As we look forward to fall 2020, we want to share the changes to our status options and dues structure in response to COVID-19. In an effort to provide you with all necessary information in one place, we have created webpages for both status options and dues. These webpages include all resources and FAQs.

We wanted to make sure you have time to review this information before completing the membership status survey later this week which will help guide your status decisions for the fall.
Phi Sigma Sigma has expanded the use of our membership statuses to promote the retention of our current members, who stand to benefit from sisterhood and belonging now more than ever. We seek to accommodate members who may not be enrolling at their institution, but plan to return to campus in the future. This opportunity allows women to stay connected and retain their Phi Sig collegiate “identity” while away from campus.

In an effort to ensure a thoughtful, consistent and streamlined customer service experience for members, the status change process will be an automated experience between the member and the Fraternity.
For the fall, we will be implementing a a financial model that is as flexible as possible, should there be a disruption to course delivery, chapter activities or the health and safety of our members. We are doing everything within our power to reduce expenses and restrict unnecessary spending to keep the sorority experience affordable for members and new members who were financially impacted due to COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19, state, county and university restrictions will determine what programming can be held safely. Approved programming will be presented to the members of the chapter with an assigned dollar amount associated with participating. Members who wish to participate will pre-pay on their Billhighway account to cover the cost of the event. Think of this as a shift from all-inclusive to pay-as-you-go fee distribution. It is our hope that this Fraternity dues and fees model goes a long way to help members who were financially impacted by COVID-19 to take control of their financial stability while maintaining their membership.

1 - Review status options and fall dues structure.

2 - Research your campus' public information about fall format adjustments.

3 - Respond to Phi Sigma Sigma's July 1 membership status survey. This will be available and shared via email on July 1.
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