Market is Open:
Saturday June 18, 2022
8 am - 12 pm
501 Foster Street // Durham Central Park

*Masks are greatly appreciated!*
Wheel Demonstrations by Sarah Howe from Sarah's House of Clay!!
Pottery demonstrations with Sarah Howe from Sarah's House of Clay were such a hit this past Wednesday that we're doing it again! Sarah will be at market on Wednesday, June 22nd, giving demonstrations on how to use a potter's wheel!

Join us on June 25th for our 1st Annual Bee Day celebration!

In honor of National Pollinator Week and Durham's commitment to be a Bee City U.S.A., we are partnering with Keep Durham Beautiful to bring you a fun filled day celebrating bees!

Enjoy live hive demonstrations with the Durham Beekeepers Association, honey tastings, bee related crafts and activities, a parade, and so much more!
Botanist & Barrel
Botanist & Barrel crafts real southern ciders, sours, and dry fruit wines. We are the Souths only natural cidery focused on spontaneous and wild cultures. We craft healthy adult lifestyle beverages for any occasion. We support our local farmers using local sustainably and organically sourced fruits, including blueberries, apples and more from our no spray estate farm. Only tree ripened apples are used in our ciders with a focus on traditional southern heritage cider apples.

All of our ciders and wines contain little to no residual sugar and are low calorie. As an experimental winery we have almost no rules with the exceptions being we never add additives like sulfites and we do not fine, filter or pasteurize any of our ciders or wines.
Our newest releases you’ll find at market this week are:
Chai of the Tiger

This new batch of our collaboration cider with Asheville Tea Company’s Chocolate Habanero Chai tea blend is perfectly spicy to warm your soul during this unpredictable winter.

Pink is a Feeling
Out just in time for Valentine’s Day. This special cider blend is aged on the skins of 4 different grapes, chambourcin, noble, carlos & magnolia to make a beautiful pink cider/wine hybrid. 

Bklyn Bakery
Bklyn Bakery is a 100% vegan bakery that uses organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Our focus is to provide a variety of delicious vegan treats to the community; whether you're vegan, have food allergies, and/or want to indulge in treats that are more sustainable and have cleaner ingredients.
We’re excited to serve the community at Durham Farmers Market this season!"

Instagram: @bklynbakery
Facebook: @bklynbakery

Bonlee Grown Farm
It’s PICKLE SEASON!!! Amy will be bringing Bread and butter, Sweet and Sour, Kosher Dill, and Sweet Crunchy Pickles!!!
Pickled okra, pickled Squash, and pickled beets!!
Triple berry and Rhubarb jams!!
Succulents and Potted geraniums, verbena, lantana and more!
Jalapeño and sweet yellow
Bell pepper BASKETS!!
Tuberous begonias, dragon wing begonias and Coleus.

To pre-order text/call Amy

Thanks for buying local!
Amy, Ray and Ramy Sugg
By the Brook Tempeh
By The Brook Tempeh will be offering tempeh and *NEW ADDITION* handcrafted sauerkraut at Market this weekend!

We are based in Saxapahaw, created by fermentation enthusiast Taylor Westbrook. Our specialty is non-soy tempeh, an artisan blend of legumes, peas, lentils, and seeds to create a well-balanced and highly digestible plant protein with a fantastic texture and versatile flavor.

This week we'll be stocked up with all of our signature blends. We will have a mix of burgers, ground tempeh, and falafel mix. There will be four types of sauerkraut to choose from this week. Plan on stocking up as these will change with the seasons.

Visit our website:
Check out our recipes:
Instagram: @bythebrook_tempeh
Celebrity Dairy
Dearest Goat Cheese Lovers,

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a goat? It's not easy.. they're constantly (head)butting in! Now that I've goat your attention... Come check out our cheese and say hello! We've always got more goat puns up our sleeve, don't worry. 
We also have a selection of goats milk items handcrafted with love in Siler City, NC! At our booth you'll find a rainbow of flavors displaying our spreadable cheeses, nestled in among our pure chevrè, aged bloomy rind cheeses, yogurts, gelato, fudge, and even soaps. As NC's pioneer farmstead goat dairy, we've been treating all our goats like celebrities since 1991, and strive to do the same for our customers! Help us limit contact and keep each other safe during market transactions by placing pre-orders through our website,
Spreadable flavor for June: Blueberry
We love our blueberry spread on anything bready or crispy! 
Lots of love from your cheese-makers,
Elizabeth, Monica, Kelly, Ina & the Goats
Chapel Hill Creamery
New Item! A smoked Kielbasa style sausage with a mix of our delicious beef and our why fed pork. Enjoy this pan fried or grilled with potato salad or coleslaw made with the new crop potatoes and cabbage available now. 

