Market is Open:
Saturday January 29, 2022
10 am - 12 pm
501 Foster Street // Durham Central Park Pavilion

Please wait for the bell to ring at 10am to begin shopping!
*Masks are strongly encouraged!*
Bonlee Grown Farm
Hope everyone made it safely through the snow and ice! We worked tirelessly to heat the greenhouses with our wood heater and backup propane tanks. Thankfully we never lost power as our generator for the greenhouses decided to die on us. 

We will have lots of free range EGGS !!!! (Buy some for your neighbors too)!  Making SWEET CRUNCHY PICKLES, PICKLED ONIONS, and CHOW CHOW.  Lots of jams, pepper jellies, and PICKLED OKRA AND PICKLED BEETS!!

Depending on the weather I might bring SUCCULENTS, PAPERWHITES, and AMARYLLIS FLOWERING BULBS!

To pre-order please call Amy at 919-548-0977 or email

Thanks for supporting our farm,
Ray , Amy, and Ramy Sugg

By the Brook Tempeh
By The Brook Tempeh will be at Saturday’s farmers’ market and excited to start the new year off!

We specialize in non-soy, artisan blends of legumes, peas, lentils, and seeds to create a well-balanced and highly digestible plant protein with a fantastic texture and versatile flavor. If you are looking for a way to integrate more planted based foods and fermented foods into your diet this is the product for you. You will be surprised by its complexity that store bought tempeh just doesn't hold up to.

This week we'll be stocked up with our three signature blends. Plan on a few burger options and ground chorizo.

Visit our website:
Check out our recipes:
Instagram: @bythebrook_tempeh

Celebrity Dairy
We offer a selection of goats milk items handcrafted with love in Siler City, NC! At our booth you'll find a rainbow of flavors displaying our spreadable cheeses, nestled in among our pure chevrè, aged bloomy rind cheeses, yogurts, gelato, fudge, & even soaps. As NC's pioneer farmstead goat dairy, we've been treating all our goats like celebrities since 1991 and strive to do the same for our customers! Help us limit contact and keep each other safe during market transactions by placing pre-orders through our website,

Chapel Hill Creamery
Farmhouse Cheese  Paneer, Ricotta, Dairyland Farmers, Hot Farmers, Dill Farmers, YoYo (our cream top yogurt style) Thunder Mt. Swiss, Calvander, Hickory Grove, Carolina Moon, and a flavorful batch of Danziger are available. Danziger is semi soft with a slightly strong flavor that originates with the rind. Serve it with soup or as an appetizer at room temperature. Add Ricotta to lasagna or crostinis, Dairyland Farmers to tacos, and Calvander or Swiss to frittatas.
  Whey Fed Pork We have pork chops, ground pork, and many varieties of sausage. Our sausage is extra meaty as it is made with the hams from our pigs and not just the trimmings.
   Pastured Beef The cold weather calls for comfort food! Now is the time to make beef lasagna, chili, or a great cheese burger with our Ground Beef. We also have lean ground round and stew beef.

   Pre Order Order cheese, pork, or beef by Thursday night any week for market or farm pickup. Farm pickup is from 1-2 on Saturdays only. Use the link below or pull up our revised website to preorder and to learn about our farm. See you Saturday.

Instagram: @chapelhillcreamery 
Twitter: CHCreameryNC 
Fickle Creek Farm
Preorder now for Friday On Farm Pickup, Saturday Market Pickup, and Next Wednesday Delivery, 

Stay Warm and Well Fed with a Pork Roast
Boneless Loins, Butts, & Picnics

Check out our BEEF inventory
Order your steaks and roasts now!

Soup & Stock Specials
Chicken Backs - Only $2 per lb
Turkey Feet - Only $2 per lb

Ongoing CSA Signup
Enroll in prorated Meat CSA and get a 7% discount on ALL products through March 2022!


Pickup at Farm on Friday & Saturday
Pickup at Markets on Saturday
Delivery on 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays 

Inventory is updated by Monday by 5 pm !
If we have fresh meat, additional updates to the store may occur by Friday 8 am.

**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised **
**Pork:       Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range **
**Chicken:    Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range **
**Hen Eggs:   Pasture Raised, **
**Veggies:    Never Sprayed **
Haw River Mushrooms
Haw River Mushrooms will be at the market this weekend with an abundance of blue oysters and Lions Mane. We will have some variety in other oysters as well as Cinnamon Caps and Black Pearls. 

Help us clear the cooler with big sales on b-grade blue oysters! 

We strongly encourage preorders to reserve your favorites and make pick up quick. 

Orders are open until Friday at 1PM. 

