Our 150th Year is Underway!
Meeting Rules Post Quarantine:
  • Stay home if you're not feeling well!
  • Stay home if you're at all nervous about being in a room with others
  • The lodge will have facemasks available, but you are encouraged to bring your own if you feel the need
  • Wash your hands regularly- there will be hand sanitizer available and as always soap and hot water!
  • Don't feel the need to shake everybody's hands
Volunteers Needed
this Saturday,
July 25th
It's time to hang drywall! You don't have to be a carpenter or experienced drywaller to help! We need folks to help move pieces of drywall and hold them to the wall while another person screws them into place.

Come join the fun and put some sweat equity into your lodge! The fun begins at 10 am and goes until we're finished.
Master Mason Degree August 11th
We're going to be helping a deserving candidate progress on his Masonic Journey and all Master Masons are encouraged to come out and be a part of this historic evening!

This Brother has worked hard between receiving his Fellow Craft Degree on June 30th and the July 21st Stated Meeting and now he is ready to continue towards his goal of being a Master Mason so he can participate in our Reconsecration on September 26th! He will be the first candidate to receive all 3 degrees in our sesquicentennial year!

Food & Fellowship 6 pm and the degree will start at 7 pm
Master Mason Degree Practices
There will be 2 Master Mason Degree Practices to help us present a tremendous degree to our candidate.
  • July 28th
  • August 4th

Each evening will start with the 2nd section practice starting at 7 pm . All members of the Fellow Craft Team are asked to attend both practices. Officers will be working on the first section after the Fellow Craft Team is dismissed
Saturday the Day of Degrees!
September 12th, 2020
Degree Captains:

Entered Apprentice- WB Walter Disney
Fellow Craft- Bro. Roy Elliott
Master Mason- Bro.Tom Lind

Class Director- WB Daniel Campbell
Make sure to add Saturday, September 12th to your calendar so you can participate in our Day of Degrees!

We will be conferring all 3 degrees throughout the day. More details to follow later in August.

The Degree Captains are going to be looking for members to help with each degree. If you're interested in helping please contact the Secretary by clicking here or call him at 513-617-0906.
Lunch Bunch Is Back!
Lunch Bunch returns from quarantine!

If you're ready to enjoy the weekly fellowship of your Brothers bring your lunch, your lawn chair, and drop by J. B. Covert Lodge Garden at 11:30 am weather permitting.
It's time to pay your dues for 2021
and perhaps make a donation to our
Building Campaign or our Charitable Campaigns
Every member of the lodge received a mailing in the beginning of June with information about our need to repair several water related issues in our building and an explanation of why we included the 2021 dues notice.

We've already received over 50% of our 2021 dues and a number of donations, but we still need yours!

If you haven't opened that mailing, please take a moment to read it and reply.
At the May Stated Meeting a motion to fix our water problems passed after a detailed plan was presented by the Building Remodeling and Improvement Committee.

You can read more about this plan by checking your mailbox for a special mailing as well as clicking here .
You can make a credit card donation right now and pay your 2021 Dues by clicking on this link- Donate to Building Campaign
Thank you to the numerous Brothers who have donated Time, Talent, & Treasure already!

We have already received nearly $16,000 and nearly 250 man hours of volunteer time!
Buy an engraved brick!
A part of the fundraising for this campaign will include a limited edition engraved brick which will be installed in our new patio area.

There are 3 different sizes of bricks available for purchase:

Small 4”x 8” for $100

Medium 8” x 8” for $250

Large 12” x 12” for $500

You can memorialize members of your family in this area that will soon become a favorite hangout for lodge members and their families!

Reserve Your Seat!
With the extensive remodeling that is happening in the dining room we began to notice how our old tables and chairs were looking pretty worn out. So the lodge is going to invest in some replacements.

You can reserve your table and have a seat at all of our events for a donation of $350 for a full table and 8 chairs or reserve a single seat for $30.

How can you help?
Remember there are 3 basic types of Masons - Active - Practicing - Sustaining . We need all members to try and be members of 2 of the types simultaneously! Active members are the Brothers who are at every meeting or taking on a committee/officer roll. Practicing are Masons who make a conscious effort daily to live the lessons of our ritual in their daily lives. Sustaining members are those who donate to the lodge operations on top of or in lieu of being able to actively participate. Masonry thrives on Time-Talent-Treasure and we’re asking you to consider donating at least two of the three as we start our next 150 years!
Updates From The Grand Lodge Of Ohio
Get your ticket now whether you ride a two, three, four or more wheeler, or just make a donation! The Grand Master's Ride / Drive for Charity to Farrow Harley-Davidson in Sunbury, Ohio is still scheduled for August 29th, 2020. More details in the next Beacon and on the GL2020 website. All proceeds benefit the Grand Lodge Charitable Relief Fund. Go to https://grandlodge2020.com/charityride/ for details and pre-registration.
A limited edition coin has been created commemorating this extraordinary year to raise funds and awareness for the Grand Lodge Charitable Relief Fund.

Please see your District Deputy Grand Master if you would like to make a $10. donation or more to receive a coin.

You can visit https://grandlodge2020.com/covidcoin/ for more details.
All Master Masons Encouraged to Attend
Reconsecration of the Lodge on Saturday, September 26th, 2020
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