March 2022
Club Connections
Dunwoody Woman's Club
Serving the community since 1971
Flower of the Month
Thursday, Mar 10 - 1:00 to 3:00
Golden Olympics
Dunwoody Nature Center-Porch
Sponsored by: Health & Wellness

Thursday, March 17 - 10:00
General Meeting
North Shallowford Annex
4470 N. Shallowford Rd

Monday, Mar 21 - 1:00
Down's Syndrome Day
Zoom meeting with Maria Barnhart
Sponsored by: Education & Libraries
Tuesday, Mar 22 - Carpool 9:30
Tour of 50th Anniversary Trees
Meet at Dunwoody Library
Sponsored by: Arts & Culture, Civic Engagement & Outreach, Environment,
Education & Libraries, and Health & Wellness

Tuesday, Apr 5 - 1:00
Book Club via Zoom
Sponsored by: Education & Libraries
Ways and Means 
Faye Cashwell

It is with excitement that we announce our 2022 49thAnnual Home Tour. In order for our Home Tour to be successful, we will need the help of every member. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, August 18 for our Called Meeting and Preview Day of Homes and Wednesday, October 12 for the Home Tour. The first Wednesday of October is Yom Kippur, so this year so we are moving our date out one week. Planning is underway to fill committee slots, so please let me know if you can help.
Again this year, Faye, Susan and Diane will team up to co-chair the event. It makes it much easier and a lot more fun to do it as a team! Stay tuned for more details.
Arts and Culture
Lee Dees Giesecke

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Valentine cards project for area Assisted Living homes, and Street Grace. 

Tuesday, March 22, A Tour of our 50th Anniversary Trees, led by Brent Walker, Director of Dunwoody Parks and Recreation and Rachel Waldron, Recreation Program Supervisor. We’ will carpool from the Dunwoody Library parking lot at 9:30 am to Civic Engagement’s tree at Brooke Run Park Veteran Memorial and visit the Health and Wellness tree along the walking path. Then on to the Spruill Arts Center to view the Arts and Culture and Education and Libraries trees. We will have lunch at Vintage Pizza and end with a tour of Environment’s tree at the Dunwoody Nature Center.

Saturday, March 26, "Artistic Affair" Spruill Arts Center. $75.00

Coming in April:
  • April 29 Arts and Culture will tour Atlanta Botanical Gardens with lunch at Longleaf Restaurant in the Gardens.
  • Stage Door Theatre - Transformation (Comedy) April 1-17

We Hope to see you at these events as we partner with Education, Environment and Health and Wellness. 

Civic Engagement and Outreach
Donna Knowlton

Thursday, March 17, 9:30 am– March General Meeting. The Guest Speaker will be David F. Nahmias, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia. The Chief Justice announced his resignation on Friday, February 11, 2022, after 12 years on the state’s highest court and less than a year as its chief justice. He will end his tenure on the last day of the court’s term, July 17. We look forward to hearing him speak. Husbands are welcome to attend. We have permission to use the CubeSmart front parking area for extra parking spaces.

Tuesday, March 22, A Tour of our 50th Anniversary Trees. See the details under Arts and Culture. Please join us for a fun morning!

March Dates to Remember:
Saturday, March 12 – National Girl Scout Day 
Sunday, March 13 – Daylight Savings Time – Change battery in smoke alarms.
March 20 – 26 – Poison Prevention Week
Education and Libraries
Monday, March 21, at 10:00 am. Please join us on Down's Syndrome Day
for an informative talk presented by our own Maria Barnhart. Maria’s parents faced challenges raising a special needs child in the 1950's and 1960's and chose to do something about it! With help from the community and business sponsors her mother (Catherine) started a school in the small town for special needs childrenThis meeting will be by Zoom so look for an E-blast with the information.

Tuesday, March 22, A Tour of our 50th Anniversary Trees. See the details under Arts and Culture. Please join us for a fun morning!

Book Club
  • Monday, April 5, at 1:00 pm via Zoom, the book selection is, The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel. I saw a review of this book by a fellow GFWC GA member. Join us for an enjoyable afternoon of conversation.
  • May’s book will be Lady Clementine by Maria Benedict. Our discussion on May 3 at 1:00 pm will be led by Joan Rush.

March Facts:
  • March 2 was Dr. Seuss's Birthday and Read Across America Day. We took books to our two Little Libraries which included bookmarks and Cat in the Hat Mazes.
  • March 15, The Ides of March. On the Roman calendar, it is the 74th day of the year and is marked by numerous religious holidays. Today, it is remembered for its connection “Beware the ides of March” to the death of Julius Caesar at the hands of Brutus. It is a turning point in Roman history, one that is described in the powerful language in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.  
Kathy Hanna
Nancy Baldwin & Gang

Thank you to everyone who participated in the tour of the Morgan Falls Recycling Center led by Sabrina Brant, Programs Coordinator. She described the various items
they recycle and noted the several organizations they partner with for recycled goods.

