New Members

Suzie Allard, Information Sciences, UT
Keywords: Science Data, Socio-cultural Issues related to Science Information and Communication.

Catherine A. Luther, School of Journalism and Electronic Media, UT
Keywords: International/intercultural communication, issues involving media, conflict, and security, and the intersections of media, gender, and race/ethnicity.

New Grant

George Siopsis has received an NSF grant to explore the possibility of starting a new Institute at UTK in quantum information science. One intriguing application of this young science for DySoC members is analysis of human behavior using quantum game theory.

New Papers

Battista NA, Pearcy LB, Strickland WC. 2019. Modeling the prescription opioid epidemic. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 81: 2258–2289 ( link)

Turchin P et al. 2018. A history of possible futures: multipath forecasting of social breakdown, recovery, and resilience. Cliodynamics: The Journal of Quantitative History and Cultural Evolution 9: 124-139 ( link)

  • NBC News: New shows Russian propaganda may really have helped Trump
  • MSNBC Morning Joe: Russian propaganda may have helped Trump, study suggests
  • Politico: Study: Russian trolls made a difference in 2016
  • The Hill: New study suggests Trump's 2016 poll numbers rose after increased Russian troll farm tweets
  • Knoxville News Sentinel: New study from UT shows Russian propaganda may have actually helped Trump win
  • Nashville Fox affiliate: University of Tennessee researchers find Russian organization influenced opinion polls
  • Axios: Study finds correlation between Russian social media trolls and 2016 polling
  • Trump poll numbers went up each time Russian Internet Research Agency Twitter accounts became active: Study
  • Washington Post op-ed: No, Russian Twitter trolls didn’t demonstrably push Trump’s poll numbers higher

Carrington S, Bentley RA, Ruck D. 2019. Modelling rapid online cultural transmission: evaluating neutral models on Twitter data with approximate Bayesian computation . Pelgrave Communications 5: 83 ( link )

Collins-Elliott SA. 2019. Quantifying artifacts over time: interval estimation of a Poisson distribution using the Jeffreys prior. Archaeometry. ( link)

Gavrilets S, Duwal Shrestha M. 2019. Evolving institutions for collective action by selective imitation and self-interested design. SocArXiv. ( link )

Perry L, Gavrilets S. 2019. Foresight in a game of leadership. SocArXiv. ( link )

Currie TE, Turchin P, Gavrilets S. 2019. History of agriculture and intensity of warfare shaped the evolution of large-scale human societies in Afro-Eurasia. SocArXiv. ( link )

Morozov A, Petrovskii S, Gavrilets S. 2019. The Yellow Vests Movement - a case of long transient dynamics? SocArXiv. ( link )

Yeter-Aydeniz K et al. 2019. Scalar quantum field theories as a benchmark for near-term quantum computers. Phys.Rev. A99(3): 032306. ( link )

Das S et al. 2018. Fundamental limits on quantum dynamics based on entropy change. J.Math.Phys. 59(1): 012205. ( link)

Finucane ML et al. 2019. Advancing community resilience research and practice: moving from “me” to “we” to “3D”. Journal of Risk Research. ( link )