Degalvanizing Spray
Galvanizing build-up is bad for roll forming equipment, production efficiency, and profits. The Stripper is a degalvanizing agent that strips your machine of messy build up.
It sprays on red for easy visibility. Simply spray it on rollers of forming
machines and press dies and the special ingredients get right to work releasing and removing galvanized build up. Then high quality lubricants take over to keep precision machines running smoothly...
at peak efficiency... day in, day out.
How does the The Stripper work?
 1. Spray The Stripper at those points where galvanizing tends to build up on your machines. The special cleaning ingredients get right to work softening up deposits.
 2. Under normal conditions, galvanizing build-up will loosen and flake off by itself after being sprayed with The Stripper . Then if required, remaining build-up can easily be removed by light scraping.
  3. High Quality Lubricants  then take over to keep precision machines running smoothly.

ITEM NO.          CODE                   DESCRIPTION                                                Qty/Bx
27147                Stripper                 Cleaner & Lubricating Spray                    12 cans per case

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