Tuesday, March 22, A Tour of our 50th Anniversary Trees. See the details under Arts and Culture. Please join us for a fun morning!

Coming in April:
Friday, April 29, Arts and Environment will be touring Atlanta Botanical Gardens with lunch at Longleaf Restaurant in the garden.
On-going Events:
  • Farmers Market is open March 5 from 9-12 at Brook Run Park.
  • Dunwoody Garden Club's luncheon has been moved to April 26, if you want to attend and don't play cards, send Kathy a check for $30 to DGC.
  • Animal Shelters; See Collections for needed items. Let Kathy know if you made a monetary donation.. Thanks to all who donated to "Be Like Betty" PAWS received over $30,000. Thank you Diane for delivery of the board's collection of cat food.
  • Adopt-A-Bench:. Meredy has bench applications.
  • Audubon: Continue to fill your bird feeders, when it's cold add suet feeders. Look for bird watcher tours in the DNC newsletter.
  • Dunwoody Nature Center: DNC is looking forward to Spring Events. Summer Camp has a few spots open and has added extra classes. Mummy and Me registration opens March 1. Friday Night Hikes begin March 11. Dunwoody Beekeepers meet at 6:30 on March 3. They are offering safe outdoor yoga and tai chi. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of DNC this year. Check out the Center for any information and to register for classes or events at or call 770-394-3322.
  • Dunwoody & Sandy Springs parks are open for walking the trails. Lost Corner Preserve programs are ongoing.
  • Master Gardeners: Brook Run has started their 2nd Saturdays Programs. March 12 is "Deer Resistant Plants" at 11:00
  • Pebble Tossers: The Ripple Run is coming March 20 and they need runners and workers..
  • Recycling: Please let Kathy know the number and value of items you cleaned out and recycled. Don't know what to do with odd recyclables? CHARM does, see what they will take at Continue to do curb side recycling in DeKalb County; and if you can't do that get your items to either Morgan Falls or Roswell Recycling.
Health and Wellness
Deborah Gault
Judy Bertrand
Joan Rush

Thursday, Mar 10, 2022, 1:00–3:00 pm, Golden Olympics, Dunwoody Nature Center Porch. Lunch before the events at Vintage Pizza starting at 11:30. This is a fun event benefiting Special Olympics. We collect a $5 entry fee per participant, plus any “sponsorships” you raise from your friends and family, donated to the Special Olympics. Plan to attend and show-off your game skills and agility in events like putting, playing jacks, bubblegum blowing, hula-hooping, etc. A trophy will be awarded for the most awesome display of skills! Please RSVP to Deborah Gault at if you plan to attend lunch and/or participate in the Golden Olympics. 

Tuesday, March 22, A Tour of our 50th Anniversary Trees. See the details under Arts and Culture. Please join us for a fun morning!

March: National Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness – Get your colonoscopies on a timely basis.
  • National Kidney Month – Take care of your kidneys. People are dying to have one!

Coming in April:
  • GFWC Georgia Day of Service: Saturday, April 16 GFWC and DWC supports the community Ronald McDonald houses. We will provide Kroger Gift Cards for the Decatur and Dunwoody Homes to assist with purchase of food, cleaning needs and items needed to comfort families with sick children. Please purchase Kroger gift cards in any denomination and save pop tabs - Ronald McDonald House sells these to recyclers for additional funds. We will collect Kroger cards and pop tabs at the Golden Olympics as well as the General Meeting (3/17). You may also donate cash. Due to COVID protocols the Houses are not currently providing tours but we are planning for a possible onsite event. 
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Friday, April 29, with lunch at Longleaf Restaurant 
Collecting: pill bottles without labels; blankets any size; dog or cat toys; animal treats, paper towels, food and monetary donations. Please bring to General Meeting.

Health and Wellness
LUTHERAN TOWERS HOLIDAY GIFT BAGS - Collecting items now thru December 2022:
  • Travel size toiletries (shampoos, conditioner, soap, lotions, etc. 
  • Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Floss, Men’s razors 
  • Gently used paperback books
  • Socks for Men and Women
  • Clean Ladies scarves, Men’s baseball caps
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Costume jewelry
April Day of Service
  • Kroger Gift Cards
  • Pop tabs
GFWC Clubwoman
Judy Bertrand

Women’s History Month
Influential Nurses
Throughout History

Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, Mary Ezra Mahoney

While many have heard of Florence Nightingale, the famous “Lady with the Lamp,” who is revered as the founder of both modern-day nursing traditions and nursing education, there are many other women who influenced this profession in their own ways. In recognition of Women’s History Month, GFWC is shining a light on their incredible contributions.

