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Drum, Flash, Fluid Bed, Rotary, Spray, Tray, Vacuum & more

FMC Link-Belt Roto-Louvre Spiral Roaster. Carbon steel drum construction. Tube is approximately 66" diameter x 348" long with spiral flights. Approximate 10" diameter end inlet feed tube, end discharge hood with a Semco rotary valve. Very good condition.

Used Dryers In Stock:

Drum Dryers: 

S740052 Dryer, Drum, Single, 60 x 120, Andritz Gouda, Mdl E15/30
C739184 Dryer, Drum, Single, 5' X 16', Blaw-knox, 125 PSI, (4)
C739176 Dryer, Drum, Single, 5' X 16', Buflovak, 150 PSI, (2)

Flash Dryers: 

C273735 Dryer, Flash, S/st, Barr-rosin, 4,410lb/hr Feed, Ring-Type
Z273730 Dryer, Flash, S/st, Bowen, 800 lb/hr Feed @ 67% Water,

Fluid Bed Dryers: 

C732863 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 39 x 80', S/st, 4 Stage, System,
S740328 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 28 CF, Sani S/st, Aeromatic, Mdl S8
S740327 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 28 CF, Sani S/St, Aeromatic, Mdl T7
S734324 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 23 X 20', S/st, Witte,
Z273917 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 18 X 4', S/st, Bowen, Lab Size, Gas,
C739501 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 4'6 X 21', High-Temp, Heyl & Patterson
S734758 Dryer, Fluid Bed, 1 Mtr Dia, S/st, Freund, Steam, Sys, (3)
S731797 Dryer, Fluid Bed, Aeromatic, 24, S/st, Steam
S738279 Dryer, Fluid Bed, Batch, 8 Dia, S/st, Steam Heated, Glatt,
C273910 Dryer, Fluid Bed, Batch, Freund, 15 Kg., Lab, System,
S732535 Dryer, Fluid Bed, Fitz, FA-250, 304 S/st, 1/2 HP,
C732864 Dryer, Fluid Bed, S/st, Vibratory, 39 x 20'l, (3),

Rotary Dryers: 

A741609 Dryer, Rotary, 14 X 14', C/st, 1 HP, Indirect Fired,
S740499 Dryer, Rotary, 5' x 26', C/st, Link-Belt,
S739482 Dryer, Rotary, 5' x 11'8, S/st, 3 HP,
S741067 Dryer, Rotary, 5'2 x 24', S/st, FMC Link-Belt, 10 HP, 
S741066 Dryer, Rotary, 5'2 x 24', S/st, FMC Link-Belt, 10 HP,
C739844 Dryer, Rotary, 4' X 32', C/St, Skid Mounted, Dust Collector,
C739904 Dryer, Rotary, 4' X 48', C/st, Internal Paddles
S741062 Dryer, Rotary, Roto-Louvre, 5'6 x 29', C/st, 7.5 HP,

Spray Dryers: 

C741565 Dryer, Spray, 30', S/st, Fluid Bed, Evaporator, Plant
C291650 Dryer, Spray, 20' X 11', S/st, Bowen, Atomizer Only, (3),
S734090 Dryer, Spray, 6' X 12', Delaval, 100#/HR, Gas

Tray Dryers: 

S739091 Dryer, Tray, 32 x 38 x 66, S/st, National, Gas-fired,
S291420 Dryer, Tray, 28 X 36, 24 Trays, Stokes,
Z291480 Dryer, Tray, 21 X 45, 3 Trays, S/st, Dehumidifier,
C736563 Dryer, Tray, Proctor Schwartz, S/st, 30 X 44 X 40
C737423 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 450 SF, 15 Trays, C/st, JP Devine,
S291410 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 333 SF, 20 Trays, C/st, Hk Porter,
S740442 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 160 SF, S/st, 60 x 60, APS, 14.9 PSI,
S291454 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 108 SF, 9 Trays, C/st, Hull,
C737424 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 105 SF, 7 Trays, C/st, Hull
S735018 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 30 SF, 5 Trays, Coated, Stokes
C737425 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, Chamber Only, Less Shelves, C/st,
S739939 Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, Freeze, Stokes, 230 SF, S/st, (2)

Vacuum Dryers: 

Z276430 Dryer, Vacuum, Conical, 13 CF, P/l & C/st, Abbe, Mixer,
S276434 Dryer, Vacuum, Conical, 10 CF, Ceramic & S/st, Stokes,
S732159 Dryer, Vacuum, Conical, 10 CF, S/st, Filter, Lee,
Z276437 Dryer, Vacuum, Conical, 1 CF, S/st, PK, Jkt, 25 HP,
C741051 Dryer, Vacuum, Sigma, 200 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, 125 HP,
S733096 Dryer, Vacuum, V-Type, 20 CF, S/st, PK, Jkt, Liq Feed,

Miscellaneous Dryers: 

S741457 Dryer, Air, 1250 SCFM, Hankison, Mdl HES1250, (2)
A741417 Dryer, Freeze, 20 SF, S/st, Virtis, Benchmark, Lyophilizer
C730734 Dryer, Turbo, Rotary, 6'8 Trays, S/st, Krauss Maffei, (5)


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