Find our products online at: Haw River Mushrooms Online Store 
Honeygirl Meadery
Honeygirl Meadery will be at the market this week! 
This week we’ll be bringing some of our favorite cold weather meads like our Honey Chai Mead and Spiced Apple Cyser. And bee sure to get your hands on some of our Barrel Aged Vanilla Mead – the perfect sipper for a coz night by the fire!
We are always happy to make recommendations for you in person at the market, or you can pre-order online from our entire line-up, and pickup at the Market. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-orders for DFM pickup must be placed by 6:00pm on the Friday before the Market. Simply select Durham Farmers Market as your pickup location when you place your order. 
Our Tasting Room is about a mile away from the Market & currently open Friday through Sunday. Grab a bottle or a flight and explore our extensive mead selection! 
Honeygirl Meadery 
105 Hood Street, Suite #6
Durham, NC 27701
Tasting Room Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Curbside Pick Up Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 – 6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Visit our online shop for all your mead needs. 
Thank you for your continued support! Bee Well!
Diane, Nicole, & Becky
Phone: (919) 399-3056
Hurtgen Meadows
On our tables this Saturday, January 29:Brussels sprouts, carrots, winter greens (availability all weather dependent), green cabbage, napa cabbage, sweet potatoes, squash, eggs and jams.  

Pre-order online for quick pickup at the market: 

Tuesday 8 pm - Thursday 8 pm 

Special Request!  Our 8 ounce jam jars and metal rings are once again in short supply. We'd be happy to have any you have been collecting. We can reuse them and we thank you in advance!
Lil' Farm
Lil' Farm will not be attending January 22 and plans to return January 29.

Hello from Lil' Farm! We hope you are well in this crazy time and we thank you so much for showing up to the winter market.
Our offerings for the next month should include:
4 kinds of Kale, Chard, Red Mustard, Heirloom Collards, Mustard Salad Mix, Lettuce, Turnips, Radish, Cilantro and more

Our Spring/ Summer CSA Sign Up is open! Learn more and sign up at
16 weeks of our best and freshest produce for Durham home delivery or at two pick up locations (Walltown and South Durham).
Thank you and take care,

Lily and George
Meadow Lane Farm
Good morning, our wonderful Customers and Friends!

We missed you all last Saturday at the wonderful DFM! With over 4" of snow and frigid cold, we could not leave the farm. After repairing burst pipes and tending to the newborn animals, we had to stay close to the farm. However, this Saturday we will have lots of wonderful pastured PORK and grassfed ANGUS BEEF in stock... order your favorite cuts today. Our natural blends of spices and herbs, along with the perfect grind, make our SAUSAGES so delicious.. check out the varieties listed below. We are using the same blends my late wonderful farmer Grandmother Leonard used in her sausages in the early 1900's (after finding her recipes). We also have PORK Roasts: Boston Butt, Picnic, thick CHOPS, and more. We have thick, meaty LOIN CHOPS of Lamb or Chevon.  This is Saturday's link for placing orders. Cutoff time to place an order using this link is Thursday, January 27th at 5:00 p.m..  

OFFERINGS this week:

Natural pastured MEATS:
         ** 21-day dry aged Angus Beef:
               -- Ground ($8/lb.)
               -- Ground Chuck ($9/lb.)
               -- Steaks (Filets, Ribeye (bi), Sirloin (bi), New York Strip, Flat Iron, Skirt, Flank, Top Round)
        -- BRISKET
               -- Cubed steak (tenderized); Stew Beef, Chuck Eye Steak
               -- Beef Slabs of ribs
               -- Roasts (Eye of Round, Chuck, Shoulder, Top Round, Rump Roast, Sirloin Tip)
               -- meaty Soup bones, Calves liver
               -- Shanks (Osso Bucco), Marrow Bones, Knuckle Dog Bones
               -- Tongue, Heart, Kidney, Beef Tallow
          ** Yorkshire X Pork
                -- Ground (1 lb.)
                -- Whole Tenderloin
                -- Pork Chops (2 per pack... 1")... perfectly cooked on the grill.
                -- Ribs (great bbq'ed on grill!)
                -- Country X-Sage SAUSAGE - Mild or Hot (bulk or spiral link)
                -- ITALIAN Sausage - Mild or Hot (spiral)
                -- BRATS Sausage
           -- Smoked Green Pepper/Onion SAUSAGE (4-link packages)
           -- spicy Chorizo
               -- ROASTS: Picnic and Boston Butt (both small or large)
                -- Backbone "Pork Chops": similar to chops (more economical)
                -- Neckbones (wonderful meaty broth)
                -- Pork liver; pig tails/ears; fatback; pork skins, pig feet
                -- farm fresh PORK LARD buckets.. $8 per bucket (1.5/1.75 lbs.)
                -- 'Heat & Serve', eastern style NC BARBEQUE... $14.00/lb..from our pastured pigs.. delicious & easy for a quick meal!

             ** Dorset X Lamb:
                -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                -- whole SHANKS
                 -- Stew Meat (bi)
                 -- Denver-style slabs of Lamb ribs
                 -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones
                  -- Bratswurst LAMB Sausage
            ** Boer Chevon (goat meat):
                  -- Ground Goat (1 lb.)
                  -- LEG of CHEVON (whole)
                  -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                  -- Whole Shanks
                  -- Stew Meat (bi)
                  -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones.

