Dwight Hall Newsletter

June 2017 

"I am engaging with community members and families who live here and grew up here, and hearing their stories is already changing the way I relate to New Haven. I'm feeling like part of the community more than I ever do during the school year."

- Arabelle Schoenberg '19, Summer Fellow
Our Dwight Hall Summer Fellows are active and busy this summer. Be on the lookout in the next newsletter to see what they're up to!
Community Highlights
Joel Bervell '17 

"Three years after joining J-Z AMPTM, I am thankful. Thankful for the lessons that these students have imparted on me. Thankful for the struggles. Thankful for the smiles. Thankful for the patience and understanding that I have developed. While I may not have changed the entire world during my time at Yale, I do know that I have had an impact on the worldview of some incredible New Haven students...." 

Matthew Coffin '19

"When I came to Yale, continuing my work with people with disabilities was not even a question, and I looked to Dwight Hall to see which service opportunities existed. At the Dwight Hall Fall Bazaar, I immediately found my home in Students for Autism Awareness at Yale..."
Recent Events

"Since 2013 we have held an annual Public Service Awards ceremony to recognize individuals who have made substantial contributions as leaders of social change.  We also call attention to the values that forge the Dwight Hall community.  While these individuals have undoubtedly been transformed through service, the entire Dwight Hall community is forever transformed because of them." 
-Peter Crumlish, Executive Director, at Dwight Hall's Public Service Awards Ceremony

Uche Medoh '19

"These alumni helped organize around labor unions and pushed for a coeducational institution all while juggling challenging coursework and participating in a multitude of extracurricular activities. It was easy to think about and draw parallels to recent events on campus that embodied the timeless Yalie resilience and spirit to fight in support of a cause, and I could not help but feel a sense of pride in the work that my colleagues and I have done in the community thus far..."  

Special News and Announcements

Thank you for your support, which allows Dwight Hall to thrive and excel! We’ve experienced extraordinary growth the past few years and are gearing up for even more now that we have launched our Social Innovation Lab. Please join us as a valued partner in Dwight Hall’s endeavor to change the world.   

P.S. The Dwight Hall Board will match new and increased gifts to Dwight Hall to help us meet our goal!

"You can find Kjerstin Pugh in her office at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, “Co-Op”, with her door wide open and available to the 400+ students that participate in Co-Op After School (CAS)..."