PACTV Duxbury Quarterly Newsletter| November 1, 2018
Government Meetings
Duxbury Special Town Meeting
September 6, 2018
at the Duxbury Performing Arts Center
NDCAP - October 24, 2018
The Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) hosts a public meeting regarding the decommissioning of the Pilgrim Power Plant .

Your Voice

Your Voice Matters
Your vote is your stand on issues that are important to you - What do the people who want to represent you plan on doing in office? We offered candidates the opportunity to tell us, in our Candidate Spotlight and Candidate Forums, and several took us up on it- click below to hear from the people who are asking for your vote!
PACTV staff quoted civic leaders to encourage people to vote in this fun PSA.
Duxbury on PACTV
Co-Work Dux
Collaborative work spaces are the way of the future, and Co-Work Dux is a model workspace for our new reality.
Honoring Officer Melvin Dyer
Duxbury Police held a special ceremony to honor the life and service of Officer Melvin Dyer, and talk about how his death ten years ago while on traffic duty has changed regulations regarding police in traffic and work zones.
Monumental History
He's been struck by lightning and lost his head, but the Myles Standish Monument on Captain's Hill has the some of the best views on the coastal South Shore.
Oyster Farm Photography Exhibit
The Duxbury Art Complex Museum's most recent installment, Oyster Farm Photographs features two distinct photographers with different creative perspectives . It runs until November 4th - Don't Miss It!
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