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Drought: Impact on freshwater fish, and how anglers can help

British Columbia has just experienced the most severe heat wave, or “heat dome,” ever recorded. With little rain accompanying the heat, evaporating surface waters have not been replenished, and flows are now also at record lows for this time of year. Reduced lake levels mean less volume, compressing the habitat for all species and raising water temperatures. Warmer water elevates aquatic organisms' metabolic rates, which increases their oxygen requirements. At the same time, warmer waters also reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen available to these organisms – right at a time when they need more of it. This is all bad news for freshwater fish.
As recreational anglers, we can be proactive and take steps to help protect fish when summer temperatures start to climb. On the blog, we take a look at several ways anglers can help to reduce the physiological stress on fish by being selective of when and where to fish, practicing proper catch-and-release methods, and abiding by closures to fishing in some streams (see the In-Season Regulation Changes). 
How to find a fishing buddy

Fishing can be a great solo sport, yet we sometimes want to share the thrill of a catch with a fellow angler. And when your family and friends are not quite as “hooked” on the sport as you are, where can you find new faces to go fishing with? On the blog, we suggest a few avenues you can explore to find your next fishing buddy, including a list of fishing clubs in B.C.
Grants available for fish and wildlife projects

Grants for fish and wildlife projects in the Peace Region are now available from the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP). The FWCP is encouraging consultants, First Nations, stewardship groups, and others to submit grant applications for projects that align with its action-plan priorities. Peace Region grant applicants must submit a notice of intent by Sept. 13, 2021. Grant applications are due Oct. 29, 2021. On Sept. 1, 2021, learn more during an online information session at fwcp.ca/.events. Find additional information about FWCP grants at fwcp.ca.
Recycle Your Fishing Line

Do your part to keep fishing spots clean, and help prevent wildlife entanglement. Recycle your monofilament fishing line in a recycling receptacle (pictured above).

We have partnered with national fishing line recycling organization Clear Your Gear to install receptacles at select locations in the Lower Mainland. Local partners (like fishing clubs, municipalities, retailers, and fishing resorts) have also been working to install these receptacles at other locations throughout B.C. For more information, visit www.clearyourgear.ca.

Lake of the Month
Schkam Lake (Lake of the Woods), Hope
Depth map of Schkam Lake. Click to enlarge.
Stocking: Report
Located along Highway 1, Schkam Lake is surrounded by mountains and is an ideal place to stop to swim and fish. It is stocked each spring with 1,500 rainbow trout. Be aware that the beach access is steep, and parking is limited during the busy summer months.
Access: Drive five kilometers north of Hope. View on Google Maps.
Water-Specific Regulations: Electric motors only.
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