New Members

Postdoctoral Fellow; DySoC/NIMBioS/Advanced Manufacturing Program, UT
Keywords: mathematical modeling, social evolution, social norms and institutions

Postdoctoral Fellow; DySoC/NIMBioS/Anthropology/School of Information Science, UT
Keywords: computational social sciences

Both Denis and Simon are partially supported by DySoC/NIMBioS matching funds. They work with several DySoC faculty helping establish new transdisciplinary collaborations.

New Papers

Frey RS, Gellert PK, Dahms HF (Eds.). 2018. Ecologically Unequal Exchange: Environmental Injustice in Comparative and Historical Perspective . Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-3-319-89740-0 .
Includes Dahms HF, Frey RS. Epilogue: The wider view, pp. 307-316.
Dahms HF. 2018. Critical theory derailed: Paradigm fetishism and critical liberalism in Honneth (and Habermas) in Axel Honneth and the Future of Critical Theory , Schmitz V (Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 207-242.
Dahms HF. 2018. Critical theory, radical reform and planetary sociology: Between impossibility and inevitability in Twenty-First Century Inequality & Capitalism: Piketty, Marx and Beyond , Smith DA, Langman L (Eds.), Leiden: Brill, pp. 152-168.

Chen C-F, Wang Y, Adua L, Bai H. February 2020. Reducing household fossil fuel consumption by enabling technology and behavior . Energy Research and Social Science, 60:101402.

Shi Q, Chen C-F, Mammoli A, Li F. January 2020. Estimating the profile of incentive-based demand response (IBDR) by integrating technical models and social-behavioral factors . IEEE Transaction on Smart Grid, 11:1.

Hong T, Chen C-F, Wang Z, Xu X. March 2020. Linking human-building interactions in shared offices with personality traits. Building and Environment, 170:106602

Chen C-F et al. March 2020. Culture, conformity, and carbon? A multi-country analysis of heating and cooling practices in office buildings . Energy Research & Social Science, 61:101344.

Anderson DG, Bissett TG, Cornelison, Jr. JE. 2020. Mississippian origins as viewed from the Shiloh Mound Group, Western Tennessee in Cahokia in Context: Hegemony and Diaspora , McNutt CH, Parish RM (Eds.), University of Florida Press, pp. 303–313.
Anderson DG et al. 2019. Paleoindian settlement in the Southeastern United States: The role of large databases in New Directions in the Search for the First Floridians , Thulman DK, Garrison EG (Eds.), University Press of Florida, pp. 241–275.
Awards and recognition
Alex Bentley and Garriy Shteynberg received the UT College of Arts & Sciences Award for Development of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Scholarship and Research. The title of their project is "Shared Worlds and Shared Minds: A Psychological Theory of Collective Learning and Common Knowledge."

David G. Anderson’s research was featured in two articles in the December 2019 issue of American Archaeology: The threat of climate change by Tamara Jager Stewart and Investigating the vacant quarter by David Malakoff

An earlier paper from Damian Ruck and Alex Bentley (" The cultural foundations of modern democracies " in Nature Human Behavior) got some interesting coverage, e.g.

DySoC Journal Club
Thanks to DySoC postdocs Simon Carrignon, Damian Ruck, and Denis Tverskoi, we now have a journal club! Meetings are 11:15 a.m. on Mondays at NIMBioS. Information and full schedule.

Talks Given
David Anderson . November 2019. Mitigating the impact of climate change on the archaeological record: Reservoir investigations suggest how to proceed. Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Jackson, MS.

Harry Dahms :
Theorizing society as a system of systems: Engendering vitacide. June 2019. (Keynote) 18th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Theorizing identity structure and social structure: Language, knowledge, and cognitive dissonance. May 2019. (Lecture) Institute of Sociology, University of Innsbruck, Austria.
Critical theory in the 21st century: Rackets, administered world, and prospect of vitacide. May 2019. 12th International Critical Theory Conference, Rome
"Science-fiction films and love: Towards a critical theory of regressive social relations" and "Critical theory in the 21st century: Why its importance continues to increase." April 2019. Annual Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society (“Queering / Querying Bodies”), Chicago, IL.
"Classical critical theory of the Frankfurt School: Between society of rackets, administered world, and the logic of capital" and "The challenge of politics and the end of progress: Lukács and Adorno reconsidered." April 2019. Annual Meeting Southern Sociological Society (“The Challenge of Intersectionality: Who and What are Missing?”), Atlanta, GA

Oleg Manaev . November 2019. Media and evolution of public opinion on Russia in Belarus in comparative perspective. 51st Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, San Francisco, CA.

Talks Oncoming
Harry Dahms on the Apocalypse Theme Semester organizing committee. Information and full schedule.

Harry Dahms is organizing an international conference, Democracy in Crisis for the International Social Theory Consortium a t the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL, May 14-16.

Sergey Gavrilets will give a talk at the Department of Economics, Maastricht University on "The dynamics of injunctive social norms" on Jan. 27.