Specialty license plate honors Tennessee’s electric lineworkers
Proceeds from the plates to fund non-profit that supports lineworkers and their families following an injury or fatality

The state of Tennessee recently released a specialty license plate that honors the service and sacrifice of Tennessee’s electric lineworkers. Funds raised through specialty plate sales will benefit the Tennessee Lineworker Lifeline Fund, a nonprofit foundation created to assist lineworkers and their families in the event of a serious injury or fatality while on the job.

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With our focus on providing reliable and affordable electric service to our members, we take advantage of those technologies that prove to be both efficient and dependable to further our mission at DREMC.

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Free Energy Audits to Help Reduce Energy Costs

Our energy audits offer a general survey of energy use in a facility and make recommendations on energy management opportunities, process and facility improvements.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply

A variety of systems—offline, online and line-interactive—are available, based on the degree of protection and power conditioning you need.

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TVA offers incentives to help you electrify your business. Incentives are available for kitchen equipment, HVAC systems, forklifts, expansions, new construction, and much more.
Reduce Energy Costs

Take advantage of the Comprehensive Services Program to find out how to reduce energy costs for your business. For an overall view, start with an energy audit. Services include power factor studies, compressed air leak detection, infrared scans, lighting and HVAC recommendations, power quality studies, and much more!

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