Market is Open:

Saturday November 11, 2023

8 am - 12 pm

501 Foster Street // Durham Central Park

*Masks are greatly appreciated!*


Vendors at Market

Abanitu Organics

Bill Pope Photography

Bklyn Bakery

Bluebird Meadows

Bonlee Grown Farm

Botanist & Barrel

Bouquet Garni Foods

Boxcarr Handmade Cheese

By The Brook Ferments

Celebrity Dairy

Chapel Hill Creamery

Chocolatay Confections

Cilantro Artisan Foods

Ever Laugher Farm

Family & Future

Fickle Creek Farm

Fricks Apiaries

Fruchtenicht Honey

Harland's Creek Farm

Haw River Mushrooms


Honeygirl Meadery

Huanong Eco-organic Farm

Hurtgen Meadows

Isaac's Bagels

LaKay Farm

Lil' Farm


Lyon Farms

Maple Spring Gardens

Meadow Lane Farm

Melina's Fresh Pasta

Misty Morning Ranch

MoonDance Soaps

Ninth Street Bakery

Pamela Strand Photography

Piedmont Microgreens

Phoenix Farm

Rabbit Patch Baskets

Red Drum Roasters

Red Tail Grains

Roberson Creek Farm

Sarah's House of Clay

Short Winter Soups

Soul Cocina

South Wind Produce

Stoney Mountain Farm

Strong Arm Bakery

Sunset Ridge Buffalo

Terra Clotha

The Spicy Hermit

Washington Crab

Wild Scallions Farm


Please note that the Durham Farmers' Market does not allow dogs or other pets in the market area during market hours. Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Leashed pets are welcome elsewhere throughout Durham Central Park.

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Click here for a high quality PDF of the market map!
 The market is located at 501 Foster Street in The Pavilion at Durham Central Park. 

Parking can be found on the street around the market, in the parking lot on the corner of Hunt and Foster Street (across from Rise Durham and Urban Durham Realty), in the Ballpark Parking Lot on Corporation Street, and in the Measurement Inc. lot, 423 Morris Street (look for the Durham Farmers' Market parking sign). Handicapped parking is available near the corner of Hunt and Foster as detailed in the map above.

There are also public parking lots along Foster Street and on Morgan Street near the Carolina Theatre. 
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DFM Holiday Market

Nov. 21st 2:00-5:00pm

Who’s ready for our favorite Tuesday of the year?!

We’ll be open on Tuesday, November 21st, from 2pm-5pm so that you can do all of your Turkey Day shopping and avoid the grocery store lines.

Be sure to check back for fun recipes, vendor pre-order options, and Holiday Market happenings.

There’s nothing quite like a mid-week market to get you in the holiday spirit!

What's in Season


Cozy season is in full swing and that means LOTS of fresh greens, winter squash, root veggies, fall flowers and more!

apples arugula beets bokchoy broccoli brussels sprouts butternut squash cabbage carrots cauliflower chard cilantro collards cucumbers dill eucalyptus fennel garlic ginger green beans green onions indian corn kale kohlrabi lettuce marigolds mushrooms mustard greens napa cabbage parsley peanuts pecans peppers persimmons popcorn pumpkins raddichio radishes romaine scallions snow peas spinach sugar peas sweet potatoes tatsoi tomatoes turmeric turnips

Save the Dates

Here's a peek at what's happening this season at the market!

Holiday Market:

Tues. Nov. 21st 2-5pm (no market 11/25)

Winter Season Hours Begin:

Sat. Dec. 2nd 10am-12pm

Saturday Market is Open:

Sat. Dec. 23rd 10am-12pm (find last minute gifts!)


November Spotlight: Snow Peas, Mushrooms, and Cabbage

This fall, our weekly newsletters will feature recipes and health + nutrition highlights in partnership with Dietetic Interns at Meredith College! Our thanks to Dietetic Interns Katie Totten, Kayla Murphy, and Shayla McTaw for their contributions.

Fall Recipe: Chicken and Mushroom Soup


Chapel Hill Creamery

    A lot of people don't know we are a dairy that also sells meat. The meat is one side of the business that helps keep us sustainable financially, and the meat is delicious. Beef from Jersey cows is tender and known for flavor. See what we have listed on our whiteboard when you come to the market.

  FARMHOUSE CHEESE: We have Hickory Grove, Dairyland Farmers cheese, Hot Farmers, Dill Farmers, Calvander, Carolina Moon, and a little New Moon. Serve any with crusty bread and jam or use them for cooking and melting. Make tacos, potato gratin, frittatas.

