Updated information about EAA STC and Dynon D10/D100 Series Products
Retrofit STC EFIS Products Now Shipping!
Starting today, the EAA is shipping STC authorization letters to install Dynon EFIS products in type certificated planes. Pairing the STC with off-the-shelf Dynon products, truly low-cost avionics upgrades to the legacy fleet are now a reality.

In this newsletter :
  • Buying the STC from the EAA
  • Buying Dynon Retrofit EFIS Systems
  • Expanded AML includes more Cessna and Piper Aircraft
  • Eligible Dynon Products
  • Full Equipment Pricing, Purchasing, and Availability
Buying the STC 
Purchase eligible EFIS instruments and accessories from Dynon and its dealer network, and buy the STC itself from the EAA. The STC is available for only $100, and is shipping now!
Buying Dynon Retrofit EFIS Systems
Dynon's EFIS-D10A is a 4" attitude indicator replacement that fits into a standard 3 1/8" hole for easy retrofit or can be flush-mounted with an optional bracket for a clean look. Starting at $2625 for the required components, you also have many expansion options, including AOA, magnetic heading, OAT, and a wiring harness to shave hours off installation time. 
Dynon's EFIS-D100 is a wide-screen 7" display. It has all the same features as the EFIS-D10A in a roomier format for easy readability. Starting at $3195,  it also has all the same expansion options, including AOA, magnetic heading, OAT, and a wiring harness to shave hours off installation time. 

Expanded AML Includes More
Cessna and Piper Aircraft

The initial list of aircraft eligible to install Dynon products on EAA’s STC included the Cessna 150, 152, 172, and Piper PA-28 and Piper PA-38 series aircraft.

With the STC’s actual release by EAA at Oshkosh, the approved model list was increased by th FAA to also include Cessna 175, 177, 182, and Piper PA-24 and PA-32. This full AML includes many variants of each type, including retractable gear models. For a full list of approved aircraft, visit http://www.dynon.aero/retrofit 

Eligible Dynon Products

The EAA's STC calls out a Commercial Parts List, specifying part number 102778-000 (EFIS-D10A EAA Sales Kit), which is the super-set of acceptable components for installing a Dynon EFIS in eligible aircraft. This part is not orderable itself. Per the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (P/N TJJ-MAN-01) for the EAA STC, some of those components are required, while some are optional. As of August 2016, those are:

The above prices and parts are all available on our complete price list / order form.

Additionally, there are Dynon kit part numbers that contain just the minimum required components. They are described below.

Equipment Pricing, Purchasing, and Availability

Since these are the the same commercial products that have been available to experimental and LSA customers for years, pricing and availability are the same for all customers, with a base kit of the EFIS-D10A and required accessories staring at $2625 and EFIS-D100 configurations starting at $3195. 

All Dynon products continue to be available from both Dynon Avionics directly and all dealers. Due to extremely high demand, actual availability may be limited in the months immediately after AirVenture Oshkosh.