Farmhouse Cheese Summer is definitely here! MOZZARELLA is a favorite with its soft texture and refreshing flavor. The golden color comes from the carotene in the grass the cows are grazing. We also have Thunder Mtl Swiss for burgers or sandwiches, Ricotta, Indian Paneer, fresh Dairyland Farmers, Hot Farmers, Carolina Moon, savory Hickory Grove, a creamy Danziger, YoYo, a creamy Danziger, and our Asiago style, Calvander. We will probably have Dill Farmers as well. Use our Calvander for home made Pesto.

Pastured Beef -pull out your grills and enjoy some delicious hamburgers or cheeseburgers. We're bringing Ground Beef, Lean Ground Round, and some steaks. Customers love the flavor of our pastured beef and our cows are Animal Welfare Approved. Make a taco salad with our ground round and our Farmers cheese. 

Whey Fed Pork SAUSAGE IS BACK! We also have pork chops, bacon, and sausage including Smoked Andouille, Bulk Mexican Chorizo, Link Chorizo, Sage and Maple Breakfast links, Mild Breakfast in bulk, and Hot Italian. The sausages are made with the hams for extra meatiness and delicious spices that we choose. Pick some up for a quick meal, a cook out, or a relaxing Sunday brunch.

Flo Hawley & Portia McKnight

Facebook, Instagram,
Chocolatay Confections
At Chocolatay Confections we make award winning handcrafted chocolates and confections using traditional candy making techniques and mindfully sourced ingredients. Visit our online store and pre-order for pick up at the market. We also ship nationwide.  Our online store is updated every week (sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know). This Saturday we will be offering a curated assortment of market favorites. If you are craving a specific Chocolatay treat pre-order online before Thursday at 5pm. 

Follow us! @chocolatayconfections 

Thank you for supporting your local Chocolatiers!

Matthew & Danielle
Chocolate makes people happy.
Ever Laughter Farm
Find me and my plants on Foster Street! Vegetable and flower starts, native perennials, and interesting specimens! I will also have cut flowers and fresh vegetables. Return any unwanted plastic pots. Nursery is also open Sundays 12-6, check the website for full plant list!

Will Cramer
Instagram: @everlaughterfarm
Family and Future Chocolate
Family and Future makes wholesome treats you can feel good about bringing home to your loved ones. All of our chocolate bars, nut butters and fudges are organic, dairy free, sweetened without cane sugar, and made completely from scratch. Steven Lambeth started this business so he could still eat sweets while on a restricted diet and has since grown with a vision of both supporting starting a family with his wife and wanting to align with a more sustainable future. We only use fair-trade cacao to support more ethical food systems and, when possible, use compostable or reusable packaging to help minimize waste.

