Dylan Excels at JRC
Dylan was admitted to the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in May of 2016. Prior to admission, Dylan had significant challenges with aggressive, destructive, and self-injurious behaviors. Due to these challenges he had received additional services from his public school, before being placed at two other schools prior to admission at JRC.
Over the past two years, Dylan has made great progress. He has demonstrated that he can tolerate frustration and challenges of everyday life, and not respond in ways that put himself or others at harm. He has become an active participant in his behavioral treatment plan, both participating in counseling and advocating for desired items and trips.
This chart shows Dylan's drastic decline in inappropriate behaviors since arriving at JRC.
Dylan has been able to make all of this great progress while reducing and ultimately discontinuing all of his medication by December 2016.
With all of this great success he has been able to not only excel with his academics, but has also made lots of friends and has gone on numerous home visits and community outings.
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