Mary Walker (1832-1919) was an assistant surgeon during the Civil War who was captured by the Confederate Army and later became the first, and only, woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Mary Ann Bickerdyke (1817-1901) established more than 300 field hospitals for sick and wounded soldiers during the Civil War. She became known for risking her own life to retrieve injured soldiers on the battlefield.

Clara Barton (1821-1912) may be most famous for founding the American Red Cross in 1881. She also became known as the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her work as a nurse during the Civil War distributing supplies to soldiers and helping reunite missing soldiers with their families after the war ended.

Mary Ezra Mahoney (1845-1926) was the first African American woman to become a registered nurse. She was one of only four graduates (out of 42 candidates) from her class at the New England Hospital for Women and Children, and she later opened her own private practice. Though she faced discrimination throughout her career, her success encouraged her alma mater to adopt more accepting policies toward African American nursing candidates. In 1908, Mahoney also cofounded the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses when the National Nurses Association refused to accept Black members, pioneering the way for future African American nurses.

Lillian Wald (1867-1940) founded a visiting nurse service in 1893 for the poor after seeing the unsanitary conditions in Manhattan’s tenement buildings, and the lack of medical care available to the immigrant population. She also opened Henry Street Settlement in New York City, a community center that provides social services, arts, and healthcare programs to families and children.

Near and dear to my heart as I am a retired registered nurse!
Dottie D'Angelo

Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act
On February 10, Congress enacted H.R. 4445 enabling workers to sue employers over workplace sexual harassment or assault regardless of contractual restrictions. The bill makes it illegal to enforce agreements signed before an alleged incident of sexual harassment or assault that mandate third-party arbitration, a form of dispute resolution that is conducted behind closed doors and often favors employers. This measure has strong bipartisan support and is a priority of the #MeToo movement.
Tallulah Falls School
Linda Mote * Diane Norris

A first-ever Mother-Daughter Brunch hosted by the middle school faculty and staff at Tallulah Falls School celebrated the elemental love between a parent and a child.
The 100-plus group enjoyed fellowship, an assortment of brunch treats and prize drawings before hearing an inspirational message from local entrepreneur Britney Vickery, CEO and Founder of Initials, Inc. Vickery attended with her mother and daughter. Making an immediate connection with those assembled, she acknowledged the often-challenging middle school years.

Women in History
Suzanne Bentz
Mary Eva Naylor Duerr (1856-1906)

Hoorah! Feb-r-ugly is over. The folks down in Nola may have recovered from a bit of excess on March 1. International Women are heralded (March 8). Daylight Savings Time returns (March 13). The Irish raise a tall Guinness (March 17). The world’s major religions observe Lent and Purim, with Ramadan following at the start of April. Spring officially begins (March 20). And the whole month is given over to daffodils, tulips and, for me, thoughts of a tasty lamb roast paired with some Duerr’s Mint Sauce. And maybe a fine Merlot.

Which brings me to Mary Eva Naylor Duerr who lived in the northwest of England from 1856 to 1906. Not much is known about Mary, but as some of the Duerr packaging says — “It’s a fine jam she got us in.” Mary Naylor was only 16 when she married Fred Duerr who came from a family of leather dressers. The leather industry was well paid but the work was difficult, and as the “London Tradesman” once wrote, “a dirty nauseous business.”

Fred left the nasty leather business behind and moved up in society becoming a commission agent in grocery. At the time, “there was trouble of all kinds in unsavory additions being put into food instead of just the product on the label.” The head of the first food co-operative approached Fred and asked him if he and Mary would supply the co-operative with jam. Mary’s skill in the kitchen was already widely known. “I will take all you can make,” Fred was told.

Fred and Mary took up the challenge and, from a homegrown business launched in 1881, a culinary icon was born. Today, Duerr’s is recognized as Britain’s oldest family-owned jam maker and its products are sold worldwide. Initially, Mary did all the cooking in her kitchen, taking some time to also raise a couple of kids. Fred schlepped the jars of jam in a handcart to the co-operative but they soon ran out of storage space so Fred purchased a home with a small warehouse attached. Eventually they built a jam factory.

Fred and Mary attributed their success “to careful fruit buying and the application of scientific principles to jam making.” With no freezers available in the late 1800s, Fred’s secret to improving fruit preservation enabled them to keep jam longer than before. Mary also was obsessive about cleanliness. 

Through the years, Duerr’s has given back to the community that embraced it through product and money. The company donates thousands of jars of jam to local schools, youth groups, sports clubs, and FoodShare, a national charity. Duerr’s aims to support breakfast clubs, “giving children a good start to the day with a hearty breakfast.” The company also supports Joshua Tree Kids, a children’s cancer charity.

Mary inspired many of the recipes found on the company’s website — from sweet to savory as they say in Merry Ole England. The website is:
Carolyn Anderson
Kay Moe
51 Years of Service in our Community 1971-2022