   WHEY FED PORK: We have 4 varieties of sausage plus smoked ham hocks, and ground pork. Polish sausage is mild with a hint of mustard and garlic; add smoked Andouille to gumbo!

   PASTURED BEEF: We have roasts, Kielbasa (smoked beef and pork sausage), and ground beef. Serve Kielbasa on a bun or mix with cabbage or greens. See you Saturday.


Flo Hawley & Portia McKnight

Facebook, Instagram,

Sarah's House of Clay

Say Hi to Rese covering for me on Saturday. 

And send all your friends to find me in Wilmington Thursday - Sunday. I’m bringing pottery and my wheel for folks to take clay for a spin on. Text 919-672-9039 for details. Thanks!

Come enjoy visiting your local farmers and crafters!

Thank you for spreading joy in whatever way you do. 

Sarah Howe

Huanong Eco-organic Farm

Huanong Ecorganic Farm grows and sells high quality asian vegetables.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on Facebook, phone (540) 553-6188, or ask in person at the market!

Full Flower Herbs

Hey market folks!

Full Flower Herbs will be at market Saturday with a brand new batch of our beloved winter staple, Elderberry Syrup! We can’t wait to share it with you! Come and taste it!

A traditional remedy to keep the colds at bay, a spoonful each day supports your body in the sweetest way. The simple, time-tested flavors of elderberry, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are perfection, and the brew also secretly contains reishi mushroom for deep immune support. Y'all, don't wait until you're sick to stock up. Score one or two for you, and a shorty for a good friend. 

Our Elderberry Syrup makes a primo daily immune tonic. Elderberry's antimicrobial, and immune- stimulating activity is quietly assisted by reishi's adaptogenic and immune-modulating activity, with warming and diffusive energetics from ginger, cinnamon, and cloves to quicken the blood and warm your system. Stimulating and strengthening immunity for a one-two punch! Should you feel sickness coming on, increase the dosage to support and stimulate your immune system. 

Our booth carries single herb tinctures and herbal formulations to help soothe allergiessupport restfulness, or ward off coughs. We also stock Flora Hydrosol MistBlack Walnut SalveBright Bitters, and other specialty products. Many of our extracts are crafted fresh from our garden or in collaboration with local farms, while others are wild-gathered from abundant weedy plants in our community.

Stop by and learn how herbs can help you and your loved ones find health and balance. If it's a quiet moment at the table, join us for a free mini consultation. 

Preview our offerings at Full Flower Herbs, and order in bulk sizes of 4 oz and 8 oz to save money. Use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP to remove shipping costs, and leave us a note that you want to pick up at market, or send an email to order and pay at market.

We offer discounts for BIPOC as well as a need-based sliding scale. Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine, and we want it to be accessible to all. 


Owner and Community Herbalist

Phoenix Farm

 We will be at market Saturday with fresh baby ginger, arugula, spinach, lettuce mix, daikon radishes, orange, yellow, red and purple carrots, kale, collards, and red and golden beets. Hope to see you there! 



Instagram: phoenixfarmonline

Ninth Street Bakery

This Week: Whole Wheat Levain; Country Loaves; Hot Cross Buns

About Ninth Street Bakery: Determined to change the bread landscape, Ninth Street Bakery was founded by two brothers in 1981 fresh from a stint baking at the Tassajara Zen Center with monk Ed Espe Brown. They brought with them recipes for wholegrain goodness and a mind for doing good works in Durham. Known by many for its seeded sliced pan loaves, NSB now has crusty artisan bread products that burst with the flavors of natural levain, and flaky pastries that slow rise to perfection. Helmed by baker Ari Berenbaum 
since 2013, NSB sits at Five Points in Durham, an anchor business in an ever-changing city. We have a full service café, as well as a robust wholesale program that covers the Triad from Greensboro to Raleigh, Durham to Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We give back to the community via our Bakery- and donor-supported Durham Neighbors program, an in-house experiment in Universal Basic Income whereby we Cashapp 100+ low-income local families every month $50 which goes to much-needed groceries, utility bills, or diapers. We are psyched to be now an official member of the Durham Farmer’s Market, joining an illustrious crew of artisans and purveyors who are dedicated to local, independent, small business, and Southern gastronomical culture. You can follow us at or read Ari’s musings on bread and Durham at

Meadow Lane Farm

Good Day, our wonderful Customers and Friends!

