentree Road, Clover Lane, Arbor Lane, Ladene Lane and Shadybrook Drive is nearly complete. Work also has started on Mill Road, with the second half of Sunrise Boulevard starting this week. Late next week, crews will start on the first halves of Sunflower Road, Sandpoint Way, Whispering Lane. Once these streets are wrapped up, some panel and intersection work will take place on Cranbrooke Drive between 10 Mile and Village Wood roads.
Estimated completion date: November 1, 2019

The contractor is now complete with all the steel sheeting wall for the project. A majority of the storm sewer has been installed. The contractor is now forming and pouring sections of the concrete wall along the backside of the sheet piling. This work will take several months. The large, four-sided, box culvert for the Middle Rouge River is planned to be set next week after the temporary coffer dams are complete.
Estimated completion date: November 1, 2019

The contractor has closed Flint Street (gravel portion), from Grand River to Novi Road. A bulk of the earthwork and grading will take place over the next few weeks. Some work may be delayed due to DTE utility pole relocation.
Estimated completion date: December 1, 2019

The City will be rehabbing Cabot Drive, from 12 Mile to 13 Mile Roads and Lewis Drive, from Cabot Drive to Haggerty Road. It will include the milling of the existing concrete road, fixing the existing concrete panel joints and topping the roadways with 3-inches of new asphalt pavement. At the required Pre-Construction conference, the contractor committed to mobilizing and beginning construction late this month. The contractor is expected to begin construction during the week of August 26.
Estimated completion date: September 15, 2019

The contractor has several shafts constructed for proposed sanitary manholes along Nine Mile which has choked the roadway down to one lane in several areas. Area residents and motorists need to use caution when driving in these areas. Construction of the storm sewer network at Nine Mile and Garfield Roads is now complete. Open cut sections, west of Garfield, are expected to begin in early September. 
Estimated completion date: January 27, 2020

The City will be doing preventative maintenance on three roadway bridges located on West Park Drive, between 12 Mile and West Road; Meadowbrook Road, between Chattman Drive and Nine Mile Road; and Cranbrooke Drive, between 10 Mile and Village Wood Road. Construction will range from basic maintenance and full concrete slab replacement. Work will start on the West Park Drive bridge on August 26. It will be closed for approximately one week in both directions. Detour will be 12 Mile to Beck Road to West Road.
Estimated completion date: November 1, 2019

The contractor paved the new right turn lane with asphalt on this week and the intersection is now reopened to normal traffic, including the new right turn lane. Over the next several days, the contractor will begin restoration before moving to the Beck Road/Pontiac Trail intersection.
Estimated completion date: April 1, 2020

The contractor is finishing the rails on the boardwalk and were hoping to pave the portion south of 11 Mile by the end of the week. Flashing beacons to help with crossing 10 Mile Road are also being installed. The trail remains CLOSED to users, but is expected to open prior to Labor Day.
Estimated completion date: Late August 2019

In August 2012, Novi citizens overwhelmingly passed a road millage allowing for more than $5 million to be used in annual road and pathway investments. Funds will be used to maintain and improve neighborhood (subdivision/side streets) and major municipal roadways (mile roads, Beck Road, etc.), and to make sidewalk and pathway connections. To learn more a bout upcoming projects,  CLICK HERE.