Fickle Creek Farm
Fickle Creek Farm at Market JUN 18

Steaks: Filet, Ribeye, NY Strip, Sirloin, Flank, Flat Iron, Skirt, Hangar
Roasts: Chuck, Shoulder Pot, London Broil, Brisket, Eye of Round
Short Ribs, Ground Beef, Stew Beef, Osso Buco, Kielbasa Links
Soup Bones, Knuckles, Marrow Bones
Liver, Heart, Tongue, Kidney 
Fathers Day Goodies!
Choose between Pork, Beef, and Lamb
Steaks   Roasts   Ground Meat   Sausages   Ribs
Ready to Eat: Salami, Dry-Cured Chorizo, Beef Sticks & Bites 
And of course: Eggs from Pasture Raised Hens!!       
Thanks to all who attended our last Farm Open House & Farm Friday Fun Day on June 10.
Put the next event on your calendar: July 8 from 4 to 8 pm.
Stroll around the farm, feed the pigs, and ride the tractor trikes, 
Farm foods available until 7 pm
Roasts: Butts, Picnics, Boneless Loins
Grillables: Boneless and Bone In Chops, Tenderloins, Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Smoked Andouille
Breakfast: Hot and Mild Links, Mild Xtra Sage Patties, Hot Xtra Sage Bulk, Country Bulk
Rolling Enrollment for our WARM SEASON CSA (April-September)
Enroll in prorated Meat CSA and get a 7% discount on ALL products through September 2022!
Dry Cured Pork Items Made with 100% FCF Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range Pork
Spanish Style Chorizo  *   Hot Sopressata Salami   *   Milano Salami
Duck Eggs Now Available   1/2 Dozen  $5
Preorder now for Saturday Market Pickup
Text 'fcforder' to 855-737-2269 to sign up for a weekly reminder text that the order window closes in 2 hrs.
Loin & Rib Chops & Roasts   Bones  Liver  Kidneys
Beef Sticks - Nutrient Dense & Gluten Free
Sweet  Mild  Hot  Sweet Heat
Inventory is updated by Monday by 5 pm !
If we have fresh meat, additional updates to the store may occur by Friday 8 am.
OUR PRACTICES are Regenerative and Sustainable
Rotational Grazing Management & Annual Cover Crops
Pasture & Woodland Based & Organic Practices for all Vegetable 
Perpetual Farmland Conservation Easements & Certified Living Wages
**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised; 100% Grass Fed & Finished **
**Pork:       Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range **
**Chicken:    Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range **
**Hen Eggs:   Pasture Raised, **
**Veggies:    Never Sprayed **

Flat River Farm & Nursery
We will be at market with Greenhouse Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Ferns, bedding plants, hanging baskets,, herbs and potted plants.
Flat River Nursery and Farm 
Charles and Joan Holeman 
Fruchtenicht Honey
I am often asked if bees make honey from marijuana, and if so, is it hallucinogenic or therapeutic? Cannabis is wind pollinated so pollinators are not particularly attracted to it and honey made in areas where it is grown have undetectable amounts of THC. Similarly, you won’t get a rash from eating honey made from poison ivy (good honey plant!) because the irritant urushiol doesn’t get into the nectar. But there are plants in the world . . .

Rhododendron ponticum from the mountains along NE Turkey’s Black Sea coast is historically famous as a source for “mad” honey. In 401 BCE Xenophon fled with his army from the south of Anatolia to the Black Sea. His soldiers found abundant beehives there and greedily plundered them. His entire army of 10,000 men was incapacitated for four days. In 65 BCE Pompey’s army was pursuing the army of Mithradates who had combs of this honey set out to tempt the Romans. A thousand Roman soldiers were slaughtered as they lay about.

This honey contains grayanotoxin which has an impact on several bodily functions, particularly the heart, and is somewhat hallucinogenic. Today, it is much prized by the Turks for its supposed medicinal properties, fertility benefits, and a good high if taken in small amounts. Made in small quantities by local beekeepers using rustic techniques it can sell for thousands of dollars per pound and is the world’s most expensive honey. The giant Apis dorsata honey bees of Nepal make a similarly famous Rhododendron honey also containing grayanotoxin which can command a price in the hundreds of dollars per pound. I’m not sure if the honey from our Appalachian rhododendrons have these properties — locals up there have told me to avoid dark mountain honey — but I know of nothing concrete along those lines and I’ve never seen honey bees show much interest in the abundant blooms.
Full Flower Herbs
Full Flower Herbs will be at market this Saturday, with the full line of formula and simple herb extracts. We’ve been making tons of medicine as the fresh herbs quickly come on in our garden and from our local farm suppliers, like DFM's Maplespring Gardens. 

Stop by and learn how herbs can help you and your loved ones find health and balance. 

Preview our offerings at Did you know you can save money by ordering larger sizes of your favorite Full Flower Herbs formulas and simples? We can make 4 and 8 Oz sizes of any of our regular offerings. Many are available for purchase on Etsy. Use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP to remove shipping costs, and leave us a note that you want to pick up at market. Or drop us a line if you don’t see what you’re looking for. 

