Due Date Extended:

Survey for Upcoming Research Funding Opportunity

The Delta Science Program’s upcoming call for research proposals emphasizes co-production and participatory research, in which information is co-produced by both the researchers and the community affected by the research by way of early and frequent engagement.

If you are interested in a participatory research approach and would like help connecting with a California Native American Tribe or community-based organization (CBO) to collaborate with on a research proposal, please respond to the survey linked below by the new due date, November 30, 2023.

The Delta Science Program will use the survey results to facilitate connections among researchers, Tribes, and CBOs whose interests align where possible. This survey is optional and there is no guarantee that submissions will result in a pairing or a funding award.


Did you know?

- The Delta Research Proposal Solicitation will be released in winter 2023-2024.

- Approximately $6 million is available for research awards!

- All proposals must directly address one or more science actions identified in the 2022-2026 Science Action Agenda (SAA) and demonstrate a strong connection with natural resource management and/or community groups.

- The solicitation calls for research projects across multiple disciplines, but proposals with a substantial social science component will be eligible for additional points during the review process, in recognition of previous underfunding of SAA actions related to the human dimensions of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. 

Funding research is central to carrying out the Delta Science Program mission of providing the best possible unbiased scientific information to inform water and environmental decision-making in the Delta,” says Delta Lead Scientist Dr. Laurel Larsen. “It directly supports the advancement of the coequal goals and the implementation of the Delta Plan by developing management tools, advancing the state of knowledge, and providing the best available science to inform decision-makers.”

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