Canadian YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) has made a simple and arresting piece about the crises besetting the European Continent; demographic, banking, currency, migrant, institutional and social that indicate an imminent collapse of the European Union.

The median age in most EU countries is well over 40 and birthrates are below replacement levels. This demographic crisis is ostensibly what drove Angela Merkel in 2015 to invite millions of migrants from Africa and Asia to come to Germany.

Now, with unemployment in the 19-nation Eurozone at nearly 10% and at over 20% in countries such as Greece, it's becoming clear that the influx of unskilled, illiterate people is only compounding Europe's myriad problems. Even Merkel has now warned that the migrant crisis could destroy the EU.

BPS argues that the Euro currency "Would never be able to work without monetary union that is also complemented by fiscal union and the mutualization of debt. Without this, the Euro is simply doomed."

He adds, "Nations don't even need to withdraw, as the UK is currently attempting – but still might fail to do – as member nations can simply ignore the diktats emanating out of Brussels as several nations, including Austria, Italy, Poland and Hungary have already done...

"The real question is not when will the European Union in its current form collapse but when will the people realize that, for all intents and purposes, it already has?"

Running Time: 11 mins

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