New paper: G. Siopsis et al. 2018. Quantum prisoners’ dilemma under enhanced
interrogation. Quantum Inf Process 17:144 ( link )

New paper: S. Gavrilets et al. 2018. Understanding homosexuality: moving on from patterns to mechanisms.  Archives of Sexual Behavior  47:27–31 ( pdf)

S. Collins-Elliot gave a talk on "The Distribution and Mass Consumption of Wine through Maritime Networksin the Central Mediterranean, ca. 400 BCE – 50 CE” at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference in Edinburgh, UK. Apr. 12.

S. Collins-Elliot is to talk on “Measuring Rural Economic Development through Categorical Data Analysis in Southern Etruria and Latium (400 BCE – 50 CE)” at 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn, German. May 23.

S. Gavrilets is to talk on "Evolution of institutions for collective action: contrasting selective imitation and self-interested design" at the conference on Socio-physics and Socio-engineering (Moscow, Russia), May 23-25, 2018.

DySoC and NIMBioS are to host a working group meeting on "Modeling complex systems in archaeology" (June 9-10, 2018) organized by S. Collins-Elliot.

Simon Carrignon, a PhD student at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, will be visiting Alex Bentley's lab. Simon studies cultural evolution using agent-based models. His recent projects include modeling the co-evolution of trade and culture in past societies and modeling proportionate selection in cultural evolution. Simon will also be participating in the DySoC archaeology working group.

B. Prins will take over as lead editor of International Studies Quarterly January 1, 2019 ( announcement)

DySoC and NIMBioS are to host an investigative workshop on " Extending the theory of sustainability" (Dec. 5-7, 2018) organized by P. J. Richerson, E. Fenichel, and S. Gavrilets; more details to follow.

DySoC and NIMBioS are to host a working group meeting " Human Origins 2021" (Feb. 15-16, 2019) organized by S. Gavrilets, F. de Waal, and P. J. Richerson.