Summer is nearly upon us and many people are starting to enjoy the longer, seemingly lazier days of the season. It's a great time to relax and enjoy activities with family and friends.

However, I'm having a hard time relaxing these days. There's a growing epidemic in this country, and it's being mostly ignored. For the first time in history, more people are dying from drug-related deaths than from homicides. I don't know about you, but that really bothers me. Let's work together to help addicts find recovery and reverse those terrible statistics.
My best,

Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS-I 

At Next Step Recovery, we believe we all have a right to recover, free from stigma and discrimination, with access to a variety of pathways to healing including transitional living programs like ours. We invite you to join us in recognizing and honoring some of the basic human rights of those in recovery.

Young men and women are dying at alarming, never-before-seen rates from drug overdoses. Many are caused by fetanyl, a highly powerful and lethal drug that is alarmingly easy to acquire.

If substance abuse is so common, why don't we hear more about it? How can you tell if someone you know or care about has a problem with substances? What can you do?

"When I came to Next Step Recovery I was mentally and emotionally broken from years of substance abuse. Next Step gave me the caring, supportive and nurturing environment that I needed. With the help of a sponsor and the NSR community I have gained knowledge and lifelong friendships. I feel that by practicing the spiritual principles that I have learned in working the 12-steps and relying on faith in my Higher Power I am a much better and stronger person today."   - L.H., a recent graduate of Next Step