Dixie Dugan

Gullah Singer Study
16" x 20"
Dixie Dugan
Myrtle Beach, SC

"My paintings never complete the whole story.  I want the spectator to participate, not just be a passive viewer" -
Dixie Dugan

Dixie Dugan works in many media, but regardless of the medium used, her subjects are treated with integrity.  She is currently working in paper collage. 

Through technique, brush work and a selective eye, she allows her subjects to remain themselves yet her paintings live in a magic kind of way.  They yield the glimpse of life only seen by the artist whose work it is to share those signs with the viewer.  

Born in the farm country of Kansas, Dixie has lived in Illinois, Texas and Louisiana.  In 1966 she moved to Myrtle Beach where she currently maintains her studio.  She taught drawing and painting for 20 years in the Myrtle Beach area.