Saturday, Dec. 7
9am-3pm, CHS
Drivers who complete this six-hour course will save 5% on their liability, personal injury protection and collision insurance for three years and reduce up to 2 points on their N.J. driving record. Course completion is transmitted to the N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission and recorded on each student's driving record. The course requires student participation through an informative workbook and safety education films. No formal testing. This class may be taken every five years for points reduction and every three years for auto insurance benefits. 
Learn to be a skillful driver with professional instruction from DON-TRE DRIVING SCHOOL. The course consists of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction in dual-control cars. Students must be 16 years or older. Note: Tuition does not include permit and license plate decal fees. Day and time at student's convenience. Applications are available at The Adult School office.
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