We've got you covered! Call us and then drive-through!
At Integrative Health Institutes we're keeping up to date with the daily healthy news and dedicated to continue to provide you with comprehensive, individualized, safe and effective healthcare. Here are some of the ways we are moving forward with our vision of health:

  • This Friday (tomorrow 3/20/20) Drive-Through pick up for supplements 11:00am- 1:30pm . Come on over tomorrow (after you call us) to our drive by-pick up for any immune support supplements you are missing that may be back-ordered online (like Vitamin C, SuperbioVeg, Zinc, Vitamin D- we have it!) or anything you want to stock up on for your regular health plan. We will be informing you weekly during this process- for future Drive-Through dates.
  • The Drive-Through process:
  • Call us to verify we have what you need-and ask us to set aside what you need
  • Call us when you arrive at the office
  • One of us will have your supplements with your name on a bag and set it outside for you to pick up (our office door will not be available to enter into the office)
  • Et, Voila! Easy peasy!

  • Currently our office is still practicing social distancing and we are all working remotely or in the office until further notice (but not having the public come inside).

  • Be reassured you will get the care you need and the supplements for your care. Though we may not see you face to face- we are here remotely during all regular business hours to help you and our online and Drive-Through office days are available for office pick up.

In Health,

Dr Trebilcock, Crystal, and Maria
Integrative Health Institutes