Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is currently showing three solo exhibits, Where I'm From, Sleepwalking and Monochromatic Portraiture. Where I'm From is only on view for a couple more days, ending on March 19. Where I'm From showcases the work of Stacey Durand, whose artworks depict the coastal communities of Massachusetts, celebrating their quirks and inviting nostalgia. Sleepwalking is on view through April 2 at the museum and showcases the work of Massachusetts-based artist Douglas Breault. Breault's still-life photographs represent memories of his late father through objects he used to own, but also by utilizing elements like camera obscura projections, printed archival images and shadows to reflect the passage of time. He also incorporates images taken from the internet, further building each piece's connection with narrative and memory. Breault's process results in artworks that drip with materiality and exude an undeniable physical presence. Monochromatic Portraiture features the work of Stephen Godlieb and will be on view March 20—April 9. Godlieb is an accomplished painter, who hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and is exhibiting across the United States. He most often paints portraits and the human figure, using his friends and family as references. The faces in his portraits have power in them; he says, "I'm not interested in presenting the viewer with an ambivalent or pleasant painting, I prefer emotive strength." Godlieb also injects an element of abstraction through dramatic shadows, highlights and thick, intentional paint marks. Through these techniques, Godlieb creates powerful, striking portraits that seem to look out past the canvas at the viewer. All three exhibits showcase the unique processes of their artists, featuring artwork that captures attention and ignites imagination. Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is located at 150 Wakefield Street in Rochester, New Hampshire and is open MondayFriday 9:00 a.m.4:00 p.m. For more information, visit