Quarterly Newsletter  
July - September 2017
Issue 3

The Adams Street Redevelopment Project consist of six newly constructed, two-family, owner-occupied, sustainable, architecturally designed homes of a modern aesthetic, utilizing renewable energy systems (i.e. geothermal for heating and cooling and photovoltaics for electricity) that will minimize the maintenance and annual utility cost for the homeowner, in turn increasing their financial capacity.  We continue to seek funding to move this project from paper to groundbreaking work. 

We thank our friends at Studio Q Architecture who developed the amazing design concepts for each home/unit and over-all community blueprint. If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact Kevin Taylor at 203.753.1896 x15.

NHSW has been notified, through CHFA, that state tax credits in the amount of $270,375 have been reserved to rehabilitate the homes at 933 Cooke Street and 54 Summer Street.

Eversource has agreed to partner with NHSW to receive these tax credits. We expect to start construction by mid-August. 

Contact Eden Brown for more information and/or to view these properties, 203.753.1896 x17.
Click the flyer to reserve your tickets.
To sponsor the event,  contact  Maybeth Morales-Davis203.753.1896 x14.


This past May, 11 local residents completed NHSW's Resident Leadership Training program. This year's cohort truly encompassed a diverse group of participants - including youth from a local high-school. 

NHSW's Resident Leadership Training program's primary goals are  to transfer concrete leadership skills and increase people’s sense of being agents of change. One key to achieving these goals is starting with the fundamental belief that each participant and the communities that they represent are assets.

Several cohort members will also participate in this year's national Community Leadership Institute conference - hosted by our national partner NeigborWorks America - in Los Angeles. The 3-day training event aims to strengthen the voices and skills of community, resident and volunteer leaders. Participants share best practices and solutions to challenges in low- and moderate-income communities. The cohort members will attend a full range of courses and create an action plan for making positive change in their community. 

For more information or to register to participate in the 2018 RLT cohort, contact Erika Cooper at 203.753.1896 x18. 
August 10, September 7, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

July 19, August 23, September 20, 5:30 - 8:30 pm 

August 12, September 9,  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

August 9, September 6, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

July 12, August 16, September 13, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

el 23 de Septiembre, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Classes are FREE, SMALL & FRIENDLY and taught in our Waterbury office. 

Contact Bonnie Volpe for more information, 203.753.1869 x10. 
Because of you we can!
  • Wells Fargo: has awarded funds to support our homebuyer education and financial literacy program.
  • American Savings Foundation: has awarded funds to support the Almost Home After-School program.
  • Ion Bank Foundation: NHSW was a recipient of the 2017 Community Awards as voted by Ion Bank customers.

Homebuyer & Homeowner Counselor 
NHSW seeks an experienced and bilingual

Send resumes to Bonnie Volpe at 

Welcome Jessica! 

My name is Jessica Quispilema and I was recently hired as the Development Intern at NHSW. I am currently a student at Middlesex Community College and plan to graduate in the Spring of 2018 with my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. I will then pursue my Bachelor's Degree from Central Connecticut State University.  

I am bilingual in English and Spanish. In my free time I enjoy:  being outdoors, adventures, shopping, playing sports, and painting.

I look forward to working with the NHSW staff members and local community!

- Jessica Quispilema


A Loss of income. A family of four. Serious health issues. Milly* was referred to NHSW through her lender, at a very difficult time in her life. She and her family of four faced very tumultuous times financially but one thing they were certain of was they would not relocate. Milly's husband is unable to work due health issues and receives disability income. Prior to her husband falling ill, she never had a problem making the mortgage payments. She truly felt in her heart that if she could find any assistance to get caught up and back on track, she would be ok.

Milly came to see Maria Rivera, our Housing Counselor, in November of 2016 at which time her loan was six months behind with a delinquent amount of $8,000. The loan was sold to a servicer two days after she came to the office. The loan was an FHA loan with a 4.25% interest rate. She had already received a letter from the lender's attorney and was being referred to foreclosure.


Maria reviewed various options with Milly and she decided to apply to the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. An application for the assistance program along with the requested documentation was completed and after a few times of going back and forth the rescue loan was approved! The total process from beginning to end lasted almost five months.

Milly brought her mortgage current with rescue funds from the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority. She closed on her rescue loan in March of 2017. Milly and her family are happy to be back on track with their mortgage payments.

Contact Maria Rivera if you need assistance navigating the foreclosure process, 203.753.1896 x13.

*Name was changed to protect our client's identity.