"It worked out perfectly."
There is a powerful sense of gratification when businesses come together to form a mutually beneficial relationship...

When Lenny Boy Brewing Company was struggling to fill open spots on their production team, UMAR stepped in with two eager employees ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
Kenna and Stephanie, roommates at a UMAR group home in Charlotte, have found themselves right at home with their new part-time jobs preparing shipping boxes for Lenny Boy’s popular kombucha – an effervescent beverage of fermented tea and fruit juice.

“It worked out perfectly,” Lenny Boy owner Nathan Villaume said. “We couldn’t find someone since it was only a few hours a week and these two were right across the street at the arts center. They’ve been doing an awesome job.”
The two are a dynamic duo working together to label, fold, and stack hundreds of boxes during their two shifts each week. Since starting in August 2021, they’ve quickly become masters of their craft.

Stephanie, an ace of label placement, ensures each box is labeled with impressive speed. Kenna, an expert box folder, sees that each box is assembled and stacked on a pallet before it moves to the bottling and packing area of the warehouse.
When asked what her favorite part about the job is, Kenna said “Everything. I like working hard...I like the money.” Stephanie couldn’t agree more; she’s saving her hard-earned money for some snazzy sneakers while Kenna is saving for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Beyond the joy of earning a paycheck, Kenna and Stephanie exude a sense of pride in their work.

“It’s an important part of what we do,” UMAR’s Director of Vocational Training Kathy Grant said. “We strive to make sure our residents and participants are able to find meaningful employment and feel like a part of a team. It gives them a great sense of value and purpose.”
By welcoming them to their team, Lenny Boy Brewing Company has not only satisfied a unique need for their business but they've also provided the opportunity for Kenna and Stephanie to earn their own money, demonstrate their professional capabilities, and receive the satisfaction of a job well done.

A pillar of UMAR’s mission is to provide vocational training and support to residents and participants in their search for meaningful employment. Donors make it possible for us to provide this valuable program that allow those we serve to LIVE, WORK, and THRIVE.

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