Fall 2019
Fall drought challenges
Coming off the wettest year on record (2018), Maryland is dealing with a "flash drought." Here are some links to more information and tips on how to deal with it in your landscape.

Photo credit: Pixabay
oak decline
Photo credit: Oak tree decline by Dave Clement
Why are so many oak trees dying?
Many oak trees - particularly white oaks - have died this year and we have received a lot of questions about this widespread issue. Excessively wet soils last year followed by a drought this year are believed to be contributing factors. Mature trees (80-120 years) are more likely to fall victim to drought since they have more mass to support.

Read Ellen Nibali's Baltimore Sun article
Does your cherry laurel look like this?
Cherry laurels are popular for being deer-resistant, evergreen shrubs. They are tough once established. However, if their growing conditions are not just right, they are susceptible to several problems.

We have received numerous questions about a white substance growing on cherry laurel branches -- white prunicola scale. What can you do about it?

White prunicola scale on cherry laurel
Photo credit: White prunicola scale on cherry laurel, University of Maryland Extension
Photo credit: UME Ask an Expert
Q: Our weeping cherry is oozing large amounts of sap. Why is that happening? What do I do about it?

A: Read the answer on Ask an Expert

Climate friendly gardening: Cover bare soil
Video # 1 in our climate change series

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Living wall
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UME Master Gardener event -
Living Architecture: Green walls for the residence and community
Open to the public
Thursday, October 24, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Stamp Student Union , College Park

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AGNR clean healthy Chesapeake event
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Global challenges
Please join the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for a celebration and examination of research in ensuring a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay.

October 29, 2019
Free event - Open to the public
Stamp Student Union , College Park

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