Pastured ANGUS dry-aged BEEF, Berkshire x PORK,  LAMB and Chevon (goat meat) this week and we have special cuts such as whole LEG OF LAMB & LEG of CHEVON along w/ Brats lamb sausage on Saturday... perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Get yours now while they are still available.


Our many blends of PORK sausages are so delicious along with our smoked BACON (2 types smoked and sliced).. you have been asking for them. Dry-aged ANGUS BEEF for the grill: Sirloin Steaks, Flat Irons, and all the other cuts... from our pasture based steers.. will also be at the market. Pre-order for the best selection.  

This is Saturday's link for placing orders.  Please send us your order by Friday morning at 11 a.m.

Pre-order your veggies and meat today!

OFFERINGS this week:

Natural pastured MEATS:

         ** 24-day dry aged Angus Beef:

               -- Ground ($9/lb.)

               -- STEAKS: Sirloin (bi), Flat Iron steak, Ribeye (bi)

        -- Beef Stew Meat (cubed.. bl)

               -- BBQ Ribs

               -- Roasts (Eye of Round, Top Round/London Broil, Sirloin Tip, Rump Roast)

         -- Briskets (halved)  

               -- meaty Soup bones (makes wonderful broth)

               -- beef fat (you render into tallow)

               -- Knuckle Dog Bones; Marrow Bones

               -- Heart, kidney, Calves Liver


          ** Berkshire X Pork: 

                -- Ground Pork

                -- Smoked sliced BACON:  Hickory; or Maple.. all smoked

                -- Pork Chops (2 per pack... 1")

                -- Ribs (St. Louis style)... slab of ribs

                -- ROASTS: Picnic and Boston Butt 

                -- Country Ribs Chops (2 per pack.. 1")

                -- Neckbones (wonderful meaty broth)

                -- pig tails/ears; fatback; pork skins, pig feet

                -- smoked hocks (great for seasoning greens)

                -- farm fresh PORK LARD buckets.. $8 per bucket

Pork Sausages: 

                  -- MILD Country x-sage (spiral & pinky links)

                  -- HOT Country x-sage (spiral)

                  -- Bratswurst (4-links)

                  -- Mild Italian (4-links)


             ** Dorset X Lamb:

                  -- Ground Lamb (in 1 lb.)

                 -- Whole lamb shanks

                 -- Loin Chops (2 per pkt.).. THICK

                 -- LAMB STEW MEAT (bi)

                  -- Leg of Lamb (1/2 or whole) bi

                 -- Denver-style slabs of Lamb ribs

                 -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones

                 -- Bratswurst lamb sausage (4-link) per pkt.


            ** Boer Chevon (goat meat):

                 -- Ground goat (in 1 lb.)

                 -- GOAT STEW MEAT (bi)

                 -- Goat Shanks (whole)

                  -- LEG of CHEVON (whole)

                  -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)

                  -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones.

** USDA Certified organic vegetables

        ** nice crop of KALE... Tuscan "Dino" Kale or Curly leaf Kale.. greenhouse

       ** New crop of baby Arugula .. $5 per bag

       ** New crop of leaf lettuce ... $5 per bag

       ** Sweet peppers .. bell,, etc...(LOTS this week).. $5 per lb.

        ** Butternut squash

        ** Pie pumpkins.. LOTS

        ** Beautiful table-top small decorative gourds for the holiday

        ** Heirloom Georgia Candy Roaster squash

        ** "Sungold" cherry tomatoes -- $5/pt.

       ** Fresh herbs: Flat leaf Italian parsley ($5/bundle)

        ** fresh organic POPCORN... $5 per bag.. perfect gift

    ** Fall flower bouquets.. marigolds, sunflowers, zinnia, etc. .: $20 ..(in greenhouse)

NEW: ** bundles of tender Collard Greens leaves: $5 per bundle

NEW: ** bundles of brussel sprout leaves: $5 per bundle

       ** cured organic Sweet Potatoes: 10 lb. vs. 20 lb. boxes ($25 vs. $50).. Delicious

NEW: ** Heads of tender lettuce.. Romaine and Red leaf headed lettuce. 

NEW: ** Bags of tender new crop SPINACH... you have been asking for it.


         ** FARM NEWS:  

Several of you have asked about Mario's handmade HOLIDAY WREATHS... made from fresh greenery on the farm. Cedar, pine, magnolia, holly, nandina berries, juniper, pine cones, etc... will soon be gathered (by climbing the trees for the best selection!).. to make you gorgeous, full wreaths. We are taking orders now... Large ($85) vs. Small ($45).   Pre-orders can be taken for delivery on Tuesday, 21st (Thanksgiving afternoon market).  Many of you use his wreaths instead of a live tree for your holiday decorations. 

