Drying Times Of White Paints
Structurally Sound Painting

The last few years we have seen this explosion of new mediums for oil paint and this is a brief list of the order you may consider using some of them.
I have numbered them in the order of using in the actual painting process. With the different dryers and composition of the pigment each medium dries at a different rate. So the two variables are the specific properties in the pigment and the oils used:
Think of it this way: Fastest to Slowest  starting at the Slowest on Top 
( the way you might build your painting. I have taken an extra large magic marker and wrote the drying numbers on the products for my wife who is not interested in the chemical make up of painting- imagine that)
Look for the mediums (oils ) in things which affect the drying times rather than trying to memorize the different companies.

White Paints:

Average drying white
: Titanium White, most opaque - repaint / fix / covers well typically has some Zinc White which changes the temperature from yellow to blue depending on the ratios. Therefore each company has a different color white. Gamblin's Radiant White is the "whitest" but is also cool in color.
Fast drying white:
  Flake White , Cremnitz White, or Lead White (same thing different names). Strictly used by the old masters but dries quickly and would not allow you to freeze your paint because the palette would dry in a day or two.
Fastest drying white:  
Zinc White, transparent an d poor cover power, coolest in color 

Oils Used In The Paint:
( think of this list like building stones or structure of your house starting at the bottom and building up toward the roof.

Slowest : SAFFLOWER OIL used on the top of your painting "finishing Touches".
Average: LINSEED OIL the work horse in your painting, can be used form beginning to end.
Fastest:  ALKYD the bottom layer of your painting, the foundation you build your house on.

#1's Fastest Drying- Paint with the word Alkyd:
Natural Pigments carries Rublev Underpainting White- drys in 2 hours. ( underpainting & Alkyd combined ) used for tinting your colors and creating a fast drying texture.
Natural Pigments carries Rublev Transparent Base- drys in 2 hours. not changing the value of the color ( by tinting ). Rublev is an online purchase only!

#2's Very Fast Drying - Look for the words "Foundation or Underpainting"
Grumbacher MG Underpainting White - drys in 6 hours to a day.
Winsor Newton Foundational White ( I have not used but I am assuming similarities).
Underpainting Whites can have Zinc White added which drys faster and is cooler /bluer in tint that other whites

#3. Fast Drying - Flake or Lead White, Cremnitz White
Natural pigment Carries Rublev's Lead White #1 
Michael Harding Cremnitz White no 1
(contains linseed oil) drys in a little more than a full day. Lead paint drys much faster than Titanium White. Difficult to freeze your paint when the Lead White drys in a day or two.

#4. Average Drying - Grumbacher Pre Tested White is Titanium White with Linseed Oil
recently I have noticed that Grumbacher is having quality control issues or they have changed their mixture and the paint is creamier than in the past and is taking longer to dry. I like this white because of it's whiteness to warmth combination. it replaced my favorite white Winsor & Newton Titanium White ( see why below) I need a white to lighten -"tint"  but not be too yellow or too cool. Both Winsor & Newton and Grumbacher have recently added too much oil and have caused me to look for a new whites. I have purchased every companies white twice before looking for this "whiteness and temperature" and am frustrated at the changes. I would like a thicker white ( less oil) which would allow me to add or not the medium of my choice rather than them choosing for me!

#5 Slowest Drying Time - Winsor & Newton Titanium White is Titanium White with Safflower Oil
once was the standard of all whites with the perfect blend of (whiteness and temperature- Titanium/Zinc/ oil)) and drying times. I used this exclusively for thirty years till 6 years ago. About 10 years ago Winsor & Newton sold their company to ColArt and ColArt  and has appeared to have changed the recipe and have added so much filler (Safflower Oil) the white areas of my painting are taking a dangerously slow time to dry ( fat over lean Painting Principle).The class and I have had some areas of our painting take up to two to three weeks to dry.  This means I am without a white
 for now

Next News Letter I will touch on my favorite mediums and all their drying times because they have added more variables into the mix, is there an emogy for screaming silently? .
P.S. these are just my opinion and you will have to research for yourself  incase I have misspoken in any way.

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