We also offer discounts for BIPOC and need based sliding scale. Pay what you can afford. Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine, and we want it to be accessible to all. 

Haw River Mushrooms
Haw River Mushrooms will be at market this Saturday with fresh, fantastic gourmet mushrooms! Blue oysters, lionsmane, Italian oyster, Pink Oyster and perhaps Black Pearls, Cinnamon Caps and Golden Oysters will all be available. We should have some value added products as well including tinctures and mushroom salts.

Come see us and get a look at old favorites and new loves. 

Orders are open until Friday at 1PM. 
Find our products online at: Haw River Mushrooms Online Store 
Honeygirl Meadery
Honeygirl Meadery is an award-winning urban meadery in the heart of downtown Durham NC specializing in small batch seasonal meads. We ferment honey and local fruits, flowers and herbs to create delicious, nuanced, food-friendly mead. Every week we bring out a mix of our hand-crafted mead styles, so there is something for everyone! 
This week we will bring our most popular meads of the season. These meads are ready to pair with cookouts and fresh summer meals, or just for hanging out and relaxing.  Strawberry Cranberry, Strawbanero Mead, Mango Mead, and Lavender Mead along with a few others. 
We are happy to make recommendations for you in person at the market.  You can also pre-order online from our entire line-up, and we will bring your pre-order to the Market for you. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-orders for DFM pickup must be placed by 6:00pm on the Friday before the Market. Simply select Durham Farmers Market as your pickup location when you place your order. 
Our Tasting Room is open Friday through Sunday. Come visit us after the Farmers Market to explore our extensive mead selection and get to know mead and the wonder of wine made from honey! Bring your own picnic and enjoy a mead flight out on our patio…

Honeygirl Meadery
105 Hood Street, Suite #6
Durham, NC 27701
Tasting Room Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Visit our online shop for all your mead needs.
Thank you for your continued support! Bee Well!
Diane, Nicole, & Becky

Phone: (919) 399-3056
Hurtgen Meadows
Hurtgen Meadows will have lots of summer squash, zucchini, zephyr, strawberries (limited), new potatoes, onions, chard, kale, fresh garlic and scapes, eggs and jams.

As always, we are happy to have any 8 ounce jam jars and metal rings you have been collecting as we can reuse them. Thank you!

Lil' Farm
Hello from Lil' Farm! We hope you are well in this crazy time and we thank you so much for showing up to the market.

Our offerings for the next month should include:
4 kinds of Kale, Chard, Red Mustard, Heirloom Collards, Mustard Salad Mix, Lettuce, Turnips, Radish, Cilantro and more

Our Spring/ Summer CSA Sign Up is open! Learn more and sign up at
16 weeks of our best and freshest produce for Durham home delivery or at two pick up locations (Walltown and South Durham).

Thank you and take care,
Lily and George
Maple Spring Gardens
Even as a we head steadily into hot weather, we will continue having lots of greens for you!

Salad Mix with mixed lettuces, pea shoots, and seasonal edible flowers; Baby Kale; Arugula; Pea Shoots; head Lettuce. Cabbage and Sweet Onions are here! Plus radishes, beets, and carrots . Herbs for your kitchen are coming in aplenty - Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Chives, Mint.

Stop by and check out our pure botanical farm grown & produced herbal offerings of - Farm Grown Herbal Tea blends, Garden Faery Salve, Botanical Creams, Hydrosol Aromatherapy Sprays, Bug Repellant, and Arnica Plus topical muscle rub. There are lots of testers to try them out!

See you Saturday!

Sunshine Dawson and team

Sunshine Dawson, Herbalist 🌱

Meadow Lane Farm
Good day, our wonderful Customers and Friends!