A homemade broth made with our lamb, goat, pork, and/or beef bones is so delicious. I plan to prepare a great soup stock base as soon as I get home tonight.  Stock up with meaty bones and make your own nutritious broth this weekend.  The farm's fields are full of green ORGANIC plants... collards, brussel sprouts, broccoli... all coming for you soon! The organic potatoes have been cured and will be coming in boxes to the Market, 10 lb . or 20 lb. boxes. 

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 15, 2024... the planning committee for the 8th Annual "Dinner in the Meadow".. a local food, 'farm to fork' FEAST, met over the weekend and plans are underway for this fundraiser to help small farmers in the region.   Think about gifting a ticket to a friend for the holidays or even buying an entire table for 8 with family and friends. A link to purchase tickets will soon be up and running. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. THANK YOU for your continued support of our Century-old, woman owned and operated Family Farm!  You support many hard-working farm families by shopping at the wonderful Durham Farmers Market!


Martha L. Mobley

919-495-1305 (text or call if questions)

571 Leonard Farm Road

Louisburg, NC 27549 -- farm's email

Chocolatay Confections

At Chocolatay Confections we make award winning handcrafted chocolates and confections using traditional candy making techniques and mindfully sourced ingredients.

Visit our online store and pre-order for pick up at the market. We also ship nationwide.  Our online store is updated every week (sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know). This Saturday we will be offering a curated assortment of market favorites. If you are craving a specific Chocolatay treat pre-order online before Thursday at 5pm. 


Follow us! @chocolatayconfections 

Thank you for supporting your local Chocolatiers!

Matthew & Danielle

Chocolate makes people happy.

Maple Spring Gardens

Happy Fall! 

We will continue to have Baby Greens (Arugula, Salad Mix, Baby Kale, Pea Shoots) as well as Spinach, Head lettuce and plenty of fresh bunched herbs through the Fall! Sweet potatoes will be coming late October.

Fall specialty roots are here - Ginger, Turmeric, Burdock - and we will continue having Gotu Kola and Stinging Nettles for a few more weeks.

Time to stock up on Fire Cider, a potent aid for the change in season!  Stop by and pick up your favorite of our farm-grown Herbal Teas, Herb Shake seasoning salt blends, and fresh Herb Infused Vinegars and Oxymels. 

Check out and try our Botanical Skin and Body Care products as well - luxurious creams to nourish and soothe weathered or dry skin, and Aromatherapy Facial Mists for all skin types!

See you Saturday,

Sunshine & Team

By The Brook Ferments

By The Brook Tempeh is excited to get back to Market with a tasty menu of handcrafted ferments: soy-free tempeh, sauerkraut, and condiments like chili crisp and hot sauce.

Based in Saxapahaw, By The Brook crafts tempeh—a highly digestible plant protein—from artisan blends of legumes, peas, lentils, and seeds, like red bean + sesame seed, chickpea + red pea, and more. In addition to plain blocks of tempeh, we offer an array of marinated products like vegan chorizo, and a mix of spiced-up burgers. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or a curious omnivore, come try the fantastic texture and versatile flavor of this affordable and well-balanced protein.

Our creative, handcrafted sauerkrauts made from local, organic produce will add more flavor to your table. We stock a flight of seasonal flavors each week, such as Beet + Peppercorn, Turmeric + Ginger, and Traditional.

This weekend's specials include Smoked BBQ tempeh slabs by the pound. We will have the crowd favorite back Dill Pickle Sauerkraut and a lot of tempeh burgers to pair. Come stock up!

Visit our website:

Recipes and cooking inspiration:

Instagram: @bythebrook_tempeh


Boxcarr Handmade Cheese

About Boxcarr: We take inspiration from small Italian farmstead creameries. Our local milk is sourced from a few small family-owned dairies who raise their cows with the greatest of care and highest standards. Milk from our own loved herd of mixed-breed dairy goats is also part of the mix! In addition to supporting these small dairy businesses, we employ a handful of locals, teach through internships, and employ youth through Orange County Second Family Foundation.

We distribute our artisan cheeses nationally, while also selling locally to restaurants, shops, and directly to shoppers at the Durham Farmers Market.

Our dedication to family, hard work, and great food are the soul of Boxcarr Farms and Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. We hope you’ll taste that in every bite.

