June 4, 2021
Special Edition | Volume 3 | Issue 24
Dual Enrollment Decreases Time and Cost
of Degree, Saving Students Thousands
With states across the nation struggling to curb higher education costs, many are reexamining the potential of statewide dual enrollment programs to lower student debt and reduce time to a degree.

Dual enrollment, or early college, is used by high school students to explore college options and earn college credit prior to high school graduation. Increasingly popular among eligible high school juniors and seniors, these programs allow secondary students to enroll in postsecondary coursework and receive both college and high school credit simultaneously. 

Additionally, a recent MassINC report indicated that dual enrollment programs could help curb a number of pressing problems like growing credential gaps across race and class, declining enrollment in public colleges, and a lack of skilled workers. The study noted also that dually enrolled students were twice as likely to complete the FASFA and enroll in college.

Do you agree that a statewide dual enrollment program could save Pennsylvanians time and money their postsecondary degree?
If you agree that policymakers should establish a statewide dual enrollment program with community colleges as eligible providers, please contact your elected official, or click the button below complete our quick, easy online form and make a difference for students. 
Community colleges play a critical role in educating and training current and future generations of workers,
´╗┐in addition to providing affordable and responsive higher education to thousands of Pennsylvanians every year.