Duke of Ed - May 2017

May 2017 Newsletter
Spring has sprung! We hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we are. Now that May is here, the end of the school year is just around the corner. If you wish to have your Bronze Award presented to you at your school Awards Day or Cadet ACR, make sure to have your Award submitted by June 7/17. 

 If you have any questions or require assistance, give us a call at 204-988-3016, or email manitoba@dukeofed.org
Adventurous Journey Opportunities

To sign up for any of these trips - contact the Award Office to get the forms. 
Please note the sign-up and payment deadlines.

Silver Canoe Trip. May 19-22 with Camp Nutimik- paddling on Lone Isle and Malloy Lake. Cost including taxes - $358.47.
Only a couple spaces left - call ASAP if you want to go on this trip!

Bronze Canoe Trip. June 9-11  Pioneer Camp - Shoal Lake. Registration deadline: May 24.
Cost including taxes $207.90 plus toll on road into Shoal Lake.

Bronze Canoe Trip.  June 16-18  Pioneer Camp - Shoal Lake. Registration deadline: May 31.
Cost including taxes $207.90 plus toll on road into Shoal Lake.

Gold Canoe Trip. July 4-8 with B'Nai Brith Camp - Kenora. Canoeing in Lake of the Woods.
Cost including taxes $423.75. Registration deadline: June 5th.

Silver Canoe Trip. July 9-12  with B'Nai Brith Camp - Kenora. Canoeing in Lake of the Woods
Cost including taxes $367.25. Registration deadline: June 5th

Silver Canoe Trip.  Aug 22-25  with B'Nai Brith Camp - Kenora. Canoeing in Lake of the Woods. Cost including taxes $367.25. 

Contact our office for the camp forms. 
Email:  manitoba@dukeofed.org    or Call: 204-988-3016.

If you need an Adventurous Journey to complete your Award but the cost of these trips is prohibitive, please contact us. 

You can always find our most recent list of Adventurous Journey Opportunities on our website:  http://www.dukeofed.org/mb-adventurous-journey-residential-project-opportunities.
Awards Acheived: March & April 2017

Bronze: Liam Drosdowech-Horn

Silver: Kyra Bridges
      Robert C.
    Devin A.
        Montel M. 
Duncan A.

Manitoba Division Board for 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Division was held on Wednesday April 24th. Our Board members for 2017 are:

President                     Thomas McIlwham
Vice - President           Andrew Enns    
Treasurer                     John Cole
Past President             Susan Murdoch
George Dodds
Corinna Fulton
Chief Superintendant Scott Kolody - RCMP
Sgt. Rob Lockhart - RCMP
Sgt Doug Lukawy - RCMP
Heather McFadyen
Jane Robinson
Samia Tovicia
Karen Velthuys

Our Board is all made up of volunteers and we thank them for their time and efforts to make the Award Program successful.

Our Annual General Report for 2016 is available if you would like a copy.
Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for something new to get involved with? We have a few suggestions!

-The Ladybug Foundation hosts an annual Walk A Mile In Their Shoes event. You can organize a walk at your school or in your community and raise funds to fight homelessness! To learn more, go  here.

-If you have an idea for a service project, but don't know how to get started, the Ladybug Foundation can help! Visit  http://www.icanmakechange.ca/ to access their free online resources such as their Social Action Planning Charts.

-If you are interested in environmental stewardship, there are a variety of opportunities for you at the Native Orchid Conservation Inc. For more information, go to www.nativeorchid.org or visit them on Facebook.
        We need your photos!
If you have great photos from your Adventurous Journey or performing your skill or volunteering- we would like to have it!. We often need a photo for this newsletter, Annual Reports, and other things and we would like to highlight the Manitoba youth. Just email it to us with a description of where and when.  If any youth in the picture are not part of our program we must get a release from them to use it.  We may not use your photo... but don't be surprised if you see it !