January 2017
 The DuraSpace Digest highlights recent events, releases and 
opportunities of interest to DuraSpace communities
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DuraSpace News

DuraSpace Looks Forward
We at DuraSpace are looking forward to a productive year in partnership with our valued community while also looking back over a decade of community development and action, open source technology advances, and organizational growth.  Read more
DuraSpace Projects

VIVO Updates
2017, Camp, 1.10 - January 8, 2017
VIVO Camp, Triple Pattern Fragments - January 23, 2017
Camp, Conference, Microsoft Academic - January 31, 2016

NEW Demo from Hyku Repository (Hydra-In-A-Box) Team
Development on the Hydra-in-a-Box repository application (Hyku) continues, and here's our latest demo.  Read more

Telling Fedora 4 Stories at Johns Hopkins Library with Sayeed Choudhury
Telling Fedora 4 Stories" is an initiative aimed at introducing project leaders and their ideas to one another while providing details about Fedora 4 implementations for the community and beyond.  Read more

CALL for Participation in DSpace 7 Development
We are on the lookout for institutions or individuals excited to join the team crafting the next generation UI for DSpace!  Read more

NOW AVAILABLE: Fedora 4.7.1 Release
The Fedora Team is proud to announce the release of Fedora 4.7.1.  Read more

GET READY for VIVO Camp in New Mexico
The VIVO Project is pleased to announce that the first VIVO Camp will be offered April 6-8 (Thursday-Saturday) at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  Read more
DuraSpace Registered Service Providers

It is a Happy New Year for 4Science!
The New Year had a great start for 4Science and we are happy to share some of the good news with our Community.  Read more