FRESH PORK & LAMB this week... assortment of new blends of sausages, ground lamb, CHOPS, and much more ! Grilling time has arrived and we have your grilling needs: from natural pastured meats to organic vegetables. This Saturday, we have thick LOIN CHOPS and sausages from the pork, lamb, beef and goat lists. Order your LEG of LAMB and LEG of GOAT (chevon) along with PORK Roasts: Boston Butt, Picnic, beef brisket for smoking, pork ribs, and more.  This is Saturday's link for placing orders. Cutoff time to place an order using this link is Thursday, June 16th at 5:00 p.m.    When pre-ordering, please include a meat with your vegetable order; otherwise, come early and get the English cucumbers, OKRA, new cabbage, baby 'Zephyr' squash, sweet Texas onions (white and red), parsley, and three types of kale.

OFFERINGS this week:

Natural pastured MEATS:
         ** 21-day dry aged Angus Beef:
               -- Ground ($9/lb.); Ground Chuck ($10/lb.)
               -- STEAKS: Filet Mignon (Tenderloin), New York Strip, Ribeye (bi), Sirloin (bi), Flat Iron, Skirt, Flank, Hanger
               -- Cubed steak (tenderized); Stew Beef, Chuck Eye Steak
               -- Beef Slabs of ribs
               -- BRISKET (great smoked)
               -- Roasts (Eye of Round, Chuck, Shoulder, Top Round, Rump Roast, Sirloin Tip)
               -- meaty Soup bones
               -- Shanks (Osso Bucco), Marrow Bones, Knuckle Dog Bones
          ** Yorkshire X Pork
                -- Ground (1 lb.)
                -- Pork Chops (2 per pack... 1")... perfectly cooked on the grill.
                -- Ribs (great bbq'ed on grill!)
                -- ROASTS: Picnic and Boston Butt 
                -- Smoked sliced BACON (1 lb./package)
                -- Backbone "Pork Chops": similar to chops (more economical)
                -- Neckbones (wonderful meaty broth)
                -- pig tails/ears; fatback; pork skins, pig feet
                -- farm fresh PORK LARD buckets.. $8 per bucket (1.5/1.75 lbs.)
                -- 'Heat & Serve', eastern style NC BARBEQUE... $14.00/lb..from our pastured pigs.. delicious & easy for a quick meal!
                                                Fresh PORK SAUSAGES
                -- Country X-Sage SAUSAGE - Mild or Hot (bulk or spiral link)
                -- PINKY links Breakfast Country X-sage Sausage - Mild
                -- Italian (Mild or Spicy Hot) --- 4- links
                -- Chorizo -- 4-links
                -- Bratwurst -- 4- links
                -- Smoked Polish -- 4-links
                -- Smoked Green Pepper and Onion -- 4-links

             ** Dorset X Lamb:
               -- Ground Lamb .. 1 lb.; (Finally have it in!)
                -- LEG of LAMB (half and whole)
                -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                -- whole SHANKS
                 -- Stew Meat (bi)
                 -- Denver-style slabs of Lamb ribs
                 -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones
                  -- Bratwurst LAMB Sausage (4-links)
            ** Boer Chevon (goat meat):
                  -- Ground Goat (1 lb.)
                  -- LEG of CHEVON (half and whole)
                  -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                  -- Whole Shanks
                  -- Stew Meat (bi)
                  -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones.

** USDA Certified organic vegetables
        ** Okra: $5
        ** Bundles of Kale, 3 types (Dino, White and Red Russian). ... $5 per bundle
        ** Fall CURED Sweet Potatoes: $2 per lb.; Available in 10 and 20 lb. boxes! .. LOTS
        ** Spring flower bouquets, Glads, blue statice, snapdragons.. $20/bouquet
        ** Fresh pulled sweet TEXAS Onions.. white and red... $1 per onion
        ** new crop of baby Zephra squash ($5 per bag)
        ** new crop cabbage (by the lb.): SPECIAL this week, $2.00/lb.
        ** bundles of fresh PARSLEY .. $5 per bundle
        ** new English cucumbers (greenhouse) ... $1 each; SPECIAL this week
         ** FARM NEWS:  
Pearl millet, sorghum sudan, and lespadeza are going in the hayland this hot, dry week. We are thankful for drip irrigation with this hot, dry weather with our organic vegetables. The tender plants of okra, eggplant, cut flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. would never survive without watering with irrigation. Both asparagus and organic strawberry harvesting have stopped for the year.. It is time for the underground asparagus crowns to rest and recover for 2023. Mario will convert the strawberry field to another crop for the summer.. such as melons and squash. 