Fricks Apiaries

Fricks Apiaries is a family farm based in Chapel Hill. We sell locally-produced raw honey and other beehive-sourced products. Our handmade beeswax candles are 100% beeswax with cotton wicks. We also supply queens and nucs to local beekeepers. Visit our website to learn more about us or to preorder for pickup at the market; choose "Delivery to Durham Farmers' Market" at checkout.

Preorder at our website. Please choose the shipping option that says "Delivery to Durham Farmers' 


Terra Clotha

Even though some of us are still wearing shorts and T-shirts, it is cool enough these days for the rest of us to be wearing our Durham Hoodie. Warm, colorful, stylish, and in touch with the city. Also available on special order. We also have long-sleeved T-shirts for children and adults. AND BY THE WAY, we are happy to do special holiday orders. Colors, sizes, designs to your specifications. (You should get your order in early.) 

Honeygirl Meadery

Honeygirl Meadery is an award-winning urban meadery in the heart of downtown Durham NC

specializing in small batch seasonal meads. We ferment honey and local fruits, flowers and herbs to

create delicious, nuanced, food-friendly mead. Every week we bring out a mix of our hand-crafted mead

styles, so there is something for everyone!

We’re celebrating apples and blueberries! Blueberry and Spiced Apple are both sourced locally, from the honey, to the fruit, and even the corks and labels! You won’t find a better representation of

NC than in these two meads!! We are rounding out Pumpkin Spice Mead for the season. Our last

case is in sight, so grab it while you can! Strawbanero brings a little heat to the conversation. We

took whole locally grown habaneros and rested them in the tank for a couple weeks to bring a slight

tingle. It took home GOLD this year at the NC Wine Competition!! Blueberry Meadjito is a sparkling

dream in a glass!

We are happy to make recommendations for you in person at the market. You can also pre-order online from our entire line-up, and we will bring your pre-order to the Market for you. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-orders for DFM pickup must be placed by 6:00pm on the Friday before the Market. Simply select Durham Farmers Market as your pickup location when you place your order.

Honeygirl Meadery

105 Hood Street, Suite #6

Durham, NC 27701


Tasting Room Hours:

Thursday 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 7:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 PM


Visit our online shop for all your mead needs.


Thank you for your continued support! Bee Well!

Robby, Saffron, & Margo


Facebook | Website


Phone: (919) 399-3056

MoonDance Soaps

Serving DFM since 1999, MoonDance Soaps makes cold processed soap, lotions and natural herbal sprays. We grow loofa and make body products using shea, jojoba, goats milk and other skin loving ingredients.

We can ship our products to your loved ones and make seasonal gifts. Kids bath bombs, shower steamers and new soap scents each week…stop by and see us! 

Visit us online for pre-orders: 


Red Drum Roasters

Based in Durham, Red Drum Roasters focuses on small-batch, single-origin coffees that are distinctive yet approachable. We source our beans from a handful of importers who cultivate direct and beneficial relationships with farmers and co-ops in east Africa, Central America, and South America.

This week, we’re excited to offer hot coffee from Guatemala, decaf from Mexico, a wide assortment of bagged beans, and — for the first time this season — our take on a New Orleans café au lait!


Located in the heart of downtown Durham, NC, Loaf focuses on hearth baked sourdough breads and pastries. What started out of a backyard brick oven, as a hobby to share with friends and neighbors, very quickly grew to a stall at the Downtown Durham Farmers Market, and settled as a brick and mortar shop in 2011. Throughout the years Loaf has expanded it's offerings, and partnered with local growers, and makers to provide you with as many seasonal treats from right here in the NC Triangle.

Hurtgen Meadows

Hurtgen Meadows will have radishes, kalette greens, kale, lettuce, spinach, sweet bell, hot and shishito peppers, sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes, fall squash, garlic and jams. We will continue to accept your empty 8 ounce glass jam jars and metal rings. Thank you!

Bouquet Garni Foods

Chef and restauranteur Eric Ndiaye is cooking up a wealth of worldly delights in the comfort of your home via BOUQUET GARNI FOODS & CATERING: Services and Catering.

After studying the culinary arts in Lyon, France and New York City, he has delighted diners and catering patrons in Manhattan and Sacramento. With 25 years of experience working with LSG Sky Chefs (a worldwide in-flight catering company), Chef Eric is now offering his ample talents to tend to the palates of all food lovers, right in the heart of their home.

In addition to fine traditional American entrees, healthy salads & sandwiches, breakfasts and bakery treats, his menus offer various international flavors infused with French & West African flairs.

