July 22, 2019

I am inviting all of our Las Vegas Jungle Friends Family to attend the screening of Alex Tello's "Furthest from the Wild: Ben & Annie Retire to Florida"! The documentary showcases Ben and Annie, two white-faced capuchins, who were once "Furthest from the Wild" in Illinois, and are now "Almost Wild" at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary! The film will be screened at the Action On Film Festival in Las Vegas on July 28 at 6 pm.
Furthest from the Wild Ep 2
Watch the trailer: "Furthest from the Wild: 
Ben & Annie Retire to Florida
Film Synopsis: Purchased from a breeder,  Ben and Annie  are no longer able to live with Matt, their guardian of 30 years. Matt travels from Des Plaines, Illinois to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. Once there, Matt quickly realizes that Ben and Annie will have a better life in sunny Florida with other monkeys in a sanctuary setting.
Kari & Alex are ready --Lights, Camera, Action!
Kari shows Matt their new indoor enclosure.
Terry brings Annie and Ben their yummy food.
Did you know that Las Vegas was the original home of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary? Nevada is where I began rescuing monkeys! I soon realized how desperate the need was, so I moved the monkeys to a more monkey-friendly climate in Florida with lots more land to expand.....But my heart is still in Vegas. 

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the screening as I have a prior family commitment. But, Alex would be thrilled to see you there! Please let me know if you will be attending so I can put you and Alex Tello in touch!

Founder & Executive Director

P.S. Would you like to meet Ben and Annie? Come and see them on the Magical Monkey Experience!
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