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Dynamic Search Pages - A Better Way to Search
Retail Backbone has developed a new search interface that will make searching your database much easier and faster.  In addition to streamlining the user experience, the dynamic search interface allows Retail Backbone developers to deploy new searches faster than ever for our clients.

Dynamic searching streamlines the way you conduct your search, along with the way you view your search criteria and results.  Instead of having a search screen full of fields and clutter, the dynamic search interface provides you with only the information you want and need to view.  Also, the dynamic search interface is quickly and easily customizable to fit the needs of each client.  We have already built the utility and gotten the hard work out of the way, now all we need is your input.  Tell us what filters, controls, and values you need, and we’ll provide you with a dynamic search screen specific to your requests.  Utilizing a dynamic search screen created just for you will undoubtedly speed up the process of searching through your Backbone database. 

Whether you’re in need of a new search screen or report, or your Backbone application is already full of cluttered search screens, the dynamic search interface would be perfect for you!  We can quickly take your existing, chaotic search screens and redeploy them as dynamic searches, making them much more manageable.  If you or your power users can direct us to the types of reports that are most useful, we can give you a significantly cleaner interface.

The dynamic search functionality is built and ready to be deployed to your Backbone database.  Simply put in a request to the Retail Backbone team, and within days you will be speeding through your searches and wondering why you hadn’t requested it sooner!

Save Searches in your Dynamic Search Pages
In your dynamic search pages, you will have the ability to save searches that you (or others) will use repeatedly.  Searches can be saved for yourself, your payroll department, or your Backbone security group.  If saved for your payroll department or security group, others can access and utilize your saved searches (if applicable), but they will not have the ability to edit or delete.  Edit and delete functionality is reserved only for the owner of the specific saved search, so you don't need to worry about altering someone else's searches, or someone else altering yours.  
More Reasons to Love Dynamic Searching
Our developers tried to put themselves into the minds of the clients when building the Dynamic Search feature, and it shows!  We also got input from some of our trusted clients, just to make sure we were on the right track.  Some of the things that we accounted for, knowing that you’d like to see them, include the following:
  • A clean interface that allows you to identify your search criteria without a cluttered screen
  • Sortable columns for your search results
  • Ability to export search results directly to  a .csv file
  • Unlimited number of filters and associated controls that can come in the form of text fields, drop down lists, list boxes, date range list, etc.
  • Multi-select functionality
  • Flexibility to change labels for filters because your dynamic search screen is created specifically for your company.
  • Intuitive display that provides you only with control options specific to your filter selection
  • A summary table of the filters that you’ve added, helping you keep track of your search criteria
  • A “Report Error” button that will automatically be displayed on your screen if you encounter an error.  By clicking on this button, an email will be sent directly to  Retail Backbone Support with all of the information needed for efficient trouble shooting.  In the past, it’s been difficult to communicate what you’re searching for when you get an error.  But now, by simply clicking one button, we’ve captured all of your search criteria and contact info, eliminating the hassle!  
We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature of Retail Backbone!  Please let us know if you would like more information and/or a demo of the Dynamic Search tool. | 248-766-5514 | Retail Backbone