Family & Future

Family and Future makes wholesome treats you can feel good about bringing home to your loved ones. All of our chocolate bars, nut butters and fudges are organic, dairy free, sweetened without cane sugar, and made completely from scratch. Steven Lambeth started this business so he could still eat sweets while on a restricted diet and has since grown with a vision of both supporting starting a family with his wife and wanting to align with a more sustainable future. We only use fair-trade cacao to support more ethical food systems and, when possible, use compostable or reusable packaging to help minimize waste.

Fickle Creek Farm

TURKEYS can now be ordered. They will be frozen and available for pickup and home delivery.


Limited amount of turkey parts, including bone in breast, legs quarters, wings, backs, liver, and heart


Veggies: Arugula, Bay Leaves, Baby Broccoli, Broccoli Greens, Cilantro, Lemongrass, Kale, Sweet Italian Nardello Peppers


Order now at


Lots of CHICKEN: whole, leg quarters, wings, liver, feet, backs, skin, necks, and garlic rosemary sausage


BEEF: Steaks: Ribeye, NY Strip, Filet, Flatiron, Porterhouse, T-bone, 

Roasts: Chucks, Pots, London Broils, Eyes of Round, Rumps, Brisket

Short Ribs, Ground Beef, Patties, Shanks, Stew Beef 

Soup Bones, Knuckles, Kidney


Nutrient Dense Beef Snack Sticks and Bites are great for high protein snacking. Made with grass Fed & Finished Beef. Mild, Hot, & Sweet Heat 


PORK: Smoked Sausage Links: Jalapeno, Green Pepper and Onion, & Kielbasa

Loin Chops, Shoulder Coppa Steaks, Boneless Loin Chops / Cutlet, Smoked Boneless Chops

Boston Butts, Picnics, Boneless Loins, St Louis Ribs, Belly, Smoked Petite Hams, Smoked Ham Steaks, Smoked Boneless Chops, Smoked Hocks, Smoked Shanks, Smoked Neck Bones

Jowl Bacon, Belly Bacon, Bacon Ends


Save 20% on Dry Cured Chorizo


Get a Taste of the Farm .... Every Month

Rolling CSA Monthly Meat and Egg Enrollment Continues!

Enroll now for CSA Monthly Meat Box, and Monthly or Bimonthly Egg Box.

Active Meat CSA members get a 7% discount on ALL products !


OUR PRACTICES are Regenerative and Sustainable

Rotational Grazing Management & Annual Cover Crops

Pasture & Woodland Based Livestock; Organic Practices for all Vegetables

Perpetual Farmland Conservation Easements & Certified Living Wages


**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised; 100% Grass Fed & Finished **

**Pork: Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range **

**Chicken: Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range **

**Hen Eggs: Pasture Raised, Non GMO Fed, Free Range**

**Veggies: Never Sprayed **

Piedmont Microgreens

Piedmont Microgreens is an indoor farm located just four miles from the farmer's market! We specialize in microgreens, which are the youngest stage of vegetable crops. Microgreens are great because they're beautiful, tasty, and packed with nutrients. We will be bringing the following microgreens to the market: sunflower shoots, pea shoots, nutrition mix, salad mix, a farmer's choice, and a few specialty varieties, like cilantro, dill, and onion! The nutrition mix is a blend of broccoli, cabbage, and kohlrabi microgreens, while the salad mix is a blend of sunflower shoots, buckwheat, and kale microgreens. The farmer's choice will be a revolving blend of what inspires us each week.


Botanist & Barrel

We love fall, it's the perfect time for showcasing the ciders that we produce and age all year long, especially those infused with ginger or spices like our Gingerberry cider, or barrel aged, like our Love Over Hat, or our Pet Nat ciders, showing off southern terroir. We've got you covered!

Known for creativity and an extensive barrel program, Botanist & Barrel was the first producer of Petillant Natural ciders in the southeastern US. Botanist & Barrel crafts real southern ciders, fruited sours, and wines. Focused on spontaneous, wild cultures and light-handed winemaking we embrace old world methods with modern sensibilities. All of our ciders and wines contain little to no residual sugar and are inherently low in calories. We support local farmers using only sustainably and organically sourced fruits, including blueberries, apples and more from our organic estate farm. We love to make ciders and wines that are raw, wild, unfined, unfiltered & unpasteurized. We want you to feel good about what you drink.

LaKay Farm

LaKay is a poultry farm located in Louisburg, North Carolina. Dulime and Myrlande are Haitian farmers going back to their roots, growing fresh vegetables and fruits while raising registered Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats holistically. They follow regenerative techniques and raise their animals as humanly as possible with no hormones or additives.

