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Duluth Marshall played host to Duluth East in a high school girls basketball game Thursday night, when Hilltoppers senior guard Gianna Kneepkens (left) set a new Northland all-time individual career scoring record with a made free throw early in the first half.
Lake Superior College president receives award 

Lake Superior College president Dr. Patricia Rogers (pictured) has been selected to receive a 2021 Paragon President Award from the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society. The award recognizes new college presidents for their outstanding support of student success.
Phi Theta Kappa will recognize 22 college presidents with the Paragon Award during their annual convention, the PTK Catalyst 2021, broadcast live from Orlando, Florida, April 8-10. Awards are given to new college presidents who have shown strong support of student success by recognizing academic achievement, leadership, and service among high-achieving students at their college. Recipients were nominated for the award by the students on their campus.
“I am honored to receive the Phi Theta Kappa Paragon President Award and am proud to do so on behalf of our campus and our local PTK chapter,” said Rogers. “We are fortunate to have a strong Phi Theta Kappa Chapter here at Lake Superior College, with great leadership from our students and their advisor Deanna Keller. This award is really more of a reflection on our campus community and our shared priorities. Together, my administration has worked closely with faculty, staff, students and community partners to ensure that LSC remains committed to and focused on student success as our north star guiding light.
"The success of our students is our top priority. We know it has been a unique and challenging year with racial and political unrest and a global pandemic, yet our campus community remained united in supporting each other and supporting student success. I am truly grateful for the recognition and know this is not about any one person, but rather our collective efforts and shared vision. Thank you to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and I look forward to celebrating with you at the PTK Catalyst 2021 virtual convention in April.”
PTK students have a 91 percent student success rate, and research has shown that strong presidential leadership and support of PTK increases member success and the depth of their college experience.

More than 500 college presidents were eligible to receive the Paragon President Award.


LSC's paralegal certificate degree program ranked No. 3 in the nation

Lake Superior College's Paralegal Certificate Program has been ranked among the nation's top programs by LSC's program is ranked No. 3 in the United States, and as the top program in the State of Minnesota. It was also ranked the best on-campus program in the United States.

Mythical Duluth Times High
School Boys Hockey League Standings
(As of Saturday, Feb. 20)

1. Hermantown 4-0 (12 points). Results: W Cloquet 6-0; W Duluth East 5-1; W Grand Rapids 5-3, W Denfeld 6-3. Remaining league games: at Denfeld (Thursday), at Grand Rapids (Mar. 4), host Duluth East (Mar. 9), host Cloquet (Mar. 11). Predicted finish: tie 1st (7-1, 21 points)

2. Duluth East 2-2-1 (7). Results: T Denfeld 4-4; W Cloquet 2-1; L Grand Rapids 3-0; W Cloquet 5-1; L Hermantown 5-1. Remaining league games: host Grand Rapids (Mar. 2), at Hermantown (Mar. 9), at Denfeld (Mar. 11). Predicted finish: 3rd (3-4-1, 10)

3. Grand Rapids 2-1 (6). Results: W Cloquet 6-1; W Duluth East 3-0; L Hermantown 5-3. Remaining league games: at Duluth East (Mar. 2), host Hermantown (Mar. 4), host Cloquet (Mar. 6), at Denfeld (Mar. 16), host Denfeld (TBA). Predicted finish: tie 1st (7-1, 21)

4. Denfeld 1-1-1 (4). Results: T Duluth East 4-4; W Cloquet 7-4, L Hermantown 6-3. Remaining league games: host Hermantown (Thursday), host Cloquet (Mar. 8), host Duluth East (Mar. 11), at Grand Rapids (Mar. 16), at Grand Rapids (TBA). Predicted finish: 4th (2-5-1, 7)

5. Cloquet 0-5 (0). Results: L Grand Rapids 6-1; L Duluth East 2-1; L Hermantown 6-0; L Duluth East 5-1; L Denfeld 7-4. Remaining league games: at Grand Rapids (Mar. 6), at Denfeld (Mar. 8), at Hermantown (Mar. 11). Predicted finish: 5th (0-8, 0)

Editor's Note: Mythical Duluth Times High School Boys Hockey League teams collect three points for a regulation victory, two points for an overtime victory, one point for an overtime loss, and one point apiece for an overtime tie. All teams will play each team in the league twice in home-and-home series.