Dyslexia Summit
The MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center is pleased to offer the Dyslexia Summit webinar series.

The Dyslexia Summit is an introductory professional learning series to help participants understand dyslexia (e.g., definition, range of characteristics), features of screening assessments, and approaches for identifying and treating those with dyslexia or having characteristics of dyslexia. There are three, 2-hour virtual sessions presented by the team from the National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL).
Event Details

Monday, March 8, 2021
Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Each session will be recorded and posted on the MiMTSS TA Center's YouTube channel.
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Registration is for the three-part series. Registration is not required to access the webinar recordings and materials.

Free to participate.
Understanding Dyslexia
March 8, 2021
This webinar focuses on 1) defining "dyslexia" as a descriptor of a reading disorder characterized by word-level reading disabilities originating with phonological processing weaknesses, 2) describing the range of students who are estimated to be affected by dyslexia, 3) identifying the range of dyslexia characteristics students may exhibit, 4) discerning dyslexia facts from common dyslexia myths, and 5) discussing the challenges with learning to read and spell.
Early Identification and Intervention Supports for Students with Characteristics of Dyslexia
March 16, 2021
This webinar focuses on 1) outlining reasons why MTSS is an effective approach to treating students with dyslexia or treating students with characteristics of dyslexia, 2) outlining the features of assessment measures that should be used to screen students for characteristics of dyslexia, and 3) outlining the features of evidence-based practices to support students with characteristics of dyslexia or students identified with dyslexia.
Prework for Session 3
Available on the MiMTSS TA Center YouTube Channel after Session 2
This recording provides an overview of the history of special education and how dyslexia was included as a Specific Learning Disability under IDEA. Additionally, longitudinal data will be presented outlining the effectiveness of special education in improving outcomes for students with disabilities. Best practice considerations for the type of instruction and intervention supports will be provided.
Family and School Partnerships to Better Understand Language, Literacy, and Dyslexia
March 31, 2021
In the final session of the series, this webinar focuses on 1) discussing ways families and schools collaborate to effectively support children's literacy needs, and 2) listening to parent perspectives in their quest to better understand their children's language and literacy development.
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