Strangers No Longer
Drive Safe Advocacy Week
May 19th thru May 25th
Join over 300 SNL members who have been working on driver's licenses for all (Drive Safe bills) since our Assembly for Human Dignity in December!
We really need YOU -- yes, YOU -- to be part of "the Team," to help by doing something simple but important during the week of May 19-25. We want to get as many of us -- including YOU -- to be part of teams of parishioners and friends contacting their state Representative and Senator during that week.

It's simple -- just register to be part of the Team -- CLICK HERE-- and you will be contacted by one of our Circle Leaders in your district -- who is forming a local team to do the contacting of the Representative and Senator.

It's all about the legislation called "DRIVE SAFE," allowing immigrants to get Drivers' Licenses and/or State ID's, regardless of their immigrant status. We want your parish, your friends, all of us to be part of a broad, deep network with a voice on issues of Human Dignity.  
Here is what you will be working on with your team from Friday, May 19th through Thursday, May 25th:

  • Emailing your Michigan Representative and Senator
  • Calling your Michigan Representative and Senator
  • Attending coffee hours of your legislators
  • Contacting friends and family--especially out state-- to let them know about these bills and get their support for them and for our work

We will provide information, scripts, and more.

Click Here to sign up!
What are the Drive Safe Bills?

The Drive Safe bills will restore the right all Michigan residents to obtain state identification cards or driver’s licenses regardless of their immigration status.

In the Senate, the bills have been sent to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chaired by Senator Erika Geiss. The bill numbers are: 0265, 0266, and 0267.

In the House, the bills have been sent to the Regulatory Reform Committee chaired by Representative Tyrone Carter. The bill numbers are: 4410, 4411, 4412.

(Click on each bill number to read the bill.)
Rich Faba
Chair, SNL Advocacy Team