EZ CONNECTOR is a new-patented corner and bolt system which, for the first time, allows the contractor to make their duct joints with a single, super-fast, locking bolt, using
only an impact driver.
• One step process

• Saves up to 50%+ in installation time & costs in duct joint assembly work

• Patented corner with locking “teardrop” hole and patented bolt with built-in washer
• Self-piloting screw tip easily aligns the corners, without additional tools
• No washers or nuts needed!

• Patent Pending and Patent Nos 5,342,100; 6,810,570; and 8,172,280
EZ Connector TDC ® / TDF ® Corners

• EZ Corners feature a patented “teardrop” shaped hole that locks the bolt in place eliminating the need for a nut.
• Saves 50% labor in the field.
• Also appropriate for manual
EZ Connector Bolts
• Replaces 3/8” carriage bolt, washer and nut at the four corner connections.
• Eliminates use of drift-pin and clamps for corner alignment.
• 1-1/2” long version available
for larger ductwork, heavier
gauge, unique location, special fitting applications.
• 1” bolts available for faster assembly of smaller ductwork
NOTE: Prices for  these items will be available shortly.

ITEM NO.          CODE              DESCRIPTION                                                          QTY
13078                EZCS                Stackable TDC® EZ® Corner                                     250
13079                EZFS                 Stackable TDF® EZ® Corner                                     250 
13080                EZCSV              Sleeved TDC® EZ® Corner                                       320
13081                EZFSV              Sleeved TDF® EZ® Corner                                        320
13070                EZB100B          EZ® Bolt 1" Only BULK                                            1000    
13071                EZB100             EZ® Bolt 1" Only Bagged                                          125
13073                EZB112B          EZ® Bolt 1-1/2" Only BULK                                        500
13074                EZB112             EZ® Bolt 1-1/2" Only Bagged                                    125
13077                EZS2                 EZ® Swivel Impact Nut Driver                                   1
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