April 2016
The Dumb Pipe Era Advances
Cable and telecommunications multi-system operators (MSOs) have had one overriding objective since the dawn of the digital era: to avoid becoming a dumb pipe, or mere deliverer of data. Find out why that now seems inevitable--and how more dumb pipes could impact consumer broadband costs.
Welcome to TV's 5th Wave
The aspirations of Chinese TV vendors have triggered a bit of TV market déjà vu. Even though DTC pegs each of the Chinese brands at less than 8 percent share of the global TV market, they all represent what may result in a 5th wave of country-dominated TV suppliers. Learn more about the past and possible future of TV brand licensing.
Does 360-Degree Video Have a Future on the TV?  
2016 appears to be a major year for virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree imaging companies. While capturing images isn't new, what's been missing from the nascent spherical imaging ecosystem has been a means of viewing these images and videos on a TV. Until now. Find out what sort of TV future could be in store for 360-degree video.
DTC Advisor Featured on Spectrum Repack Panel at NAB
How should the FCC plan the TV spectrum repack? What factors should be considered? How could the industry optimize the repacking process given the constrained resources and short implementation time? DTC's Jay Adrick will address questions such as these during two different sessions at NAB. A 51-year veteran of the broadcast industry, RF engineer Adrick specializes in broadcast spectrum issues, emergency broadcasting and next-generation DTV standard ATSC 3.0.

Add these sessions to your NAB schedule!
Making it Back Down the Mountain: Repacking Broadcasters Following a Successful Incentive Auction
Tue. April 19| 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM | N238

Television Spectrum Auction and Repack Update
Tue. April 19| 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM | S228

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