Tickets are on sale now for the small farmer fundraiser, Dinner in the Meadow, scheduled for Sunday, September 11th,  A ticket or two would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves eating fresh, healthy, and local.  Your business/family & friends could also sponsor a table for 8.. consider that option also.

Thank you for your continued support of our Century Family Farm!

Martha L. Mobley
919-495-1305 (text or call if questions)
571 Leonard Farm Road
Louisburg, NC 27549 -- farm's email
Melina's Fresh Pasta
We will be at the market this Saturday with a variety of fresh pasta and sauces and one special ravioli.
Ravioli – Our Made in NC Award winning Pimento Cheese Ravioli, Fig Gorgonzola, Spinach & Cheese, 3 Cheese & Garlic, Burrata, Lemon Ricotta, Pea Pancetta
Cut Pasta - Fettuccine, Linguine
Sauces - Tomato Basil, Tomato Parmesan, Puttanesca and Basil Pesto is back!
Take & Bake Meals - Lasagna Margherita, 4 Cheese & Garlic, Spinach Manicotti
Gnocchi - Ricotta
NY Style Pizza Dough

If you would like to place a preorder for the market, please call us at 919-403-3663 by Friday at 1pm.

MoonDance Soaps
Honeysuckle, strawberry, gardenia scented soaps are ready for pickup. Natural artisan soaps with lovely pH balance available for 5 for $25. We have essential oil-only, vegan, goats milk and unscented soaps. Shea moisture, loofa and USDA approved Bugs at Bay available. When it comes to summer skin….we got you covered! Preorder at 
NewSoil Vermiculture
Stop by our booth this week to save on organic compost and worm castings for your garden and house plants. Also, if you are interested in ordering worms, you can arrange to pickup them up at the Durham Farmers Market.
Ninth Street Bakery
This Week: Whole Wheat Levain; Country Loaves; Hot Cross Buns

About Ninth Street Bakery: Determined to change the bread landscape, Ninth Street Bakery was founded by two brothers in 1981 fresh from a stint baking at the Tassajara Zen Center with monk Ed Espe Brown. They brought with them recipes for wholegrain goodness and a mind for doing good works in Durham. Known by many for its seeded sliced pan loaves, NSB now has crusty artisan bread products that burst with the flavors of natural levain, and flaky pastries that slow rise to perfection. Helmed by baker Ari Berenbaum since 2013, NSB sits at Five Points in Durham, an anchor business in an ever-changing city. We have a full service café, as well as a robust wholesale program that covers the Triad from Greensboro to Raleigh, Durham to Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We give back to the community via our Bakery- and donor-supported Durham Neighbors program, an in-house experiment in Universal Basic Income whereby we Cashapp 100+ low-income local families every month $50 which goes to much-needed groceries, utility bills, or diapers. We are psyched to be now an official member of the Durham Farmer’s Market, joining an illustrious crew of artisans and purveyors who are dedicated to local, independent, small business, and Southern gastronomical culture. You can follow us at or read Ari’s musings on bread and Durham at
Phoenix Farm
We will be at market Saturday with carrotslettucebeets, basil, tulsi, zuchini, cucumbers, purple radish, kale and basil plantsWe hope you make it out to see us! 

Instagram: phoenixfarmonline

Piedmont Microgreens
Piedmont Microgreens is an indoor farm located just four miles from the farmer's market! We specialize in microgreens, which are the youngest stage of vegetable crops. Microgreens are great because they're beautiful, tasty, and packed with nutrients. We will be bringing the following microgreens to the market: sunflower shoots, pea shoots, nutrition mix, salad mix, a farmer's choice, and a few specialty varieties, like cilantro, dill, and onion! The nutrition mix is a blend of broccoli, cabbage, and kohlrabi microgreens, while the salad mix is a blend of sunflower shoots, buckwheat, and kale microgreens. The farmer's choice will be a revolving blend of what inspires us each week.

We are a family owned and operated business based out of East Durham, with a passion for our community. The food that we make is deeply connected to our identity and roots; we use family recipes that have been passed down for generations here in the South, as well as inspiration for flavors and recipes from our Afro Diasporic roots. We use equitable business practices by using local and organic food whenever possible, using sustainable products, and paying all of our employees a living wage.

