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March Parent Newsletter: Drums & More at Family Fair
Drum Circle is new at FREE Family Fun Fair on April 6
Beat the drums at the Family Fun Fair this year with an exciting DRUM CIRCLE hosted by Kevin Beatkeeper!

We invite all families to join us for the Early Learning Coalition's Annual Family Fun Fair from 11-2 on April 6th at John B. Park/ Lawnwood Stadium on Virginia Avenue.

All kids get free books and enjoy hands-on activities especially designed for kids, Story Stations, Games, Bounce House, Face-painting, K-9 demonstrations, and much more, all FREE, so make sure your friends and neighbors find out about the fair, too.

We'd love for your family to join the fun, with our interactive Story Stations, K-9 demonstrations, performing groups and hands-on craft and STEM activities. Every child gets a FREE book and your family can earn extra books, by participating in the Healthy St. Lucie Billion Step challenge, either at the track on the day of the event, or in the week before it!

Want to share the news about the Family Fun Day with the flyer below?

New permanent, more convenient location for
Early Learning Coalition at Treasure Health Building on Midway Road .
We've moved! The Early Learning Coalition team is finally all moved in at our new permanent location, at the Treasure Health Building, 5000 Dunn Road, with regular office hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. The new location is at the intersection of Midway Road and Dunn Road, conveniently located to all parts of St. Lucie County. You can still sign up for services online at www.elcslc.org or you are welcome to come use the portal at our office.
Is there an APP for parents of picky eaters? Now, there is!
New Tinder-Style App Aims to Help Parents of Picky Eaters
With a new app that's like Tinder, kids can help parents identify the foods they like by separating choices into ‘yucky’ or ‘yummy’ categories — taking some stress out of mealtime.

It’s a scene most toddler parents are familiar with: entire meals discarded, stubborn little ones exerting what control they have, and frustrated parents torn between remaining firm and wanting to ensure their kids are getting at least some calories.

The plight of parenting a picky eater is real. But a new app may help offer some relief.
Released by the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychology, in conjunction with researchers from  NYU Langone Health , When to Wonder: Picky Eating is the first of what the group hopes will be several digital tools meant to help parents through early childhood challenges. See complete article here:

You can get the app here : When to Wonder Picky Eater APP link
Income-eligible families can receive financial assistance for subsidized early learning, that is in addition to the 540 hours of free VPK. (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) with no wait list if you qualify.

If a family applies today and is deemed eligible through state guidelines, children could be receiving service by next month or sooner!

Apply online at www.elcslc.org or call us for more information at
How to help your kids be brave
Kids can develop some random irrational fears — the vacuum, thunder, monsters — but one fear that is universal and completely legitimate in my opinion is the dark. Even as an adult, I'm still scared to be wandering around in the dark by myself. But, why?  When do kids become afraid of the dark , and most importantly, how can parents help them cope with this all-too-common fear?
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