You can find them at the market on Saturdays with pasture raised chicken, and eggs by the dozen

Isaac's Bagels

Isaac's Bagels is back! After our hibernation we are returning with more hand rolled bagels and all your favorite spreads.


Roberson Creek Farm

We will have lots of arugula, fall corn decorations, heirloom pie pumpkins, turnip salad, turnips and a little okra.


Bobby & Vicki Roberson

Roberson Creek Farm

Washington Crab

Washington Crab brings the Carolina coast to you! We are a fully licensed and inspected seafood processing house located in Little Washington on the Pamlico River. Our offerings can vary week to week depending on the catch but below are favorites we try to bring each week. Current pricing and pre-ordering is available on our website:

Live Blue Crab - Steamed Blue Crabs - Crab Dip - Crab Cakes - Oysters - Clams - Shrimp - Scallops - Flounder - Yellowfin Tuna - Snapper - Swordfish - Grouper - Mahi Mahi - Catfish - Fresh Yellowfin Tuna Salad - Coleslaw - Seasoning

Jason Hall

Owner - Washington Crab

Sweet potatoes go well with kimchi, and this recipe called “Beefy cheesy sweet potatoes with kimchi”from Bon Appetit looks like an easy sheet pan dinner:

Current menu: Napa cabbage, green cabbage, green garlic, radish, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip, kohlrabi carrot, butternut squash, bok choy

Short Winter Soups

Short Winter Soups makes inspired, high-integrity vegetarian soups using NC-grown produce. Our soup flavors rotate weekly and we offer hot samples of at least two flavors each week. Here's our menu for tomorrow:








Preordering is recommended and due by 2pm Friday! Please return clean, used containers back to us for reuse. Thanks for letting us cook for you -- we value your support so very much! 

--- Tova Boehm |

Fruchtenicht Honey

Honey is the carbohydrate energy source for bees and pollen provides the proteins and lipids they need  for their bodies and to raise young bees. A strong beehive may consume as much as five gallons of pollen in a year. They are voracious collectors and have one habit of collection valuable to humans, flower fidelity. That is, a pollen collecting bee will only visit one species in a foraging trip which makes them efficient pollinators of crop plants.

Their bodies have several specialized features to facilitate collection. Their bodies are covered with branched hairs that trap the pollen. Their forelegs have bristles that function as a comb to remove the pollen from the hairs and a so-called pollen press, a curved gap in one of the joints of their hind legs they can employ to mash the pollen into small balls. These are packed onto stiff bristles surrounding a hollow on their hind legs and then carried back to the hive where the worker packs them into cells surrounding the brood. A dab of honey is added and the pollen ferments into bee bread which is fed to the fast growing larvae. If a one day old larvae were an average human baby, in two days it would weigh four tons.

Haw River Mushrooms

Haw River Mushrooms will be in Durham again this Saturday. We'll have have Lion's Mane, Blue Oyster, Golden Oyster, and hopefully some Cinnamon Caps. We'll also have Lion's Mane Tincture, Mushroom Salt, and Dried Reishi. 

Come see us and get a look at old favorites and new loves. 

Orders are open until Friday at 1PM. 

Find our products online at: Haw River Mushrooms 

Online Store 

or go to for more information.

Misty Morning Ranch

Misty Morning Ranch raises ostriches in beautiful North Carolina. Raising only the highest quality birds by focusing on care from chick to adulthood.

Wild Scallions Farm

This week expect: daikon radish, persimmons, sweet potatoes, green tomatoes, and some lovely fresh ginger and turmeric

For flowers expect heirloom mums, and plenty of mixed bouquets. And our first wreaths of the season!

All our produce, flowers and plants are certified naturally grown for healthful foods from healthy fields!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Matt and Renee

Matt and Renee Clayton (@wild_scallions_farm) • Instagram photos and videos

Stoney Mountain Farm

Stoney Mountain Farm raises their lambs the old fashioned way, allowing their sheep to graze open pastures. They are passionate about animal welfare and sustainability, and strive to be good stewards of the land. Their grazing system helps to keep the sheep on fresh grass year-round while helping to keep the soil healthy. 

Olga and John raise Navajo Churro sheep, which Slow Food named to it’s Ark of Taste based on the valuable traits of the breed. Navajo Churro genetics are smaller framed yet produce tender, lean, distinctive sweet flavored meat. The breed is endangered because they won’t meet the demands of commodity meats. They also raise Dorset and Corriedale sheep. They are proud to offer quality products from healthy, happy sheep.