Red Hawk Farm
Produce this week: Mini and European cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes, green tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and assorted salad greens and microgreens

Red Tail Grains
We will be at the market this Saturday! We will have your freshly ground, stone-milled flours, cornmeal, grits, and breakfast cereals ready for you. Visit our online shop for pre-orders for market and shipping options.

Red Tail Grains is a small grain farm in Orange County, using sustainable practices (no herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers). We grow everything ourselves and then send it through our grist mill, keeping everything as fresh as possible. Come see us!

Roberson Creek
We will be at market with lots of Pasture Raised Farm Fresh Eggs. Our Hens are on Pasture all day, everyday,We have Happy Hens.We hand gather our Eggs.

We will have lots of Carrots.We gather our vegetables on Thursday and Friday so our Customers get the Best.

Thank you for supporting our Family Farm.
We are Cash Only.

Bobby & Vicki Roberson
Roberson Creek Farm
Sarah's House of Clay and Quilts!
These handsome, extra-large, mugs leapt from my kiln last week along with smaller mugs, Ramen Bowls and more. 

Check out my new Quilts of many colors - stunning Baby Quilt or brilliant Wall Hangings. All original fabric designs, 100% cotton, fabric and batting. Great gifts for new parents or as lap quilts for our grandparents. These cheerful designs will brighten your days!

Special orders welcome. I’d love to fulfill your special requests!

Summer Pottery and Fiber Arts camps. See our schedule at

Sarah Howe 
Short Winter Soups
We are thrilled to join DFM as regular Saturday vendors this season.
Short Winter Soups makes inspired, high-integrity vegetarian soups
using NC-grown produce. Our soups are designed for all seasons, and
flavors rotate weekly. Preordering is available until 3:30pm on
Fridays at Here's our menu for tomorrow:

Ready to eat, by the pint:

Frozen, by the pint:

Thanks for letting us cook for you! 
Tova Boehm | @shortwintersoups
Soul Cocina
Hi all! We will be at the Saturday market with tamales, pasteles de yuca, enchiladas, pupusas, and delicious seasonal creations. All our food is plant based and free of gluten ingredients.

To browse our weekly menu and to pre order, visit our website at Each Sunday we update our menu for the week, with the option to pick up at the Saturday market.

See you Saturday!

Soul Cocina
Plant based & Latin inspired

South Wind Produce
South Wind Produce will be back at market this weekend!

Enrollment for our 2022 CSA is now open!
Pick up weekly, customized boxes at the Farmers Market or 8 other pickup sites.
10-Week or 30-Week Subscriptions are available.

Angie and Miles
Terra Clotha
Our rayon tunic is warm weather personified. Light. Flowy. Moves as the mood suits it. It’s not quite a dress, but more than a shirt. Put it on for a formal occasion, leave it on after you’re back home relaxing.
Clothing from Terra Clotha. Full of warmth and color.


The Spicy Hermit

This week’s recipe idea is bulgogi burgers! Inspired by the idea of burger plates in Japan (they have the burger served with rice and a salad- no buns required), I’m going to suggest you do the same with bulgogi burgers, but with kimchi and rice. (And maybe a small salad with local veggies!) Try mixing it up with a bit of kewpie Mayo. Here’s a recipe if you need one: 

To get $2 off 2 or more jars — just use coupon code 2jars. You must have a minimum order of 2 jars. Important note: delivery is suspended til 6/19. Pickup of pre orders are still available. 

Current menu: Napa cabbage, green cabbage, green garlic, radish, mustard greens, turnip, brussel sprouts, collard greens, bok choy, sweet onion

From Fields to Kimchi
Durham, NC

Eunice Chang
Owner, The Spicy Hermit
Wild Scallions
Wild Scallions Farm will be at market with plenty of late spring flower bouquets and assorted floral bunches.  As well as some great produce: scallions, cucumbers, beets, carrots, berries and new potatoes.

All our produce, flowers and plants are certified naturally grown for healthful foods from healthy fields!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Matt and Renee