Driving Towards a Brighter Future!
Jamie* is a driven mother, steadfast in her commitment to create a better life for herself and her young daughter in a safe and secure home.

But Jamie struggled to find a job that allowed her to independently support her daughter. She wanted to be able to send her little one to a daycare of her choice and spend more time connecting with her family who live states away.

As a young girl, Jamie always pretended that the steering wheel on her neighborhood playground was that of a bus—not a race car, nor a ship. She confided in her advocate that she had dreamed of being a DC Metrobus driver since she was a child. Jamie’s mom is an expert on all the routes, and Jamie watched as her mom adeptly navigated the bus system, and helped her family and friends do the same.

To become a bus driver, she had to secure a commercial license, which is a challenging process. She came up short the first time and wondered if it was a sign that she should let it go and pursue a different path forward. Jamie’s MSP advocate kept in close contact as the test approached, reminded her of how hard she’s worked, and encouraged her to give it another try.

On her next go, Jamie passed the test and landed the job! It’s a true childhood dream come true—and, importantly, boosts her self-confidence, increases her financial stability, allows her to provide her daughter with more experiences, and lets them spend more quality time with family.

*Name changed for security
In Case You Missed It...
In January, we launched RISE Trust, the first Emergency Cash Transfer program specifically intended for survivors of domestic violence.

With financial abuse being the number one reason survivors don't leave an abuser, or return to an abuser to meet their basic needs, a cash transfer program targeted specifically for domestic violence survivors is truly transformative. RISE Trust provides 45 families with $500 each month over the course of two years.

Our Executive Director, Mercedes Lemp, spoke to Street Sense Media about how unrestricted Emergency Cash Transfer programs, like ours, restore a sense of agency and autonomy for domestic violence survivors. Read the full article at the link above!
MSP Testifies at FCC
In February, our Executive Director and Deputy Director co-hosted a roundtable discussion with Jessica Rosenworcel, Chairwoman of the FCC, on implementing the Safe Connections Act.

The Safe Connections Act supports survivor safety by expediting the process whereby survivors can detach their phone lines from their abusers, protects the privacy of calls made by survivors to domestic abuse hotlines, and provides internet and phone access to low-income families.

Our Deputy Director was invited to testify at their open agenda meeting -- click on the video to the right to listen to Toshira's powerful testimony!
Current Needs
We are running low on key hygiene and cleaning supplies at our shelter and for families in transitional housing. Please consider purchasing these supplies through our Amazon Wishlist. Items purchased through our Wishlist get shipped directly to us, allowing families' needs to be quickly and efficiently met.

Looking to volunteer this Spring? Check out our Volunteer Calendar to see all available opportunities. Reach out to our Volunteer Manager Angela Cavanaugh @ acavanaugh@mysistersplacedc.org with any questions!

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