Run-Off Early Voting June 6-14

Run-Off Election Day Saturday, June 18

Dear Friends,
I'm thrilled with the level of voter engagement in the District 2 DISD election.  We had almost 6,300 people vote on May 7th - which was about 7% voter turnout - higher than any other district.  I think a big reason for this is the open discussion of the important issues facing our district.   I credit Suzanne Smith with starting an important conversation with her "Action Plan. "

Since May 7th, I've been speaking with Suzanne and many of her most vocal supporters in an effort to continue that important dialogue.
Suzanne and I share a commitment to a comprehensive approach for educating all our kids .
Suzanne encapsulated District 2's priorities in the five tenants of her Action Plan: Strong Start, Whole Child, Empowered Schools, Connected Community, and Successful Finish. I've spent the last fifteen years working as a volunteer and education advocate to implement many of the same priorities reflected in the Action Plan - and I think that I am well positioned to help lead the District 2 community - and the broader DISD as we work together to help implement these important reforms.
I hope you will join me in moving DISD and our community forward .  
There is already strong momentum behind the tenants of the Action Plan, and I would be  honored to have your support and your vote so that together we can help improve educational outcomes for our kids. Please contact me at if you'd like to share your thoughts or priorities for DISD!
                                                                                                - Dustin

Help me move Suzanne Smith's Action Plan forward

Strong Start: Investing Early in Our Children

I am a firm believer that we need to offer universal, full-day, quality pre-K to all DISD students. Research is very clear that 85-90% of brain development occurs in a child before the age of 5 and yet only 5% of education dollars are spent on early education.   We know that only 57% of DISD students are showing up ready to learn on Day 1 of school and that students not reading on grade level by the 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of school. To improve these statistics, I have been part of a group of advocates working to expand pre-K access in Dallas for the last several years working through the Dallas Regional Chamber, Children at Risk, and Early Matters. I've also played a leadership role at Reading Partners North Texas, which has opened 18 literacy centers in DISD elementary schools to help our struggling readers. To help jumpstart parental engagement in the early years, I have also been a strong supporter of The Concilio, which helps teach parents how to be better advocates for their kids.
Whole Child: Healthy, Safe, Supported, and Challenged

It is critical that we recognize that many of our students come to school facing obstacles which make it harder for them to learn. If a child is hungry, hasn't slept, or is battling toxic stress due to the challenges of their home life, then the school system needs to meet those challenges head on. I've been a long-time supporter of the Momentous Institute because I recognize that social and emotional health are paramount. Our kids need to develop the resilience required to face life's obstacles much more than they need to remember an obscure fact on the STARR test. In my house, we talk with our children around the dinner table about grit and determination and we praise them for working hard in the face of adversity - not for successes easily achieved. I've also been a leader with Dallas After School, because I recognize that children need a positive learning environment in the hours after the bell rings. As a Trustee, I will advocate for more constructive and equitable approaches to discipline, a focus on learning differences and a recognition of the whole child.
Empowered Schools: Creating Award-Winning Campuses

District 2 faces a number of issues surrounding facility maintenance and improvement. I intend to be a vocal and consistent advocate for the responsible and efficient implementation of the 2015 Bond Program and the Bridge Plan. When the Bridge Plan projects were recently under fire from the administration, I worked with several parent and community leaders to contact the Trustees, the administration, the press, and other contractors. In the span of few days, I had dozens of conversations to ensure the District honored its commitment to our students. This is the same type of dedication and advocacy that you can expect from me as your Trustee.
Connected Community:  It Takes All of Us

In District 2, we are fortunate to have some schools with significant parental involvement. We also have schools in District 2 - and throughout DISD - where parental involvement is scarce. We should continue to build on the successes of District 2, but we also need to share our successes and our resources throughout DISD. Parents need to spend time in schools where their children don't attend. As a community, we need to come together and celebrate our successes. I've spent the last 5 years sharing the successes of DISD within my own network, and I will continue to be a vocal cheerleader - for all schools - as Trustee. I believe I am in a unique position to bring together the various contingents - the students, teachers, parents, community members, other trustees, the administration, and the business community. I have deep relationships with most current Trustees built over years of involvement in DISD, and I am a well-known advocate in the education community. These relationships will help me bring the community together. I also intend to host frequent community meetings with parents to ensure I know what is happening at each campus in District 2.
Successful Finish: Redefine Dallas' Definition of Success for Our Children

DISD has increased the graduation rate in recent years to over 85%. While this is important progress, it belies the reality of the situation. Unfortunately, less than 15% of our graduating seniors are graduating "college-ready." If we are not preparing our students for college or a successful career, what good is their diploma? If we succeed in getting our students into college, but they do not persist in college long enough to get a degree, have we helped them as much as we could have? In my school board experience at Uplift Education, I've seen the success of Uplift's "Road to College" program which helps scholars prepare, apply, and persist in college. These types of programs need to be replicated at DISD. We also need to deepen our commitment to Early College Programs and Career Pathways to help our kids become productive members of society.
If you can help in the runoff, please contact Linda
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