Check out their product line and options for pre-ordering, delivery and farm pick-up :

Bonlee Grown Farm

The chilly season has arrived, and so it’s time to start thinking about the holidays! We have lots of jams, jellies, pickles, & relishes to bring to the dinner table and as gifts for loved ones. Our Sparkling Holiday jam, only made during the holiday season, will make its first appearance this Saturday at the market, so come get it while it’s fresh! 

Keep an eye out for houseplants at our booth if the weather behaves. If you’d like to preorder, call us at 919-837-2937 or call/text Amy at 919-548-0977. You can also follow us on Instagram @bonleegrownfarm to see our latest updates or message us there.

Thanks for shopping local!


At Homebucha, we’re crafting a new wave of ancient drinks. Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years for its probiotic benefits. We believe kombucha can be as delicious as it is healthy.

You can find us at the Market every Saturday, offering multiple flavors on tap and in 12 oz cans. We even have a zero waste, glass bottle return + refill system. 

Stop by for a sample!


Homebucha Kombucha

Ever Laugher Farm

This summer I'll have my spread of peppers, eggplants, potatoes, and specialty summer produce for you. I'll continue to bring house plants and flowering garden plants, with many more perennials on the way this fall. Come say hi and see what's new each week!

Will Cramer

Instagram: @everlaughterfarm

Bklyn Bakery

Bklyn Bakery is a 100% vegan bakery that uses organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Our focus is to provide a variety of delicious vegan treats to the community; whether you're vegan, have food allergies, and/or want to indulge in treats that are more sustainable and have cleaner ingredients.

We’re excited to serve the community at Durham Farmers Market this season!"


Instagram: @bklynbakery

Facebook: @bklynbakery

Harland's Creek Farm

Harland's Creek Farm is committed to the health of the earth and its people. Water and soil, sun and warmth, seeds, animals, and plants-the essential ingredients-combined with work and planning allow us to feed people.

Melina's Fresh Pasta

We will be at the market this weekend with your favorite pasta and more. 

Ravioli - Burrata Cheese Ravioli, Spinach & Cheese, 3 Cheese & Roasted Garlic, Fig Gorgonzola, Pea Pancetta, Lemon Ricotta, Pimento Cheese, Mushroom

Plus: Ricotta Gnocchi, cut pasta, spinach campanelle, lasagna, manicotti, pizza dough, sauces and more


Sunset Ridge Buffalo

Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farms will be at Market Saturday with bison steaks, ground, burgers (4, 5 & 7 oz.), sausages, roasts, jerky & snack sticks. NEW this week BISON FOR STIR FRY. Whether you are the visitor or the host, a bison dish at the summer gathering is always a conversation piece!

Thank you for your continued support of our family

farm, now in its 225th year of production and continuous family ownership!


Jack & Sandy Pleasant

Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farms, LLC

Soul Cocina

Hi all! We will be at the Saturday market with tamales, pasteles de yuca, enchiladas, pupusas, and delicious seasonal creations. All our food is plant based and free of gluten ingredients.

To browse our weekly menu and to pre order, visit our website at Each Sunday we update our menu for the week, with the option to pick up at the Saturday market.

See you Saturday!

Soul Cocina

Plant based & Latin inspired

Lil' Farm

Hello from Lil' Farm. At market this week we will have kale, collards, chard, scallions, napa cabbage, salanova lettuce, red mustard and more.


It’s time to sign up for our 2023 CSA! Join us for a fresh, colorful, nutritious future bounty.

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a farming model based on developing a direct relationship between farmers and their community. A weekly box of lovely seasonal veggies ( and strawberries!) is the glorious result. This is an opportunity to support a farmer by purchasing in advance the most seasonal and successful crops available while acknowledging that some crops will not always work out with the endless variables at play. The good news is, we grow so many different things you may never notice our secret failings.

The CSA will run April 12th through July 26th (16 weeks). Like last year, we are offering a Home Delivery option and 2 pick up sites in Durham (West Durham and South Durham). Go to our website to see pricing and learn more- We would love to have you! Please share the info with anyone who would be interested.

Thank you and take care,

Lily and George

South Wind Produce

South Wind Produce will be back at market this week with lots of great fresh-picked produce. Come say hi!

We are also still enrolling members in our 2023 CSA - it begins in April! More info here:

See you Saturday,

The South Wind Team

Lyon Farm

We are a family owned and operated fruit and vegetable farm. Whether it is pre-picked items to shop for or pick your own berries, we offer a variety of produce for everyone's needs. Open seasonally during the summer months.

Thanks To Our Sponsors!

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