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Your 'Team Leaders' Drive Engagement:
Here's Why
New research by ADP, a leading provider of human resources software and services, suggests managers striving to understand the art of employee engagement take lessons from the “team leaders” who report to them.
ADP says just 16% of employees surveyed said they are “fully engaged.”

So, what are the other 84% up to all day long? If you’re a manager concerned with elevating engagement, reducing turnover and attracting top talent, you’ll want to review the key takeaways below!
The biggest driver of engagement is whether you work on a team. Employees who identify as part of a team are 2.3 times more likely to be fully engaged.
Trust is a foundation of engagement. Employees who trust their team leader are 12 times more likely to be fully engaged in their work
The United Arab Emirates has the highest percentage of fully engaged workers at 26%, while China has the lowest with just 6%. Engagement in the United States sits at 17%.
How Do Team Leaders Drive Engagement?
In some ways, it should be no surprise that team leadership drives engagement as team leaders are in the trenches with their fellow employees day-in and day-out, sharing directly in the wins and losses and being held accountable by their managers for the results.

Because of this close interaction, team leaders generally have the opportunity to connect with employees on a far more personal level than the typical manager does. A good team leader knows how to find and fire-up the motivation insides good employees.

GOOD team leaders generally:
  • Develop strategies
  • Provide training
  • Listen to feedback from their employees
  • Manage day to day operations
  • Create & distribute reports

BUT.....GREAT team leaders take it 'up a notch' by having:
  • A clear, elevating goal
  • Results driven structure
  • Competent team members
  • Unified commitment
  • High standards of excellence
  • Principled leadership
How engaged are YOUR employees?

We can tell you! Amazingly, stats show that less than 25% of employees are “actively engaged” at their workplace. In fact, in most organizations, more people are “actively disengaged” than are engaged, and according to Gallup, “are doing more harm than good when they come to work.”

Our Employee Engagement Surveys can give you incredible insight into what motivates your people – and what frustrates them – and can answer the question of how much your employees enjoy working for you!! 

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