** USDA Certified organic vegetables:
       ** Bundle of new crop CILANTRO herb.. $5 per bundle
        ** "Sungold" Tomatoes (from greenhouse). $5 per pint
       ** rainbow "Swiss Chard" bundles (from greenhouse) ... $5 per bundle
         ** Bundles of Collards, Kale, etc. ... $5 per bundle
        ** Assortment of butternut squash and pie pumpkins... LOTS!
        ** Fall CURED Sweet Potatoes: $2 per lb.; Available in 10 and 20 lb. boxes!

With 20-degree temperatures at night, even those vegetables inside the greenhouse are not growing much.  Mario has been bringing the ewes and newborns into the big barn for the past two weeks.. over 50 babies need extra care in this frigid weather. Extra feed and hay will be given to the ewes while trying to keep everyone warm. Same goes with the calves... extra feed and hay is required. The most important nutrient is WATER.. keeping the water thawed and flowing so the animals can drink.

Many of you have asked us to expand our organic fruit production... so we are scheduled to plant a half acre of organic BLUEBERRIES this winter. Once the strawberries have been harvested, we can go right into harvesting blueberries. The farm recently purchased a mulch bark spreader, to aid in the production of the acid-loving blueberry fruit crop.  This is a new endeavor for the farm and we are excited about it.

Stop by the booth the next few weeks and speak with our Dear Italian Friends and Ace Helpers.. Francesco and Sofia. Both are soon scheduled to return to Italy to continue their agricultural work.
They will be terribly missed. 

We will continue with offering GIFT CERTIFICATES from Meadow Lane Farm throughout the year... $25, $50, $75, or $100.. but please pre-order if you need one for a special gift. 

Thank you for your continued support of our Century Family Farm!

Martha L. Mobley
919-495-1305 (text or call if questions)
571 Leonard Farm Road
Louisburg, NC 27549 -- farm's email
Melina's Fresh Pasta
We will be at market this Saturday with a variety of fresh pasta and sauces! We will be bringing many flavors of ravioli including our new seasonal flavor Potato Asiago Rosemary, Lemon Ricotta, and our award winning Pimento Cheese and items like Puttanesca Sauce. Or pick up one of our take-and-bake lasagnas for an easy and delicious meal! If you would like to place a preorder for the market, please call us at 919-403-3663 by Friday at 5pm.

MoonDance Soaps
Handcrafted soap, moisturizer, bath time treats; take care of the skin you’re in!!

Special orders accepted online at: Add “DFM pickup” along with any other special requests you may have!

Pre-order by Friday at 5p for pickup at DFM each Saturday. 
We are a family owned and operated business based out of East Durham, with a passion for our community. The food that we make is deeply connected to our identity and roots; we use family recipes that have been passed down for generations here in the South, as well as inspiration for flavors and recipes from our Afro Diasporic roots. We use equitable business practices by using local and organic food whenever possible, using sustainable products, and paying all of our employees a living wage.

Roberson Creek
We will have lots of Fresh Free Range Eggs. Our Hens are on Pasture all day every day.
We have Happy Hens.
We will bring lots of delicious greenhouse Tomatoes.
We pick our Tomatoes on Friday before market on Saturday.
Lots of colored Carrots for you to enjoy.
Thank you for supporting our Family Farm.
We are Cash Only.

Bobby & Vicki Roberson
Roberson Creek Farm
Come see us at 1/29 market for your kimchi needs! It's still cold out, so here's one more soup recipe-- brothy beans with kimchi and squash (vegan (if not using egg; tofu would be great here) and gluten free):

You can order kimchi for Sat delivery or pickup on Saturday at our booth. 

To get $2 off 2 or more jars — just use coupon code 2jars. You must have a minimum order of 2 jars.

Current menu: Napa cabbage, green cabbage, green garlic, butternut squash, radish, collard greens, turnip, bok choy, mustard greens 

Questions? Contact me:

From Fields to Kimchi
Durham, NC

Eunice Chang
Owner, The Spicy Hermit
Find @thespicyhermit on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Stoney Mountain Farm
January is all about A NEW YEAR and often full of resolutions
Many of our customers are regular bone broth drinkers, sippers, and soupers.
Yes it is loaded with health benefits for your immune system, your gut, aging, joints and on and on...
But, ...most important, IT iS GOOD
Want the recipe?
Best news of all? We're offering our bones at 50% off for the remainder of January.

What you may not know about us....
With all livestock farmers the most preferred cuts sell first and we are left with what we generally have in abundance, i.e bones.
Our commitment to sell the highest quality lamb led us to a promise that we would never hold anything in our freezers over 3 months.
If we don't sell it, we donate it!
That's our commitment to you and to the integrity of our products!

Olga Elder
Chief Herder
Stoney Mountain Farm, LLC
6559 Old Stoney Mountain Rd
Burlington, NC 27217