Driving sustainable change #notcanceled

In the past few weeks, the world has been thrust into a very different reality. As we navigate this uncharted territory, we are all learning new ways of working, connecting and moving through life. And there are a lot of questions about what the future holds. 

But one thing remains steadfast:
our mission to drive sustainable change. 

The climate crisis continues and so does our commitment and determination to shape a resilient future. It’s still Super Year 2020, after all. The year that launches us into the decade of action. 

Yes, we're here - as motivated as ever - to support you in your mission, too.

Many of our clients and partners look to Quantis and to our website for resources as they continue to transform their businesses. If you find yourself needing a change of pace or looking for a way to stay connected to your purpose during this unprecedented period, we have curated a library of resources below covering the key sustainability topics of the moment: climate neutrality, food system sustainability, natural climate solutions and much more on our website .

To connect with Quantis, scroll down for webinars on setting Absolute Zero climate strategies (May 5th) and a new methodology to tackle plastic pollution (replay) , as well as virtual events to follow fellow changemakers, get inspired and learn something new.

If you have any ideas or needs, or if you'd like some inspiration, give us a shout. The entire Quantis team is here to help move our collective mission forward.

- Your Partners at Quantis
Register now > Absolute Zero: Science-driven climate strategy for business resilience

In this special GreenBiz webinar , join Quantis and partners Microsoft and Gold Standard on May 5th as we reveal the latest in science-backed climate strategies — Absolute Zero.

Net Zero and Science-Based Targets are exciting starting points in many climate strategies. Science and business leaders know that we can and should go beyond them to implement effective strategies for long-term change. This is where Absolute Zero comes in. Absolute Zero is a keystone concept for supporting a stable, long-term strategy for sustainable business model transformation. Tune in to explore what goes into an Absolute Zero climate strategy including how to think beyond offsetting and refocus climate efforts to invest in areas that leverage the most effective change.

Plastic Leak Project Guidelines

Exciting news: Businesses now have a way to turn their commitments to reining in plastic pollution into meaningful actions with real impact. The Plastic Leak Project , led by Quantis and ecodesign center EA, in partnership with 35 private, multilateral and scientific organizations, has released the first standardized methodology to map, measure and forecast plastic leakage across corporate value chains.

Watch a replay of our webinar with IUCN, Arla Foods + Sympatex Technologies to learn how to leverage these guidelines to build effective metrics-driven plastic strategies. 


Where to connect with Quantis online
Leaders Conference
7-8 April 2020
Berlin (VIRTUAL)

Tune in on April 8th at 1:35 PM CEST to see Senior Sustainability Consultant Dominik Müller present an overview of the Plastic Leak Project Guidelines , the first science-driven guidelines for business to tackle plastic pollution.

Innovation Forum:
Future of Food 
27-28 May 2020
Minneapolis (VIRTUAL)

On May 27th at 4 PM CDT catch Senior Sustainability Consultant and US Food Sector Lead Mariko Thorbecke in a panel session on How companies can and are tackling soil health challenges and regenerative agriculture.

Innovation Forum:
Future of Food
2-3 June 2020
London (VIRTUAL)

Grab a seat at the table on June 2nd at 1:30 PM BST to hear Climate Strategy Lead Charlotte Bande discuss “ GHGs in food production: How leading companies are adapting to reduce their climate footprints ” during the European edition of the Future of Food conference.

Dive into the key sustainability topics of the moment



The Food for Thought series presents 3-5 minute clips on the most important sustainability topics for the food and beverage industry.