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Summer Issue
August 2020
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USA Inventory Increased by 40%
DuraGuard strategically increased its USA inventories by 40% in late 2019 and early 2020 in anticipation of a challenged supply chain. As a result, our fulfillment rates have increases to 99.3%. Increased inventory levels are being maintained to meet your needs. We have what you need and we have it locally!
New SoftLED Lens for Traditional Bollards

Our new SoftLED LumaLens will be available in our Traditional Bollards in September. The LumaLens produces a desirable uniform low-glare light while still allowing people to safely navigate their surroundings.
USA Facilities now 98% BAA Compliant
By design, DuraGuard has been adding more manufacturing processes to our USA locations to allow for a more diversified product offering, expanded customization, and to reach a higher level of BAA Compliancy. Our inventory is now 98% BAA Compliant! We are continuing our efforts to attain 100% BAA Compliancy.

BAA Compliant
New Product Development
DuraGuard has continued its aggressive new product development program and will be launching 8 new products this year and 6 more are in development for the first quarter of 2021. The new models continue the effort toward 100% BAA Compliancy and specification grade products in our outdoor lighting family.
Low Pressure Sodium Replacement Fixtures
We now offer Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) Replacement PC Amber LED arrays in select bollard, area lighting, flood lighting, and wall mount fixtures. These arrays offer on-for-one replacements for LPS fixtures in multiple wattage options. Delivers 1800K CCT and can be successfully applied on projects requiring a nominal CCT range of 1700K to 2200K CCT.

Specialty applications include:
  • LPS replacements for areas near observatories for telescope light filtering
  • High security military installations using specialized surveillance
  • Coastal facilities for wildlife protection where higher footcandle levels are needed
For complete details on these fixtures, please visit our website.

COVID-19 Impact
Like so many businesses in the lighting industry, DuraGuard has felt the impact of these uncertain times. However, we have met this impact head-on with a strong business plan that emphasizes efficiency, increased local inventory, reduced lead times, and better utilization of components to meet market demands. The self-reassessment process has been a challenge, but will prove to be an act of sustainability and future growth. DuraGuard stands ready to support your requirements during this challenging time.
Our Best Wishes
DuraGuard extends its best wishes to all of you and your families during this pandemic and hope for better times to surface for us all! We want all to survive and prosper long term while working hard collectively to help our economy and our market return to a level of normalcy. Most importantly, please stay safe and well during these troubled times.