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High-priority restoration and stewardship on our preserves is in full swing. I’m thrilled to share that we have started on-the-ground construction of the 52-acre Davis Wetland. This $886,000 project will restore our Davis Preserve to a high-functioning wetland, and a $300,000 endowment will ensure that it can be maintained in perpetuity.

Please enjoy reading about mussel monitoring at Nelson's Woods, our 2019 “Oaktober” Fest on October 5 at the home of Wisconsin’s 311-year-old champion bur oak, and other exciting ways you can get involved with WCLC.

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Drone video of the Davis Preserve Wetland Restoration
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Davis Preserve: Our Most Important Restoration Project to Date
Improving Mukwonago River water quality benefits everyone
Many years ago, the 52-acre Davis Preserve was drained to allow for farming. With an $886,000 grant contract from the Wisconsin DNR, WCLC will re-establish the preserve to a high-functioning native wetland. We completed forestry mowing in June 2019 to remove invasive species and have begun performing essential wetland scrapes—moving soil to prepare to replant native wetland plant communities, which will be seeded later this year.

An additional $300,000 endowment will ensure that Davis Preserve is maintained in perpetuity. Construction is expected to be completed in early 2020.

We want to thank our partners: DNR, TNC, Stantec, Waukesha County and Josh Brown, Tom Pearce, Michelle Kille, Peter Ziegler, Joanne Kline, and WCLC stewardship manager Meghan Wersel for their hard work.
Mussel Monitoring Helps us Access Aquatic Ecosystem Health
These native, globally imperiled animals are expert biologists!
Earlier this month, WCLC’s Meghan Wersel and Justine Ghai, in partnership with Carroll University’s biology professor and mussel expert, Dr. Todd Levine, and student intern, Leonard Steiner, conducted mussel surveys in Scuppernong Creek, which runs through our 208-acre Nelson’s Woods.

Mussel monitoring allows us determine the condition and quality of our aquatic ecosystems and provides valuable information for restoration and stewardship plans. In addition, native mussels are important for healthy lakes and rivers. They filter pollutants like mercury from the water and provide food for wildlife such as muskrats and herons. In Wisconsin, 24 of 52 native mussel species are endangered, threatened, or listed as species of concern.

You're Invited: WCLC's "Oaktober" Fest 2019
Celebrate Waukesha's beautiful oaks with food, beer, and family fun
Join us for “Oaktober” Fest on October 5, 2019 at Tizza and Glenn Meyer’s Stone Fences Farm. There will be nature walks, fun art activities for kids and adults hosted by Waukesha County’s Retzer Nature Center, and food and beer from Delafield Brewhaus in the company of Wisconsin’s number-one 311-year-old Champion Bur Oak.
The Year of the Oak: Saving Globally Imperiled Oak Ecosystems
Why are oak ecosystems so important?
Only 1% of Earth’s original native oak ecosystems still exist, making them one of the rarest plant communities on the planet. Waukesha County is uniquely positioned to help oaks, and one of our top priorities is to protect and steward these rich, diverse ecosystems for future generations. As such, we deemed 2019 “The Year of the Oak.”

Oaks are a “keystone species,” meaning that they support over 500 different species of plants and animals including the redheaded woodpecker, which has encountered a 68% population decline in recent years due to habitat loss.

Give to WCLC today to help save oak ecosystems in Waukesha County, and check out the workshop calendar below, for hands-on opportunities to get involved.
Join the Movement: Buy a "Year of the Oak" t-shirt
To celebrate our upcoming “Oaktober” Fest, we have limited-edition t-shirts for sale starting at $20.00 in multiple styles, colors, and sizes. Proceeds will directly support restoration efforts within oak ecosystems. Shirts will be shipped directly to you, and the deadline to purchase is Wednesday, August 21 .

The 2019 Sustainability Fair is Right Around the Corner
The 2019 Sustainability Fair, hosted by the Waukesha County Green team, will be held at Retzer Nature Center on Saturday, August 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Events include interactive exhibits, expert presentations, planetarium showings, guided activities for children and adults, and more.

We need you! If you’d like to volunteer at this event, please sign up here.
Ready to Roll up Your Sleeves?
Upcoming WCLC workshop calendar

FREE Natural History of the Oaks workshop
August 28 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
led by Bill Reichenbach

Join the WCLC Volunteer Team
Upcoming WCLC workshop calendar
In addition to land stewardship volunteers, we’re seeking creative writers; marketing professionals; and those with experience in information technology, education, and outreach.

If you’re interested in learning more, please email Justine Ghai.
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